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Intellius Medical: Top TikTok Ads Agency Dallas, Houston & Fort Worth, TX

Updated: Sep 15, 2023

TikTok Ads Agency in Dallas, Houston & Fort Worth, Texas

In this article, we will be sharing in detail the best TikTok ads agency in Dallas, Houston & Fort Worth, Texas. TikTok is a popular social media platform that is used to create, share and discover short video content.

It's a fun app that was formerly known as It works similarly to other social media platforms where you can post your videos for the app users to engage with. You can also follow other users to watch their video content and share and like them.

TikTok is a popular social media platform that is used to create, share and discover short video content.
TikTok is a popular social media platform that is used to create, share and discover short video content.

The app gained popularity in 2019 and 2020, and since then the number of users has been on the increase. TikTok now has over 1 billion, monthly active users. With how much the app's popularity has skyrocketed, businesses are now looking to promote their products and services leveraging the popularity of the platform. There are many benefits that a business can derive from advertising on TikTok. These include increased engagement rate, cost-effectiveness, easy way to set up ads on the platform, as well as increased lead generation. The increased use of TikTok has caused an increase in the demand for agencies throughout the country including in Dallas, Houston & Fort Worth, Texas.

What is TikTok Ads Agency?

It is an agency that helps an ambitious business scale rapidly using effective TikTok campaigns. TikTok is far more useful than just creating and posting videos for fun. It can also be used to increase sales and reach a wider target audience.

While you may only know how to use the platform for posting and watching fun videos, an agency can use TikTok to promote your business. A TikTok ads agency can help you build and manage your brand on the app. They can run effective TikTok ad campaigns to boost your traffic and sales.

Benefits of Using A TikTok Ads Agency in Dallas, Houston & Fort Worth, Texas

Advantages your business can derive from partnering with a TikTok ads agency include:

Create Campaigns That Reach A Wide Audience Base

One of the benefits a business can get using a TikTok ad agency is the ability to reach a wide range of people using creative online campaigns. Millions of people use the app every day. Your brand gets to reach a wide audience base if you partner with an agency.

Increased User Engagement

An agency can help increase user engagement. TikTok has over 1 billion active users. TikTok promotes engagement more than a lot of other social media platforms.

The best strategies are developed and implemented by an agency to increase audience engagement. As a business owner, your business will experience improved engagement, increased brand awareness, and user engagement.

Benefits of Using A TikTok Ads Agency
Benefits of Using A TikTok Ads Agency

Help Create A Branded Channel

When working with an agency, the agency creates a branded channel for your business and manages it for you to bring in new leads.

This way your business has its own branded channel where users can directly interact with your business and learn more about your products and services.

Wide Variety of TikTok Ads Options

There are different ad options that an agency can run for you. Some of the types you can benefit from include branded hashtag challenges, top-view ads, in-feed ads, effects, and many others.

An agency can help you experiment with the different types of TikTok ads before focusing on the ones that work best for your business.

How TikTok Ads Agency can help businesses in in Dallas, Houston & Fort Worth, Texas

TikTok ads agency can help businesses doing the following in in Dallas, Houston & Fort Worth, Texas

  • Creating an effective strategy as trying to be successful with TikTok business ads without a strategy may be quite challenging.

  • Growing the business audience through the creation and running of viral campaigns on the app.

  • Increasing the sales of the business through TikTok promotions.

  • Manage the brand TikTok account and help in running effective ads.

  • Monitoring analytics with different tools and resources to report the success of the ads after their implementation.

Benefits of Using Intellius Medical TikTok Ads Agency in Dallas, Houston & Fort Worth, Texas

Access To Experienced And Knowledgeable Professionals

Intellius Medical is different from other agencies in that we have a team of experienced experts handling your business ad campaigns. Intellius Medical has professionals who are experienced in TikTok advertising.

We've been able to use our proven ad strategies combined with years of experience discovering what works and what doesn't to create innovative ad strategies.

Customized Advertising Strategies

One of the benefits you get from working with Intellius Medical is how we customize TikTok advertising strategies to fit your business needs and goals. Each business user knows the exact results it's looking to get from running TikTok advertising.

Customized Advertising Strategies
Customized Advertising Strategies

Once you share this with us, we will utilize this knowledge in customizing creative ad strategies to help you achieve your business goals.

Increased Brand Awareness And Engagement on TikTok

Whatever your business goals and needs are, rest assured that Intellius Medical will help you increase your brand awareness and engagement. We do this by creating interactive and quality video content on the app that will reach a large audience base and compel user engagement.

With our video content, our client’s businesses and brands get more awareness and engagement on TikTok.

Higher ROI Through Targeted Advertising

Targeted advertising yields the most effective results because every business has its target audience.

At Intellius Medical, we identify your target audience to make it easy for us to develop target advertising for your business rather than wasting time and resources focusing on people that don't need your services.

Higher ROI Through Targeted Advertising
Higher ROI Through Targeted Advertising

With our target advertising strategies, it's only people interested in your products or services that your ads will be directed to. This way, your conversion rates increase and you get a higher ROI.

How Intellius Medical TikTok Ads Agency Works?

Our work process at Intellius Medical includes the following step:

Consultation And Planning Phase

This is the first step in our work process. In this phase, we discuss the objectives of the healthcare organizations as well as the aims of the advertising for the brand. After that, we also document the steps to be taken to achieve the marketing objectives.

This phase is essential in our work process as it's the stage we get to know what to do to satisfy each of our clients.

Creation of Ad Content

After the consultation and planning step, the next step is to start with content creation. In this phase, short videos pass compelling messages to the brand audience on TikTok.

