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Intellius Medical: Leading SEO Agency Successes in Dallas, Houston & Fort Worth, TX

Updated: Sep 26, 2023

SEO Agency in Dallas, Houston & Fort Worth, TX

SEO Agency in Dallas, Houston & Fort Worth, TX helps you with the most effective SEO method to increase the visibility of your business to the majority of internet users.

Over 98% of internet users use search engines and a significant percentage of the population uses Google, with an effective SEO strategy you can get your business into the hands of your target audience. Besides allowing your potential customers to see you on the internet, SEO also improves your credibility significantly. SEO agencies are responsible for helping brands of different sizes with their SEO. If you’re a business owner in Dallas looking to get assistance on your website SEO then you should consider contacting Intellius Medical. Intellius Medical is one of the best SEO agencies in Dallas, Houston & Fort Worth, TX, with distinct features that distinguish it from other SEO agencies out there. One of our unique features is that we truly improve your search rankings using proven strategies.

Services Offered By Intellius Medical SEO Agency in Dallas, Houston & Fort Worth, TX

Description of the range of SEO services offered by our agency includes

Keyword Research

Keyword Research
Keyword Research

One of the services we offer is keyword research. Keyword Research is one of the pillars of search engine optimization. After understanding our client’s objectives and purposes, we do in-depth research to discover the keywords that are relevant to our client’s businesses.

Our keyword research process involves identifying a brand’s target audience, and after that understanding, this audience’s needs very well come up next. This is so we can be able to come up with search queries, phrases, and words they use to find solutions online. We use a variety of keyword research tools and resources to discover effective keywords.

Keyword research grants you the opportunity to learn more about your target audience. It also allows you to discover the aspect of your brand that requires your resources and energy.

Link Building

Link Building
Link Building

Link building is also one of the services we offer at our agency. This SEO strategy includes the acquisition of hyperlinks from other websites to your brand website. This marketing effort is a key aspect of a website SEO because if search engines can follow at least a single link to the most quality post on your website then no one will get to see how valuable the content is. We help with both internal and external linking. We also use working strategies to build external links rather than using shady techniques that could cause your website to be penalized. You can get in touch with us to build quality backlinks for your website.

Local SEO

Local SEO
Local SEO

One of our most popular SEO services for local businesses in Dallas, Houston & Fort Worth, TX is local SEO. We help businesses optimize their presence online to increase local traffic and visibility.

This service involves optimizing your Google business profile, creating content relevant to local audiences as well as using local keywords to improve your visibility to people in your locality. Once your business has a specific physical location or caters to the needs of people in a certain locality then you will benefit greatly from our local SEO services. We do in-depth competitor research so you can outrank your competitors in the locality.

Technical SEO

This service involves improving the technical aspect of a website to boost your online visibility. When proper technical SEO is done for a website, it’s much easier for search engines to crawl and index the site. It’s one of the most important yet complex aspects of SEO, which explains why it’s mostly outsourced to an SEO Agency like Intellius Medical in Dallas, TX. Our process of work involves checking to index, adding internal links, reclaiming lost links, adding schema markups, and improving the overall user experience and mobile-friendliness of the site amongst others.

On-Page Optimization

On-Page Optimization
On-Page Optimization

Another search engine optimization service we offer our clients at Intellius is On-page optimization. This service involves the optimization of web pages to improve their visibility and ranking on search engines. The key elements of a good on-page SEO are optimizing title tags and showing expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness. Our On-page SEO services include much more than stuffing keywords on the pages all in the name of optimizing it. We make sure every element on the web pages of your site is properly optimized to boost your site’s overall SEO.


One unique characteristic of our agency is its commitment to tailoring its SEO services to meet the unique needs and goals of every one of our clients. Our customization approach to offering premium SEO services for businesses is part of the reason why we’re popular among businesses in Dallas.

There are a lot of SEO tactics and strategies out there and the role of our agency is to customize the best strategies that align with your long-term marketing goals for your brand. Our process starts with an initial consultation during which you share your marketing goals, brand objectives, and all other important things we need to know for us to know the best strategy for your brand.

Understanding your brand and identifying your ideal audience is an essential part of our work process. It makes it easy for us to offer SEO services that best suit your brand.


Another thing about Intelius Medical is how much we value collaboration with our clients. SEO marketing requires a collaborative effort between the  Agency and the client. Our SEO services team works closely with clients to develop a comprehensive SEO strategy.

Our job is to increase the awareness of our clients to its target audience and show how great the products or services offered by our clients are to them. This is why we need to work together throughout this work process as no one understands the brand better than its owner. We sit down together with our clients, brainstorm ideas and share insights to get maximum results from our SEO efforts. With our SEO customization and collaborative efforts the various brands that have worked have been able to achieve their different marketing goals. We’ve been able to boost search rankings and improve local SEO for several businesses in Dallas.

