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30 Local Business Review Website that can Boost your SEO

Do you want your company or business to appear at the top in search engines like Google, Bing or Yahoo, some business review websites can boost your company to appear top in search results.

We will list 30 local business review websites that can boost your SEO.


Google My Business is the best business review site to boost your company or business SEO in search results. When you have reviews on your Google My Business page, your company will appear top in search results when people search for similar business categories.


Bing Places for Business is the second top business review site that can boost your company or business search result in search engines. Bing like Google My Business, works in a similar way and reviews are very important deciding factors in boosting your search in search engines. The more reviews you have, the higher you appear on search engines.


Yelp is a website that contains all types of business categories such as restaurant, laundry, hotels, dentist, spas, barbers and many other types of business you may be looking for. The more reviews on your business page in Yelp website, the higher your business appear on search results.


Facebook reviews can also boost your company’s or business in search engines. You can as well link your Facebook to your business website so more people can write reviews.

Angie’s List

In Angie’s list, users must subscribe before they can make reviews and view listings, which make it an incredible review site that can boost your company’s online appearance. So it is important for you to create a company page in Angie’s List website.

Better Business Bureau

Customers reviews on Better Business Bureau website is a good way for your business services to be regarded as one of the best. This also increases your business image to the general public and on company’s listing.


LinkedIn is a website different professionals and companies to advertise their products and services to the general public. Reviews on LinkedIn are very useful in increasing the online image of your business and boosting your business in search engines.

Merchant Circle

Merchant circle is another local business website where reviews from people can boost your business ratings in search engines. Create your own company’s page on Merchant circle so that your customers can leave reviews about your company’s services.

Manta is new on the review and listing website but it is widely gaining recognition. Customers reviews on Manta helps to increase your company’s or business search ranking on search engines.

Yellowpages is a website that comprises of many different categories of businesses and services. Creating an account for your business on the website and having customers leave reviews on your page will increase your company’s online search position.


Customers reviews on also facilitate your business boost in search engine listings. Create a page for your business and have more customer leave reviews.

Local can also increase your business listing in search engines. Create a page for your business with all necessary information so customers can leave reviews on your page.


Advertise your business on Kudzu to more audience around the world by creating a business profile page. Customers can also review your products and services which are very important for your business listing in search engines.

Register your business on, especially if your business is related to home repairs such as plumbing, landscaping, construction, remodelling or any other related services. Reviews from your customers also help to boost your business search in search engines.


Foursquare is a business website that helps people discover your business. It is a business advertising website and customer reviews are very important in increasing your business listing in search engines.


TripAdvisor is a well-known site for hotel reservations. If you are into hotel business this site is a good place to create a page for your business and get reviews from customers.


Mapquest allows you to create a page for your business and be at the forefront of other business when you have more reviews on your business page.

Bizjournals is a website where you can read worldwide news about different happenings around the world. You can also create an account for your business and let people discover your business. Reviews from bizjournals are also important for your business listing.

EZ Local

Create a business page on ezlocal so that people search for similar business categories can find you. Increase your business listing in search engines by having more customer leave reviews on your business page.


If you operate a restaurant business, Zomato is a good website to create a page for your restaurant. Through zomato people can search for restaurants and with more customer reviews your restaurant will appear tops on listings.

Advice Local

Advice local is a local SEO management solutions and services that connect businesses with consumers. Enter your business on the website so they can connect it with potential customers. Reviews on the site are very important for boosting your local search listing.

Get Fave is a navigation site that allows you to check for business such as restaurant, Cafes, Bars, Banks, e.t.c, and show you the location. Get your business on for more publicity. The more reviews your business get the higher it’s listing.

Yellowee is a service website for any kind of home services or repairs. If you are into home repair business, this is a website to create a business account and get reviews.


Brownbook also helps increase your business listing on search engines. Create a business page and get started to get seen by more consumers and also get reviews.

City Squares

Allow local consumers to easily discover you by adding your business on citysquares database of businesses. Increase your business online presence by having more reviews.

Magic Yellow

Add your business to magicyellow directory and get discovered by more consumers.

Open Table

Grow your business with opentable by creating a business account so that more consumers around your neighbourhood can discover your business. Get reviews and increase your business listing on search engines.


Showmelocal is a website where you can search for any category of businesses and you will have different business type to choose from based on the city you are. Get your business into showmelocal and get more reviews.


This is another good website that can boost your business listing in search engines. Create a business account and get discovered by consumers that need your services. The more reviews you get on your business page, the higher your listing in online search.

Chamber of Commerce

Chamberofcommerce is a comprehensive ecommerce site that allows consumers around the world to discover your business. All you need to do is to create a business account page and get discovered.

Customer reviews from this page are very beneficial in boosting your business listing in online search.


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