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Brandrep alternative, why Intellius Medical is better than Brandrep to generation online reviews

Updated: Nov 9, 2023

What is

Brandrep is a company which undertakes Local Search Engine Optimisation and internet marketing and their partner up with the local businesses in order to enable them to thrive. It is located in Irvine in the state of California.

It was established in the year 2009 and today it is one of the fastest growing companies in the United States of America. They have more than a decade of expertise in Search Engine Optimisation and internet marketing.

They are award winners and partners who have been certified by Google. The expert team is devoted Indian sharing that your company and business get the best online presence in order to see that your business is successful and thriving.

Recently they have been the award winners for being capable of the highest conversions when it comes to local marketing and Local Search Engine Optimisation, in the most prestigious all-star competition conducted by Google.

When you sign up with them, you don't just become a client but a partner and they strive to work in a close relationship where ideas are communicated and turned into reality.

Features of

  • Brandrep offers you only branded services.

  • Businesses and companies enjoy the benefits of their services with no hidden fees and risks involved.

  • With brandrep you get to gather positive customer reviews for your business.

  • They engage the only state of the art automated processes for rendering their services.

  • They enable you to gather, promote and filter reviews across various search engines like those of Google, Yahoo, Yelp and other such search engines.

  • They can improve your ranking and strengthen your online reputation by gathering and putting up positive customer reviews of your business.

  • They believe that good word of mouth is the best way of improving your business and online reputation.

  • They employ the tactic of generating good reviews so that the lesser bad reviews cause no harm.

  • Your business also gets top priority by Google and other search engines if it is ranked with four to five stars.

  • Some of the top services rendered by brandrep includes Local Search Engine Optimisation, local directories, website creation, review generation, lead generation, brand alerts and lots more.

  • Brandrep offers you a 90 day work for free guarantee policy.

  • Brandrep considers online positive reviews as a powerful strategy which enables your business to outshine all the competition out there by attracting possible to search out all that your business and company has to offer them.

Brandrep Pricing Plans

With brandrep, you can easily choose the plans that suits you and your business best. the following are the various pricing plans offered by brandrep.

Google Local Search Engine Optimisation

This package cost $395 per month and $4,266 per year. It covers monthly online ranking reports, Google Plus local page Optimisation, 10 keywords for location and search engine Optimizer website.

Local directories and review monitoring

These services are offered at $195 per month. In this Plan, you can easily be found and liked by clients, your business will appear on the yellow pages local website and Superpages. You can also easily share your business information and services offered by your client, as well as appear in organic searches.

Lead generation

The lead generation services are offered at $995 per month and it covers email and online leads, phone call lead tracking, PPC campaigns and retargeting visitors.

Search Engine Optimisation website

These services are offered at $195 per month and $2,105. Under this pack, you can list all of the services that you are offering your clients, robust Google Analytics integration, create coupons, accept contact request and lots more.

Brand alerts

These services are offered at $810 per year and at $75 per month. It covers forums, block, major search engines, news sites, and more.

Review generation

It is offered at $4,206 per year and $495 per month. Under this package, you can easily display reviews on websites, generate new customer reviews monitoring the process and automated review collection, received positive reviews from local directories according to your choice. These include those of google, bing, Yahoo and Yelp.

Intellius Medical

Intellius Medical is the one company that can attract customers and drive them to become your marketing engine. They know the value and importance of online reviews for the promotion of your product or services offered by you.

With Intellius Medical, you can easily increase your review volume and ratings dramatically, boost revenue in the process and attract higher customer acquisition. They are one of the top companies you can go to for improving your business reputation and customer experience.

The process some of the best online reputation management software where you can monitor the online reviews of various customers and users on the internet and enable them to put forth the positive experiences and reviews in order to promote your business and share your business objectives true the various review platforms which are available online.

ntellius Medical strives to make the online review Management process easy and stress-free for you. Get all of your online reviews in one place with Intellius Medical.

Why Intellius Medical is better than brandrep?

  • The services offered by Intellius Medical is much cheaper when compared to the rates offered by brandrep.

  • Intellius Medical makes use of state of the art automated process which this place your customer reviews on various online platforms. The state of the art equipment gathers, filters and promote your reviews.

  • With Intellius Medical, you can now easily find, manage and publish all of your business reviews and Ventures as social media content through Social publishing.

  • They enable managers, executives, and other decision making corporate heads to make the right business decisions.

Intellius Medical is the perfect Company that discovers all of your competitors and analyses and evaluates the strategies that are adopted by them in order to understand their strengths and weaknesses, which is then utilized to make your company and business venture a successful one!


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