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What is and its Features and Pricing

Updated: Nov 9, 2023

What is is a website that is controlled and managed by Podium, which is a technology company and is privately held. The main headquarters of the Podium is located in Lehi, Utah, in the United States.

This company is responsible for developing software that is cloud-based to enable businesses to track, manage, and collect all online business reviews across various review sites, search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft Edge, social media sites like those of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and lots more. The podium company was founded in 2014 by Eric Rea and Dennis Steele.

The Podium was founded at a time when one of its co-founders received a call for online reviews for his father's tire shop and wanted to keep track of and improve the reviews and feedback posted by his customers.

A lot of time, Research, and energy went into finding solutions for developing the online reviews. Around this time, another co-founder, Dennis Steele, was also helping businesses progress through their online reputation, and he was an expert in the process.

Both co-founders teamed up, determined to build a better solution for developing online reputation. Some of the leading products offered by Podium include online reputation management, customer relationship management, and customer interaction management.

During the initial years, the Podium was popularly known as rep drive, and later, in 2015, it was rebranded into the Podium. In the initial round, this company raised nearly $500,000 of funding led by Peak Ventures.

Features of Podium

Podium's brand and product have several exciting features for the customers. The following are the features that the Podium has to offer you:

Interactions with customers with just a text seamlessly and effectively.

Connecting with customers has always been challenging. All of it can be achieved with just a simple text. You can get to know your customers even better and their preferences of choices and what they are interested in.

Podium is an excellent messaging platform with a wide variety of tools.

Podium has made messaging much faster and easier with its particular messaging platform that comes with a wide array of tools that make customer interaction effortless and stress-free. Every tool is highly forward and comes with unique features.

Collect reviews

The Podium has made the car much faster. All it takes is just 30 seconds to leave your review and feedback. This offers businesses the opportunity to become obvious on Google searches performed by customers all over the world.

Optimized website

Podium enables the customers who visit your website to text you directly and keep the conversation going comfortably and flexibly.

Gather feedback

We know the importance of feedback and reviews in your everyday business life and how much they mean to you. For your company and business to be successful, it is vital that your NPS and customer service are also thriving.

Podium enables you to enjoy an effortless impact.

You can easily send out invitations to your customers, respond to customers' queries and statements, and manage, control, track, and view all of your customer reviews in just a few clicks.

Proven results

The entire process of interacting with customers and getting valuable feedback and reviews is automated and streamlined.

Insightful data

All of the above can be done from your home or office. You can also get insightful data about your business, your business ventures, your products and brands, and your reputation all over the world.

Pricing of Podium

Podium offers at various prices and for every business, no matter how big or small. Podium offers its pricing information, making it available only to customers upon request.

To get the right prices from the company, you will need to contact the company directly for more details and a quote on the products that are offered.

Thus, the Podium offers you the best opportunities to get to know the strengths and weaknesses of your business, brands, and products in the market.

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