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Healthcare Marketing Excellence: Intellius Agency | Dallas, Houston, TX

Updated: Oct 5, 2023

Healthcare Marketing Agency Dallas, Houston, and Fort Worth, Tx

Healthcare marketing agency in Dallas, Houston, and Fort Worth, Tx is a team of professionals that assist healthcare practices with creating and implementing effective marketing strategies.

These agencies work exclusively with clinical practices, medical researchers, medical devices and equipment companies, and other healthcare-related companies to offer a full suite of marketing strategies that can help grow the organization.

Marketing is as important for healthcare practices just like other businesses and organizations. Health marketing is essential to building the reputation of a medical practice. It helps a practice grow its client base and scale the practice to a higher level. Healthcare-related companies benefit hugely from hiring an agency.

It doesn't only help to increase your practice awareness but it also helps boost your credibility and bring in new potential clients. Continue reading to discover the different marketing healthcare strategies and case studies that you can learn from.

Services Offered By Our Healthcare Marketing Agency in Dallas, Houston, and Fort Worth, Tx

These agencies offer a wide variety of different services for medical practices. Some of these services include:

1. Marketing Strategy Development

One of the services provided is market strategy development. They help with creating a growth strategy for clinical practices to introduce the services of these practices to new prospects that don't know about the practice previously.

Healthcare professionals are highly trained in treating patients, and marketing agencies can only handle market strategy development.

2. Branding And Logo Design

Branding is much more important than most think and there's a need to be consistent with branding and logo design if you're looking to build more credibility as a healthcare provider. 

This is one of the reasons why healthcare agencies offer branding and logo design services. Working with a marketing agency will help your healthcare with logo designs and branding to increase brand consistency.

3. Website Design And Development

Another service offered is website design and development. Your healthcare practice website design and development is responsible for the marketing agency you hired. A marketing agency handles the development and maintenance of your website.

The agency determines what your website looks like and how it functions. A healthcare practice website needs to be designed to be highly functional and seamless. A high-quality website improves user experience.

4. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Another service offered is search engine optimization. They incorporate the best technical and content practices to boost your website visibility in search engines. They are responsible for on-page and off-page SEO to drive huge traffic to your healthcare practice website.

Local SEO and technical SEO tactics are also incorporated into the marketing strategies of healthcare practices to increase brand awareness.

5. Content Marketing

Content marketing is another type of service offered for marketing healthcare. They help their clients with the creation and distribution of highly valuable content. They employ the best practices to create high-quality content that's relevant to the target audience.

6. Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing involves using social media channels to market healthcare services and interacting with existing and new clients. A significant proportion of people in the world utilize one social media platform or another ranging from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

The agencies utilize various social media platforms to market healthcare practices and create more awareness. They use social media to attract potential clients and engage with them.

7. Email Marketing

Email marketing is another powerful marketing strategy for clients. Email marketing is a form of direct marketing that is used to nurture leads and encourage potential clients to the services offered by a business.

It's one of the most effective ways to help healthcare market its services and increases awareness. Email marketing can also help drive more traffic, leading to more conversions.

8. Paid Advertising

Paid advertising is also an effective way to get your healthcare practice wide recognition and growth. With paid advertising, the agencies help healthcare practices display adverts to potential clients online.

Paid advertising allows practices to reach specific demographics to increase engagement and traffic within their set marketing budget.

There are various types of paid advertising that healthcare digital marketing agencies run to increase brand awareness and attract new clients including Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, and YouTube ads.

9. Public Relations

Another service that healthcare digital marketing agencies offer is public relations. Public relations involve all the steps taken to manage a positive public image for an organization. Like every other brand, healthcare practices need to have a good PR specialist.

Hiring an agency means you don't need to hire a PR specialist as the agency will handle your practice's reputation. Medical practice needs to establish a positive public reputation as this will help build credibility and increase the trust of potential clients.

Benefits of Hiring A Healthcare Marketing Agency in Dallas, Houston, and Fort Worth, Tx

Below is an overview of the various benefits your practice can get by hiring a healthcare marketing agency.

1. Expertise In The Healthcare Industry

One of the major benefits is its expertise in the healthcare industry. Working with a regular marketing agency will not get you results as good as what you will get by hiring a marketing agency that understands the healthcare industry.

