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10 Review Generation Ideas to Grow your Medspa Positive Reviews And Business

Updated: Nov 9, 2023

Nowadays, people have become very tech-savvy, so most prefer to check websites before picking any new product or service of a particular brand.

For that reason, you need to have a proper online presence. However, it is not the end of your work. You have a perfect medspa website and display your products or services so that people come, select, and purchase.

But, people are more inclined towards the services of those brands, having a great online reputation. If you want large number customers on your website, then you need to raise brand awareness and the easiest way to do this by acquiring large numbers of positive reviews.

We already know that clients go through reviews for approximately every kind of local business prior to purchasing a new product. A large number of customers trust online reviews just like the personal recommendation.

Therefore, having a vast number of positive reviews are very imperative for the improvement of sales and for the overall growth of your business.

Importance of Online Clients’ Reviews

Having more and more positive reviews are very helpful in creating a positive impression of your service.

Nowadays, it has become very crucial to have a powerful online presence. People will only start thinking about your services whenever they find out positive responses from other users.

Let’s find out some of the necessities of having online reviews:

  • Whenever you start analyzing online reviews (both positive and negative) written for your brand, you will get the motivation to improve your services. With the help of online reviews, you will learn about your clients' expectations and requirements.

  • Online reviews are one type of credibility as well as social proof for your business. As people have become more tech-savvy nowadays, it is very important to have a large number of positive reviews if you want to attract more new customers towards your service.

  • Online reviews play a significant role while it comes to the question of making a purchasing decision. If you have some positive reviews on some of the topmost review websites, then you can expect to have increased number of clients to your medspa.

  • You are already familiar with the importance of review generation. Now, the important question is how can you generate reviews? Follow the ten review generation ideas below to make your medspa business a great success.

Improve the Quality of Your Medspa Services

Before going for any service, most of the people check its online reviews. If you provide top-class services to your customers, then they will automatically leave positive reviews on your websites or other review websites. It is a natural process.

In case customers get appropriate value for their money, they will be motivated to write compliment words about your services. These positive reviews are able to attract further customers to avail your services.

Therefore, it is crucial to make improvements to your services so that customers don’t get any reason to make complaints and to write negative reviews.

Providing Encouragement for Positive Reviews

Several popular review websites like Foursquare, Google Local, Citysearch, TripAdvisor, and Yelp can provide local customers with a great help in finding out your medspa. However, if you have not performed it until now, you need to enlist your medspa service (on those websites).

Whenever you will be doing that, the medspa services, staff, treatments along with the facility information need to be displayed on the specific listings pages. These pieces of information must match the information that you have provided on your particular medspa website.

The information on such reputed and reliable platforms should be combined properly to get most of the benefits out of them. The listings of the local business also incorporate reviews about your medspa.

If customers are happy with your medspa's services, they will write positive reviews on your business. These reviews will provide great advantages to your brand awareness and reputation.

Ask for Reviews

Besides unprompted reviews, you must encourage clients to leave reviews about their experiences. If you provide top-class services, rest assured - you will get positive reviews and compliments.

Providing encouragement to clients for writing reviews is a great way to make your customers realize that you prioritize their feedback.

Provide Convenient Way to acquire more and more Reviews

You can set up a tablet or computer at your medspa service center so that customers can easily post their experience in form of reviews.

Many times, people forget to write about their experience when they get back to home (due to other works), however, if you request them to leave reviews inside the medspa itself, then they will be more inspired to write positive reviews about your services.

Send Emails to Customers

Sending emails to customers is another great idea to motivate them in posting positive reviews. You can request them to post reviews about the treatment or service whatever they have received in your medspa.

Email communication helps customers realize that you are valuing their words.

Publish Positive Experiences

Ask for permissions from your clients and if they don’t have any problem, then publish their positive letters, comments, and emails in forms of testimonials on your medspa website. It will raise the popularity of your medspa business.

More and more people will start showing interest to avail your services. Thus, you can expect improved profits and increased popularity on your business.

Check it in times ofCheckout

During the check-out procedure, you can request customers to post a review regarding their experience in your medspa. You can also print an attractive reminder on the particular receipt. Alternatively, you can provide a distinct card, accompanied by the appropriate information.

Say Thank You

‘Thank you’ might appear as two small words. But, it is very important to convey while your clients finish writing their reviews. Always remember that customers are favoring you by investing their valuable time in posting reviews for your services.

Send Surveys

Surveys are great options to know your customers' impressions about your services. You can send surveys through emails and request them to participate and share their valuable opinions about their experiences.

Work on the Suggestions

You can ask your clients to provide their valuable suggestions to improve your services. After analyzing the suggestions, you should start converting them into reality. You can request your clients to write reviews about the improved services.

Thus, your customers will start realizing that you are working hard to provide the best-quality services to them.

How to Handle Negative Reviews?

Generating positive reviews is not the end of your task because you need to handle negative reviews as well. Negative reviews can worsen the image of your brand and it is not desired at all.

Therefore, you need to work on handling negative reviews and on initiating positive reviews simultaneously. A proper handling of negative reviews will help you in reserving your online reputation to a great extent. You can follow these points below to handle such reviews:

Talk Politely and Briefly

It is crucial to spend times on online review websites during weekends to check what people are talking about your services. If you find any negative comments or reviews, then read it carefully.

Try to solve the particular issue in a polite tone and brief manner. If it is a matter of misinterpretation, then you should solve this matter as early as possible.

Detailed Conversation

If the conversation gets too lengthy, then it is better to transfer it via the mode of phone calls or emails. Many customers also don’t feel comfortable discussing in detail in a public forum.

In that situation, it becomes necessary to take help of emails or phone calls. Discuss the problem in detail and try to sort it out.

Quick Action is Necessary

If negative reviews remain unresolved, then it will cause an adverse effect on your brand as you will start losing the trust of your customers. Therefore, take action on negative reviews or comments as soon as possible.

Request for an Update

After resolving the particular issue, you must ask your clients to delete old reviews or update those with new ones. Otherwise, the situation will remain same as previous.

Show the Improvements

If you come across any issue that can’t be solved anymore, then you must post the steps that you have taken to improve your services. It will help to generate a positive effect on people and they will realize that you are taking genuine steps to provide the best possible services.

Pay Gratitude to your Clients

You must thank your clients for availing services of your medspa. You need to say sorry and apologize if they got disappointing experience. Always place priority on clients’ satisfaction.

Positive review generation and negative review alleviation and even removal are very important if want to grow your business. Monitoring and management of the online reviews can provide you with a great help in the business progress.

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