Industry Experience and Results

Industry Experience is an essential factor to evaluate an agency you’re looking to work with. Our extensive experience is also one of the reasons we’re the best SEO Agency in Dallas. We’ve years of vast experience working with different clients.

It also helps that we have niche experience working with brands in various industries, including healthcare, e-commerce, and finance. We’re reputable in Dallas with years of industry knowledge to guide us in our SEO strategy for your brand. Because we’ve been doing this for so many years already, we know the best tactics and practices to use to optimize all the aspects of your website so potential customers can easily locate you. One of our success stories at Intellius is that of Southwest Regional WoundCare Center owned by Dr. Joe Wolcott. This healthcare organization was founded for the sole purpose of treating wounded patients.

For a long period, the clinic suffered from the effect of poor website SEO making the brand and its services unknown to many people in its locality. It’s also not ranking high as it should for relevant keywords. After hearing about the huge benefits that come with partnering with our agency, the clinic partnered with us to help with paid advertising and SEO mainly Keyword research, optimization, and local SEO.

Our team at Intellius Medical assists Southwest Regional WoundCare Center to optimize its website making it rank high for major keywords, outrank its competitor and increase its traffic much more than expected. Another real-life example of a brand we’ve assisted with our SEO services is a heart clinic in Texas. The healthcare practice was looking to boost its organic search traffic and increase its conversion rate. Upon contacting our team at Intellius Medical, we customized an SEO solution for the clinic based on its needs and objectives. We also collaborated with its management to aid the rapid implementation of the tactics. After the implementation of the solid SEO strategy for the brand’s website, in no time significant measurable results such as increased organic traffic, and conversions were observed. There are a lot of other real-life examples you can learn from by visiting our website.

Client Testimonials And Reviews

Highlighted below is some positive feedback from our satisfied clients. “We consider Intelius Medical, a strategic SEO partner because, since the start of our partnership, the agency has helped in increasing our traffic, rankings for relevant keywords, and conversion rate.” This was by a developer in Dallas TX that we helped with his website optimization. Another client of ours wrote “I can’t thank Intellius Medical, enough for our partnership. The agency didn’t only design an optimized and aesthetically pleasing website but also a website that’s ranking high for relevant keywords and this has helped medical practice greatly”. There are a lot of other testimonials and online reviews. If you’re looking to read more of them, you can easily browse through our website and social media pages to discover more. Our high ratings and positive feedback are solid evidence of the great jobs we’ve been doing for brands and we will continue to do for our new and existing clients.

Beyond our SEO expertise and experience, our sincere dedication to customer service and support for our clients is also why a significant percentage of them trust us with their brand growth.

Awards and Recognition

Intelius Medical is one of the top SEO agencies for doctors and healthcare organizations in Dallas. Many of our clients believe that we will soon be considered for industry awards and other recognition awards in Dallas due to our excellent SEO services.

Benefits of Working with An SEO Agency in Dallas, Houston & Fort Worth, TX

Benefits of Working with An SEO Agency
Benefits of Working with An SEO Agency

The different ways an agency can help your business in Dallas include:

Drives Website Traffic

One of the major benefits you get from working with an SEO agency is increasing website traffic. A good agency will build an effective SEO strategy for you that will help in bringing in more people to your website.

SEO introduces your brand to a larger client base on the internet that is interested in your products and services. This way your business doesn’t have to rely solely on referral and word-of-mouth marketing because your business can easily be found ranking for major relevant keywords in your industry.

Develop Trust And Credibility

Another way you will benefit your business is that it will help you establish trust and credibility. The single fact that search engines bring you forward when a user searches the internet for something in your industry is one of the reasons why people will develop trust in your brand.

Internet users trust search engines like Google to bring relevant and credible search results for them. Seeing your brand ranking high will help you build more authority and credibility in your industry.

Long-Term Continuous Results

SEO strategy is a long-term marketing strategy. You can keep enjoying the good results for years to come when you hire an experienced agency to help improve your website SEO. Unlike most other marketing efforts, a good SEO strategy will keep yielding good results for a long period earning you a higher ROI than imagined.

It also helps that your authority and credibility also increase with time allowing you to enjoy the excellent results of the strategy for a long time.

The Benefits of Outsourcing SEO To An Experienced Agency

The Benefits of Outsourcing SEO To An Experienced Agency
The Benefits of Outsourcing SEO To An Experienced Agency

Here are the advantages of delegating your business SEO to a skilled and experienced SEO agency in Dallas, Houston & Fort Worth, TX.