This is because of their expertise and many years of experience working specifically as a marketing agency for healthcare practices. The years of experience and expertise these agencies possess are unmatched in marketing healthcare.

2. Knowledge of Healthcare Regulations And Compliance

Another advantage is the knowledge of regulations and compliance guiding the healthcare industry. With healthcare-specific marketing agencies, you won't need to worry about failing to adhere to regulations and heed compliance regarding the healthcare industry.

This is so because the agency has full knowledge of how the healthcare industry works and the effective marketing strategy to incorporate without going against the industry's rules.

3. Time And Cost Savings

Another benefit is that it helps save time and money. It saves time because you don't need to spend the time that should be utilized to treat patients to work on marketing your practice.

It saves cost as you are offered a wide range of marketing services by a professional marketing agency which would have cost you a huge amount of money if you decide to hire different individuals or agencies for your various marketing needs.

They possess a team of experts with the skills and experience to handle different marketing tasks required to run successful marketing campaigns for your healthcare practice.

4. Access To Specialized Tools And Resources

A healthcare marketing agency has access to specialized tools and resources to ensure the success of your marketing campaigns.

Specialized tools and resources are essential in implementing marketing strategies to help scale healthcare practices to another level. This agency has access to specialized tools and resources that can be used to automate most of your marketing tasks.

5. Increased Brand Visibility And Credibility

Health marketing agencies can help increase brand visibility and credibility. They can help increase your practice's visibility and credibility by putting certain marketing strategies in place.

There are various ways that they can help increase your brand’s visibility and credibility. They can develop and implement solid SEO practices, social media advertising, paid advertising, content creation, etc.

With all these marketing practices, they can attract the right clients and increase the credibility of your healthcare practice.

6. Better Patient Engagement And Loyalty

Another benefit is better patient engagement and loyalty. Improved patient engagement is essential to boost patient active participation in their healthcare process to improve their quality of life. Aside from patient engagement, agencies also aid in improving patient loyalty.

Implementing the best marketing practices increases patients' consistent involvement and commitment to your healthcare practices. They engage new clients to bring them in while also retaining existing clients.

7. Improved Lead Generation And Conversion Rates

Lead generation is one of the great benefits of hiring an agency. They employ the use of different marketing strategies to attract new patients to your practice. They implement effective marketing strategies to generate leads and increase conversions.

They improve lead generation by identifying the target audience, engaging with them, and nurturing them until they are converted to active clients.

Factors To Consider When Choosing A Healthcare Marketing Agency in Dallas, Houston, and Fort Worth, Tx

You should consider certain factors when choosing a healthcare marketing agency in Dallas, Houston, and Fort Worth, Tx. These include:

1. Industry Experience And Expertise

An essential factor to consider when choosing an agency for healthcare marketing for your medical practice is their industry experience and expertise.

Choosing an agency with expertise will provide more effective results than a regular marketing agency.

Hiring an agency with industry experience and expertise ensures that all working marketing strategies will be adopted to provide incredible results for your healthcare practice.

2. Reputation And Track Record

The reputation and track record of a healthcare marketing agency is very crucial. Before hiring one, you should check their reputation and track record. The agency should possess a good reputation and track record.

They should be reputable and have an excellent track record. You can check their website and review pages to know what their clients say about them. Ensure that they meet your expectations before hiring them.

3. Client References And Testimonials

It's important to consider clients' references and testimonials when choosing an agency. You should take your time to research and find out the success stories and testimonials of the agency clients to determine if they are the best agency for your healthcare practice.

Check their online ratings, references, and testimonials to know what people say about them before deciding.

4. Range of Services And Capabilities

Marketing Healthcare encompasses a wide range of services including website design, SEO, social media marketing, content marketing, paid advertising, etc.

It's important to choose an agency that offers a wide range of services and teams of professionals to be sure that they can fully set up and implement a robust marketing campaign for your practice.

5. Customization And Flexibility

Customization and flexibility are also factors to consider when hiring a healthcare marketing agency in Dallas, Houston, and Fort Worth, Tx.

