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What is and its Features and pricing? is a unique platform that provides ample opportunities for travel and hospitality industry leaders to earn more. They have been providing the best travel and hospitality-based software services to their client for more than 12 years in a row.

The company was established in 2004 and now has received the mark where they can proudly say that "we are leaders of the software services for the top travel and hospitality businesses."

They work on cloud-based technology, which works on the mechanisms of big data analysis and more. Hence, all these technologies are well adapted by RateGain experts to make a competitive edge for their clients, automatically generating more profits or business gains.

The rategain offers its services to all who are serving the travel and hospitality industry; hence, they creates customized software services according to the needs or requirements of its clients.

As every business is different, RateGain professionals take care of all their client's requirements in rate intelligence, price optimization, distribution management, and many more so that they cannot be left with any stone unturned in favor of their client's growth in the industry.

Further, in 12 years in service, RateGain has also achieved much recognition around the globe for their valuable services, which include names like:

  • Deloitte Technology Fast 500 award

  • Innovative 100 award

  • Hotel technology next-generation award

  • Great Indian Workplace Award for the year 2018

The hospitality clients to which rategains provides solutions are renowned Independent hotels, franchised hotels, hotel chains, and hotel management companies. A few of the names in the hospitality client list are IHG Hotels, Melia Hotels International, Lemon Trees Hotels, Marriott, Hyatt, Millennium Hotel, Accor Hotels, and more,

The travel clients to which Rate Gains provides solutions are OTAs, which implies online travel agencies, car rental businesses, Airlines and tour operators, cruises, or ferries. A few of the names in the travel client list of RateGain are, Lufthansa, Hertz Corporation, Expedia, Carnival Cruise, and many more.

The innovative products of RateGain, which are known for turning the tables for their clients and always helping them to take advantage of their incomes, are:

Features of
Features of

Features of

All the products are unique and have several advantages and features that provide efficient results to their clients.

Hence, the comprised features/advantages of Rategain and its products are as follows:

The Cloud-based technology of RateGain helps save the clients man-hours, which they usually spend manually maintaining their database information.

Hence, with the software service products, they can only concentrate on providing the best quality service to their guests.

  • Provides access to a single dashboard that will control all the business.

  • Provide professional assistance to their client 24/7.

  • Offers an integration with the channel managers

  • Offers Business Intelligence reports to dissect organization execution and other vital parameters outwardly

  • Strong Reporting for accounting, pricing, and business distribution tasks.

  • Destination and inn mapping devices to guarantee that stock from various providers is shown effectively.

Multiple Automated procedures will guarantee automated notification alerts on any important market changes.

  • Offers an innovative and flexible experience for the clients

  • Offers compatibility to mediums like B2B as well as B2C.

  • Offers easy access from any place, improving the business's flexibility to use the service.

  • Helps take a competitive edge by offering the best competitor quality reports.

  • Aggregate the market trends and analyze the market database to provide enhanced rates to choose from and also help create an exceptional competitive strategy.

  • Provides powerful actions through daily activity/analysis or comparison reports, which can be easily available in Excel sheets to make further work according to the client's needs or requirements.

Rategain Pricing

Today's hospitality and travel industry relies heavily on technology, which helps streamline their business structure procedures and enhances the overall profitability of the businesses.

It further helps businesses significantly promote or sell their services and products using technologies as it will ease the process for their customers and fulfill their needs or requirements.

Hence, it is also very cost-effective for hospitality and travel businesses to install or implement the cloud-based software service in their business as it requires a one-time investment, which provides fruitful results for many years as the maintenance cost is also very low with the RateGain software services.

Hence, the number of benefits that arise from the RateGain pricing are as follows:

  • Rategain Technology or Software services offer the likelihood of development, coordinated effort, and adaptability for Businesses.

  • RateGain helps reduce the business's overall operational and dispersion costs.

  • Rategain technology permits high caliber and successful statistical market research.

  • Rategain Technology and Online Travel Software have become a productive medium for advancing Tourism.

  • RateGain helps enhance the effectiveness of Travel Agencies, Tour Operators, and hotels by accelerating their communication.

Hence, RateGain offers a free trial subscription to their clients for their ORM products, which implies Online Reputation and guest Feedback Platform software.

RateGain also offers effective pricing of their products or services, which will best meet their clients' needs and their budget.

Hence, get in touch with the RateGain team of skilled and efficient professionals in the industry. Who can customize the products according to their client demands at a very reasonable rate and offer a very low maintenance cost through the software service.

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