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Top 20 restaurant review websites to get more reviews and manage your restaurant reputation

Updated: Oct 17, 2023

Top Restaurant review websites

Crazy about getting reviews?


It’s natural to get enthusiastic about online reviews.

Because most of the buyers have become tech-savvy today And they read reviews before making a purchasing decision.

That’s why your online business needs as many positive reviews as possible.

Nowadays, online review websites have literally transformed the business approach. And also the way the customers get impressions about a business or brand.

The beauty of the top-notch review websites is that they can improve your brand awareness to a great extent.

Do you own a restaurant? Or have you recently opened a restaurant?

Then it’s utmost important to make popularize your restaurant through online reviews.

Review websites help your customers to share their opinions. And these platforms also help you to improve your service.

Competition analysis is another great benefit of review websites. Thus you can know about the preferences of the potential customers.

Public opinion is of great importance while it comes to decision-making.

That means you’ve to stay informed about the online and social media discussions regarding your restaurant.

Many times and due to many reasons, customers don’t get their desired service.

As a result, they can post negative reviews about your service. It can adversely affect your business.

With the help of review websites, you can be aware of such discussions. And you would also get opportunities to seek an apology from them.

Sounds really great.

Now, it’s time to go through the checklist of 20 topmost restaurant review websites with which you can get more reviews. And you could easily manage the reputation of your restaurant.


Yelp doesn’t only mean for restaurants but around 20% of the reviews on this platform are meant for dining businesses.

And it has made the restaurant business the #2 category after shopping.

This brilliantly-designed platform hosts over 102 million reviews. And Yelp also provides the entrepreneurs with the opportunities to respond publicly or privately to reviews.

If you’ve already set up a Yelp page for your restaurant, then go to the tab named “reviews” following the logging in to respond.

Zomato (previously Urbanspoon)

It is one of the popular applications that have been helping businesses to get reviews. And it also helps people to find out popular restaurants.

If you’re a restaurant owner, then you can easily claim your listing in this platform.

You’ve to click in the link, placed in the lower left-hand corner of the respective page.


OpenTable informs customers who are using the online restaurant reservation system and sharing their dining experience. The main reason behind it is to monitor their place.

Around 24 hours following the dinner at your restaurant, your customers would receive an email from the brilliantly-designed platform of OpenTable. And it would invite them to share their experience in form of feedback.

In case you’re interested to participate in their directory, you need to sign up to their online reservations service. However, you would be charged a monthly fee.


Zagat is one of the popular review websites. And it has around 2 million Twitter followers. It has started its journey in the year 1979 as a printed dining guide. You can find out reviews on this platform online without any investment.

Google has owned this particular platform. And it is also integrated with Google business pages.

If you are a proud owner of your restaurant, then you’re recommended to create a Google Business Page to improve the chances of getting listed on Zagat.

Trip Advisor

Trip Advisor is considered among the largest online travel website, however, you mightn’t know that it works as a restaurant reviewing website.

The rank of your restaurant depends upon the individual ratings and the number of reviews you’ve acquired. It also depends on how recent these reviews are.


In the platform of Gayot, many people share their dining experiences in restaurants.

You would discover two types of reviews on this particular platform. The first type of reviews is written by professional food critics. And another type of reviews is written by direct customers.


Dine is one of the older review websites. This particular platform is dedicated to sharing experiences of customers in forms of ratings and reviews.

This review website offers customized recommendations to visitors based on their food preferences. And customer recommendations and reviews play a significant role to determine recommendations.

The Infatuation

The Infatuation is a well-known website, application, newsletter, and recommendation platform. It has been designed to help people to find out an ideal restaurant to get a great dining experience.

If your restaurant service is of top-class, then you can expect to find out reviews of your restaurant, written by highly trained writers and editors of this platform.


OpenTable is a top-notch provider of real-time and free online restaurant reservations. And it also provides great guest management solutions targeted to restaurants.

The blogs of OpenTable is about discovering and reviewing different restaurants.


Many people don’t know that Facebook is a great review system. We all know it is a brilliant social networking website but you can also get great popularity through customer reviews and ratings.

Although it mightn’t be the first stop for customers to search for a great restaurant, this platform still plays a great role to improve the online reputation. And you can acquire lots of positive reviews if your service is of top-notch quality.

Andy Hayler's Restaurant Guide

It is a great review website, owned by popular food critic Andy Hayler. This weekly blog provides coverage to recent restaurant and dining news.

Your customers would go through Independent reviews of hotels and restaurants. And thus you can greatly popularize your restaurant business.


Through the brilliant platform of Roadfood, your customers can go through reviews for almost every state throughout the U.S. And if your restaurant is doing well, you would get tremendous popularity around different places.

Grub Street

Grub Street is one of the popular food blogs. And it runs by New York Magazine. They write restaurant reviews, restaurant-openings news, chef interviews, and food-trend coverage.

Paris by Mouth

Paris by Mouth is considered as a top-class review website regarding drinking and eating in Paris. It is a thorough guide to food and wine in Paris (France).

This incredible platform provides reviews of bistros, wine bars, restaurants, shops, and bakeries that sell wine, cheese, chocolate, and pastry.

The Picky Glutton

London restaurant reviews are greatly helpful for customers in finding out a best-in-class restaurant. You can expect huge reviews about your restaurant business if you own a great restaurant.

Urban Chic Guides

Urban Chic Guides provides restaurant reviews and various others about Sydney. People can get to know about Sydney food outlets and restaurants.

Samphire and Salsify

It is a brilliantly designed blog about the best restaurants, hotels, and bars. Customers get great insights about well-known eateries.

Amsterdam Foodie

Amsterdam Foodie reviews food travel guides, food posts, and more. People also get recommendations on cuisine types, price, and location.

Eat 24

Eat 24 is not only meant for ordering foods. But, people can also use it for reading reviews just like OpenTable. You can get a great popularity through this platform. But the service of your restaurant must be of top-notch quality.


Google has become a vast platform where customers can easily find your restaurant.

If a user starts searching a specific cuisine in his/her local area, this brilliantly-designed platform would provide a list of suitable restaurants. Google also provides the facility of user-based rating and reviews.

Although Google isn’t an extensively used platform like Yelp, it is very important in encouraging visitors.

You can expect great reviews and five-star ratings if your restaurant is serving well. And thus a number of visitors would be attracted towards your restaurant.

As a restaurant owner, you can make use of Google My Business in order to claim your listing. Thus you can easily manage your account.

These aforementioned review websites greatly help to get more and more reviews and thus you can manage your restaurant reputation.

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