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What are and its Features and Pricing.

Updated: Nov 9, 2023

In ancient times doctors reputation depended on the patients that have been helped by them. In modern times the basic practice hasn’t changed at all, it’s just that it has moved onto the internet.

Today every doctor and clinics have moved to the internet in order to be visible to a large number of people that are online for information. Today, a doctor’s reputation and his business, in particular, depends on how well he/she is rated on the internet.

The fact that people could go on the internet and tell others about a doctor is very uplifting for them. It is, however, a very tedious task to manage all the reviews at different websites. This is why Magic Rating has come up with a solution that is a boon for the doctors and the patients.

Magic Rating is a patient feedback platform where patients could give feedback and rating for different doctors and clinics. The process of rating and giving feedback to a doctor is very easy and simple.

It starts with an email where doctors can opt into the service that they want. Upon accepting the service, the doctor is asked about their patients' email address and rest is done by the company.

Magic Rating uses the email id to contact the patient and ask for their valuable feedback on the doctor. It usually asks the patients how likely are they to refer the doctor’s practice to friend or family member.

This is usually a rating of 0 to 10 which has to be selected by the patient for the doctor’s work. The patients who rate highly are then asked to consider reviewing the doctor’s practice on one of the biggest and important review sites like RealSelf, Yelp, Google etc.

Patients who give bad reviews are enquired about the rating which can be followed up on later and their problems be resolved. This service creates a platform to interact with all the patients and make a community out of it which can help the doctor grow immensely.

It also provides the doctor with testimonial widgets that can be put on the doctor’s website which highlight the strongest of support from their patients. These testimonials are handled by Magic Rating itself and its setup is very easy for the doctor. It gives an option to automatically set for feedback above certain rating to display on the website.

The patients who rate higher are given direct links to the doctors profile on Yelp, Google etc and are asked to rate the doctor on those websites for others to see. It is a great way to handle reputation management.

Generating a steady and consistent stream of online patients is very important for a doctor’s reputation in today’s world. Another USP feature for the company is its review monitoring and reporting services.

Through this, it provides a dashboard that has all the information regarding the reputation of the doctor and reviews given on multiple websites by patients. The dashboard is very simple to interact with yet loaded with information that could turn a decent reputed doctor into one of the most well known in the area.

It has been observed time and time again that 9 out of 10 patients will seek out and consider reviews when making an appointment with the doctor. The doctor’s practice could turn out to be a failure if it doesn’t do well on the online platforms.

The first stage is where a doctor could differentiate himself from the rest and can be a success. The developers of this service understand that a service like this needs to be experienced firsthand in order to understand the effectiveness of it.

This is why they’ve come out with a free trial service that could be tried out and seen for oneself whether it gives the practice any type of boost at all.

Through this service, every review generation is taken care of automatically leaving the doctors with a peace of mind when they’re not working. The free trial ends after 30 days post which $199 are charged for a month of service which seems like a very good deal to get.


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