Faster Results

There are a lot of benefits you can get from outsourcing your SEO to an agency in Dallas, Houston & Fort Worth, TX, one of which is faster results. SEO agencies have skilled SEO specialists with proven SEO strategies that will yield maximum results for you in no time rather than in-house SEO strategies that require a lot of prepping and planning before execution. Another reason why SEO agencies get faster results is that there’s no need for any trial and error as they’ve tears of experience and know the strategies that are truly working, unlike in-house SEO which will need to try different tactics to discover working ones.

Saves Time

Time is a luxury that you may not have as you’re already dealing with managing your brand and outsourcing your SEO to an experienced agency can save you time. It allows you to have more time to do other important things. SEO is a long-term strategy and also time intensive. If you’re handling SEO yourself, you will need to spend hours on research, analysis, optimization, and other tasks involved in the process. But hiring an agency means all the time-consuming tasks are done by the team of experienced SEO specialists you’ve partnered with, saving you a lot of time.

Stronger SEO Marketing Strategy

Another benefit of delegating your SEO is that a stronger SEO strategy is developed. Most of the time when businesses decide to do SEO on their own, they mostly just create content with little keyword research hoping that their website will rank for relevant keywords. This lack of an SEO strategy makes it challenging for the business to notice any concrete results. But once you delegate your business SEO to an agency, the agency carries out proper keyword research, and market analysis to customize an SEO strategy for your business to get good results at the end of the day.

Adopts White Hat SEO Practices

There are different types of SEO practices. There are the white hat and the black hat SEO practices. The white hat practices are a good type of SEO practice that an agency employs in their strategy for a client.

These practices help you develop your site’s SEO authentically without using any spammy and unauthorized methods that can harm your site’s domain authority and SEO in the nearest future. The cost and time effectiveness are major reasons why businesses outsource their SEOs. It saves businesses time and money to hire an agency rather than training an in-house worker with little to no prior SEO skills.

It's not only SEO training that takes so much of the time you would rather spend on satisfying your customers, its implementation also takes time as you will need to do research, optimization, and all other time-consuming tasks yourself.

SEO training also costs a lot of money as professional training will be required. You will also need to spend money investing in some SEO tools and resources if you’re doing SEO yourself. But when you hire an agency, the agency has its robust suite of SEO tools and resources it will use for your business SEO, saving you money.

Examples of Successful SEO Campaigns Implemented By Top SEO Agency In Dallas, Houston & Fort Worth, TX

One of the successful SEO campaigns implemented in Texas is that of a manufacturer and online retailer in the batching plant industry. This design and manufacturing company is a leading innovator in batching plants and wanted its website to show its leadership in the niche online.

Asides from the brand’s existing overall SEO strategy, it partnered with a brand to implement product pages with a solid SEO strategy and this has brought in more conversions than expected. SEO strategy can be customized to suit the brand’s objectives as every business is unique. Partnering with an SEO agency in Dallas, Houston & Fort Worth, TX that curates customized SEO solutions and is also committed to staying up to date will expose your brand to new and innovative SEO strategies that will yield effective results in the long run. A real estate and personal injury attorney in Texas was looking for an agency to design a custom website and provide full SEO services. He reached out to an agency that created a user-friendly and mobile-responsive website for his brand.

The agency also offered excellent SEO services for the law firm which has helped increase its online visibility and bring in more conversions than expected. Another example is Plano Roofing Experts in Dallas. The roofing industry is an extremely competitive niche in Texas and the brand has been finding it difficult to rank for relevant keywords and terms with all its marketing efforts.

Upon partnering with an agency in Dallas, a successful SEO campaign was launched and its website which used to be in the bottom region of Google page 5 landed safely on the first page of Google within three months. The work process involved in-depth competitor analysis and research coupled with the development of a strong SEO strategy in Dallas, Houston & Fort Worth, TX. With this, the agency was able to get good results and increase the brand’s visibility and awareness amidst the competitive niche.


SEO is one of the most effective and cost-efficient strategies you can use to scale your business. There’s no need to spend your precious time and resources on this task when it's more cost and time effective to delegate it to an experienced agency.

The best SEO agency to outsource your website SEO to in Dallas, Houston & Fort Worth, TX is Intellius Medical. We also provide customized solutions while collaborating with our clients to ensure they get maximum results.  Our years of experience in this industry, client testimonials, and the results we’ve helped our clients achieve are more reasons why you should leave the SEO needs of your brand to us.

Schedule a consultation with us now to learn more about our various SEO services and packages and how they can hasten the success of your business.

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