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What is and its Features and pricing?

Updated: Nov 9, 2023

With a robust global employee backup from about twenty different countries, Talkwalker is currently the best social listening tools available in the market. Majority of the global brands and agencies are using this Talkwalker platform as a social analytics tool.

As most of the social costs that go viral today contain images, Talkwalker platform proffers its customers with dominant image recognition feature. The reason behind the inclusion of the image recognition feature is building an analytically robust social marketing strategy.

In short, Talkwalker helps your business with its reputation management and review generation across the social media platform.

Exclusivity of Talkwalker products

Talkwalker Analytics

Talkwalker platform, your social data intelligence is put into work for the growth of your business. Talkwalker lets you explore about one hundred and eighty-seven languages and track about thirty thousand images with its image recognition technology.

It facilitates you to analyse text as well as the video contents together and teaches you how to replicate the viral campaigns. Talwalker helps you to save about forty per cent of your business time with its automated report creation feature.

Social Listings

Social Listing feature from Talkwalker helps your business with analysis of brand mentions across ten social networking platforms so that you do not miss out any vital opportunity.

Talkwalker’s Social Listing feature helps you to track about 187 different languages and monitor over one hundred and fifty million websites. It safeguards your business brand with instant and automated alerts, business sentiment analysis in nearly twenty-five different languages.

The Spot emerging trends features access to two years of your historical data. It facilitates you with the creation of trend prediction charts and virality maps. These creations help your business with the knowledge of trends spread with a time-lapse graph which facilitates with an automated trend-based theme detection.

In-depth, social listings powered by Talkwalker helps your business with image recognition, trending scores generation, sentiment in about twenty-five different languages, social channel analytics, and creation of time-lapse graphs. Also, it also proffers earned and owned media for your business to prosper.

Social Media Analytics

Talkwalker acquaints your business with a centralised social media analytics platform and facilitates your business with the hashtag and campaign tracking, sentiment analysis and Google analytics. It also emphasis on virality and influencer marketing as a part of reputation management for the success of your business.

To increase your review generation, Talkwalker facilitates your business with successful campaigning with its social media marketing analytics. It tracks on the campaign performance with virality mapping and free social search tools.

Also, Talkwalker assists you in the identification of your business brand influencers, and filter results according to the geographical locations. To streamline your business reputation management,

Talkwalker sets a robust competitive benchmarking for your regular business posts. With these competitive benchmarking feature, Talkwalker team generate business reports in diverse formats for your business and inundates it with easily comparable performance metrics.

Use the social analytics feature to discover trending topics about industry talks, consumer opinions, and brand sentiments. It identifies top trending stories for your business and finds the themes as well as sentiments behind industry talks.

The advanced version of social media analytics and the real-time monitoring helps your business to add your data information, customise filters, smart themes, social channel analytics and rule-based tagging.

It acquaints your business reputation management application with intuitive IQ applications, influencer analytics, and sentimental review generation in about twenty-five different languages.


The Talkwalkers, reputation management platform, is available in three different varieties: basic package, corporate package an enterprise package. The basic package is available for about eight thousand and four hundred dollars per annum.

Corporate Talkwalker platform is available for purchase at about eighteen thousand dollars. All the packages are easily accessible on their online platform.

You can connect with Talkwalker about any additional queries and inundate their reputation management software with your business and rule the world. They are the pioneers in designing a thorough review generation tool so that you outshine others in the long run.

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