Different healthcare practices have unique marketing concerns, which is why you need to work with a flexible agency. An agency with customization and flexibility offers marketing solutions that suit individual brands.

6. Communication And Collaboration

Hiring an agency that knows the importance of communication and collaboration in implementing marketing strategies in healthcare will yield great results.

It's essential to look out for effective communication and collaboration in a marketing agency you plan to hire. Hire a marketing agency that you can communicate very well with to foster incredible collaborations that will yield good results.

7. Pricing And ROI

Pricing is also an important factor to consider before hiring a healthcare marketing agency in Dallas, Houston, and Fort Worth, Tx . You should hire the agency that you can afford. Search for the agency that you can hire within your marketing budget. However, ensure that you’re hiring an agency that will give you value for your money.

You should get a good ROI for your investment. Know how much you plan on investing in marketing your healthcare and search for a good agency within your budget.

Examples of Successful Healthcare Marketing Agency Campaigns in Dallas, Houston, and Fort Worth, Tx

The following are the different case studies of successful marketing strategies in healthcare.

1. New York Presbyterian Hospital Patient's Stories Campaign

Brand storytelling drives efficient marketing results for every organization including healthcare practices. The New York Presbyterian works with a healthcare marketing agency to utilize the video marketing strategy to drive more traffic and bring in new clients. The clinic does this by creating videos featuring its patients' success stories to connect with the right audience and raise more awareness about the clinic's services.

The thing about this brand storytelling marketing strategy is that it yields great results when handled by capable and skilled strategists. You can always try the strategy if the ones you're currently using don't yield the desired results for your practice.

2. Water's Edge Dermatology

This is a wide-service dermatology group that includes professionals with expertise in the treatment of skin disorders and cosmetic procedures. The large medical center was finding it difficult to scale and has no record of substantial growth while working with its existing marketing agencies.

But after partnering up with a new healthcare marketing agency in Dallas, Houston, and Fort Worth, Tx, Water's Edge Dermatology boosted the population of new patients across all its 63 locations. It was also able to scale growth and overtake competitors in the industry. The marketing agency did this for the clinic by optimizing the practice landing page, improving user experience, and optimizing the ad content.

Besides that, a geo-personalization was set up for each Water's Edge location. At the moment the clinic has recorded over 159% increase in conversions.

3. North Valley Women's Care

Another case study of successful marketing campaigns in healthcare is that of the new North Valley Women's Care. The founder of this clinic already knew how important it is to partner with an agency from the start to get good marketing results on time.

In this case, the founder started working with the agency right after starting the practice such that in two months, the desired results were already noticeable.  The marketing strategies incorporated into the campaigns include organic SEO, website design, and brand design. There are a lot of lessons learned from successful marketing campaigns for healthcare. Some of which include: Hire an excellent agency. Once you've observed that the agency you're currently working with isn't efficient, you should waste no time in switching to a better one. Don't focus on a single working strategy. It's better to try different strategies and pick up the ones that are working well for your practice to get improved results. Another lesson learned is that your time as a healthcare provider is to be spent treating patients. Your sole responsibility while running a healthcare practice is to care for your patients and delegate all your practice's marketing to a marketing agency.

Best Practices For Marketing The Healthcare

Adopt the following practices to get the best results for your efforts:

  • Maintain consistent branding across all your digital channels to increase patients' trust and loyalty.

  • Build a strong website for your practice, optimize it for a good user experience, and increase search rankings.

  • Experiment and evaluate the best marketing channels for your healthcare practice.

  • There are a lot of digital channels to utilize for marketing purposes. You should try them out and discover the best options for you.

  • Don't depend on organic traffic alone, you should also consider paid search ads.


Marketing is essential for the growth of any business including healthcare practices. A healthcare marketing agency in Dallas, Houston, and Fort Worth, Tx can help bring in new patients and retain old patients, improve brand awareness and credibility, and many more.

As a healthcare provider, you can't handle your marketing campaigns by yourself. This is why hiring an agency to implement successful marketing campaigns for your healthcare practice is highly recommended. Before hiring one, you should research properly about them to ensure that you're entrusting your practice's marketing needs and growth to capable hands. Contact us for your more Queries.

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