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What is and its Features and pricing?

Updated: Nov 9, 2023

ReviewBuzz is an online review generation platform. It is more or less similar to the online SAAS-based platform, which helps your business generate additional reviews.

It facilitates you with online customer reviews on social media like Google, BBB, and Facebook so that your business receives its wings from flying high in the sky.

It is inundated with trust builder widgets. The trust builder widget facilitates all your business reviews from across the internet. It helps your website with a robust review generation platform and receives 5-star reviews and customer feedback.

ReviewBuzz team crafts an authentic custom-branded web page display for storing all your thoughts in one place.

ReviewBuzz helps your business build pre-sale trust so that each employee generates a personal portfolio for your online review generation. Your company receives automated follow-up emails.

You can also select a particular online review from thousands of surveys generated across your business posts and share the buzz on your social media platforms.

With the ReviewBuzz reputation management platform, your business helps you to measure customer satisfaction and respond instantly to unhappy customers. It quickly helps your business diagnose problems and subsequently celebrate your excellence.

Reputation management software from ReviewBuzz is inundated with a customer satisfaction index from Net Promoter Score, which facilitates you to measure your business customer satisfaction.

Backed by review generation and analytics, ReviewBuzz helps identify your satisfied customers and generates electronic referral requests to promote your company to rank higher. ReviewBuzz Customer Survey System includes six questions for your customers regarding their views about your business products.

It follows that if you wish to prosper your business with a dazzling shine, make your employees happy, facilitating a healthier working environment. ReviewBuzz is crafted with this specialized care to help you do so.

The entire team of ReviewBuzz considers employee satisfaction as an active key that allows your business team to stay motivated about online review generation. It eventually improves your business services and makes it appear better before your clients.

When your business employee accomplishes his tasks efficiently, ReviewBuzz notifies you and honors him with award points as a token of appreciation.

The ReviewBuzz dashboard consists of an automatic points system, customizable reward points, and a dashboard for every employee.

Mike Montano is the brain behind the present status of ReviewBuzz in today’s emerging era of online reputation management. Today, Mike stands at a highly respectable position within the frontiers of online reputation management.

What are the features of ReviewBuzz, an online reputation management tool?

The online reputation management tool from ReviewBuzz helps you with an online review system, customer surveys, and employee rewards.

Online Review Generation System

With online review generation from ReviewBuzz, you can earn more online rewards for your business. ReviewBuzz team works in unity to strategize over increasing your business viability over the internet.

Online review generation raises your business website visibility so that you receive calls from your global website visitors. It helps create a five-star review from social media sites and increases your social presence with their social marketing strategies.

As a result of increased social presence, you get to see more customers, thus helping you create a pre-sale trust with them. Also, ReviewBuzz has a mobile SMS dashboard, which makes it easier for your employee team to send review requests instantly to your customers.

A thorough work addiction to satisfy your business customers is what makes the ideal work ethic of ReviewBuzz. The team works around twenty-four hours to make your business work like magic and clinch the success it deserves over the social media platform.

Every step from ReviewBuzz to increase your business review generation is carefully crafted and nurtured. Thus, it exhibits robust online reputation management for your business to get its competitive edge.


ReviewBuzz's online reputation management platform is available at simple monthly pricing starting at just rupees one hundred and forty-seven dollars per month. Also, as a complementary feature, it offers its customers a risk-free trial for about thirty days.


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