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What is and its Features and pricing?

Updated: Nov 9, 2023

Are you looking for a perfect online review generation tool? Then ReviewPush is the final name for you. Today, ReviewPush has become a helping hand for businesses for active customer review generation.

What is ReviewPush?

ReviewPush is one of the reckoned service providers when selecting a perfect review monitoring system. ReviewPush functions as a helping hand for businesses to generate testimonials from their clientele.

This ReviewPush application sends soliciting emails for customer review on behalf of your company. The ReviewPush application ensures that your clients visit your business website regularly. Also, it vouches on client responses to your newly uploaded posts.

ReviewPush assists their business clients in generating responses from diverse locations in one go. It features a multi-level dashboard for access. The dashboard is meant for streamlining multiple tasks.

These numerous tasks include review generation and feedback responses for your uploaded business posts.

The ReviewPush dashboard is customized to provide you with the required statistics. With ReviewPush you can now generate positive, negative, and neutral reviews of your last thirty days' activity. , ReviewPush dashboard also facilitates you to view your activity per week.

What are the features of ReviewPush?

The ReviewPush has many features to effectuate your business's online review generation.

Some of the features are as follows:

It assists in Multi-site monitoring for new reviews about your business platform. Such reviews mark its presence on Google, Foursquare, Facebook, and other online platforms. The exclusivity of ReviewPush lies in its email notification services.

Whenever your business post receives a new customer review, ReviewPush ensures you remain updated via email notification. Also, to save your valuable time, your email notification will include an option to respond to your customer's online review.

ReviewPush's customized management platform allows you to conveniently manage your business online customer reviews. It is unbiased concerning your business locations. Let your business have one area or a maximum of ten thousand places.

The customer ranking feature from ReviewPush enables your business to compare your store rank comparison with other stores.

If you are looking for a multi-store review request, then ReviewPush is the name for you. ReviewPush helps you to generate additional reviews for all your business stores. The specially crafted multi-level dashboard connects you with your corporate, district, regional, or store team.

As your business functions at various levels, the automatic generation of reports becomes most important. It effectively manages and generates multi-level reporting for all your business stores at corporate, regional, district, and store levels.

Since your business is on an expanded scale, there are chances that you might miss great local review profiles. ReviewPush will help you out with your missing local review profiles.

What is reputation management, and why is it essential?

In simple terms, reputation management helps to influence and control the reputation. You can say that online reputation management is intended to shape the public appearance of an organization.

ReviewPush online reputation management works towards identifying the presence of negative content about your business over the internet.


ReviewPush application price starts from as low as ten dollars per month. Before starting the paid trial, you can opt for a free test trial. Yes! The ReivewPush platform gives liberty to its customers with a free product trial for about twenty-one days.

Benefits of the ReviewPush Application

While we have dealt with a lot of stuff on ReviewPush, let us move towards highlighting some of the benefits from ReviewPush.

ReviewPush offers the following advantages over other reputation management platforms:

  • Monitors multi-location stores for your businesses

  • Streamlines unlimited locations for your business platform

  • Fulfills your business demand for review requests on multiple sites of your businesses

  • It effectuates custom ranking feature to determine your business store ranking amongst your rivals

  • ReviewPush generates a continual email notification about every minute of details regarding your business reputation management.

  • The Dashboard Access Customization feature of ReviewPush gives you the liberty to view your business' online performance statistics, keep an eye on the average location ratings, and automatic report generation feature.

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