We use a brand's unique selling proposition to distinguish it from its competitors. The ad content starts with an attention-grabbing headline and a body that's relevant to your audience. The content ends with a call to action that encourages the audience to do engage with the brand, whether it's to share the content, visit the brand website, or join its mailing list.

Ad Placement And Monitoring

This is the step that follows ad creation. In this phase, we choose the ad placement that best fits our client's needs and goals on the TikTok app. We also set an ad budget depending on our client's objectives and marketing budget.

Ads also make it easy to target a specific audience that we want the ads to reach out to all the app users. After ad placement, we are also responsible for monitoring our clients' ads.

Performance Analysis And Optimization

The last step involved in our work process at Intellius Medical is analyzing the performance of the ads and their optimization. We monitor our ads and review their performance analysis. We do this by measuring its return on investment and tracking conversions and engagement.

In our performance analysis phase, we discover the success of the ads and the ones that aren't doing well as expected. The ads are also maximally optimized if necessary to give effective results.

Success Stories And Case Studies

Below is an overview of success stories and case studies of TikTok marketing campaigns you can learn from. An example of a successful advertising campaign on TikTok is Gymshark. The brand objective was to build a fan-led community that would provide maximum support for the brand. The brand currently has more than 3.7 million followers in the app and over 57 million likes. The brand was able to achieve this by partnering with TikTok micro-influencers with higher engagement rates and running different TikTok campaigns consistently.

It also helps that the brand runs a functional account and posts consistently to interact with its customers. Research influencers on TikTok with high engagement and partner with them rather than working with influencers with massive followings and low engagement. Another example of successful TikTok advertising is K18. This biotech hair brand turned to TikTok, to develop its brand and raise awareness of its products.

The goal of the TikTok campaign run by the brand was to increase its follower growth, video views, as well as hashtag views. After a month of running TikTok campaigns, the brand achieved excellent results even much more than expected. The brand was able to achieve maximum results by combining effective paid advertising with influencer marketing on TikTok. Your business can also take advantage of this TikTok marketing strategy to increase lead generation. A real-life example of a business that has benefited from working with a TikTok ad agency is Hopper. Their ads reach a speed point where they experience fatigue causing a significant increase in CPAs. But on partnering with a TikTok ad agency, scalable and flexible ad content to boost traffic and decrease CPAs. Quite several healthcare organizations have partnered with Intellius Medical to skyrocket their traffic with TikTok.

For instance, we've worked with healthcare practices and medical professionals such as Total Vascular Wellness, ZEN Interventional Pain & Wellness Center, Southwest Regional WoundCare Center, and many others using various social media platforms including TikTok to raise brand awareness and bring in new potential clients. You can also contact Intellius Medical to get experts to manage your brand ads.

Why Choose Intellius Medical TikTok Ads Agency In in Dallas, Houston & Fort Worth, Texas?

Below are the reasons why you should choose Intellius Medical in Dallas.

Location Advantages And Accessibility

One of the reasons why you should choose Intellius Medical for your business in Dallas is our ease of accessibility and location. We're located in the heart of Dallas at 100 Crescent St, Dallas, Texas. You can also navigate your way to our office using Google Maps.

Industry Expertise And Specialization

Another reason why you should choose Intellius Medical is because of our expertise and specialization.

At Intellius Medical, we've handled the marketing campaigns of various healthcare organizations offering different services such as social media ads, website design, and development, SEO services, etc.

Combining our decade of experience with industry expertise makes us the best choice for your healthcare practice TikTok campaigns.

Why Choose Intellius Medical TikTok Ads Agency
Why Choose Intellius Medical TikTok Ads Agency

Flexibility And Scalability of Services

The flexibility and scalability of our services are another good reason why we should be your best choice for TikTok ads.

We employ highly flexible TikTok advertising tactics to easily take advantage of new opportunities that arise during our work process. Besides flexibility, we also offer scalable services so that we can easily expand the scope of our services with your business growth.

Get in touch with us to achieve maximum results with the different TikTok strategies employed for your business.

Competitive Pricing And Packages

TikTok's ad is a cost-effective marketing strategy and it's important to also consider the pricing of the agency you're looking to hire. One great reason why you should choose Intellius Medical is that we offer premium services at competitive prices.

We offer a variety of marketing services to cater to all your marketing needs at competitive prices. Partnering with us will allow you to reap huge benefits without breaking the bank.

How To Choose The Right TikTok Ads Agency In Dallas, Houston & Fort Worth, Texas?

Follow the guide below to help you choose the TikTok ads agency that best fits your brand.

Research And Analysis

Choosing the right ads isn't easy and it will require you to use your time to research and analyze the different potential TikTok ads agencies.

Write down a list of the potential agencies you would like to work with, then carry out simple research and analyze the unique features of the different agencies on your list.

Compare the features of the different TikTok agencies on your list to streamline your potential agencies so decision-making can be much easier.

How To Choose The Right TikTok Ads Agency
How To Choose The Right TikTok Ads Agency

Client Testimonials And References

A practical way to know more about a TikTok ad agency is to read through their Testimonials and references.

Go online to discover what past and current clients say about the agencies you want to work with.

Check testimonials and success stories of their different clients on all the agency's social media platforms as well as their online ratings and references to find out if you can work with the agency or not.

Experience And Expertise

Before choosing an agency, you need to know their level of experience and expertise. One feature that sets us apart from other agencies is our experience and expertise. Choose an agency with many years of experience and with qualified professionals.

Budget And Pricing

Your budget will determine the TikTok Ads agency that you choose. Choose an agency with competitive pricing that is within your budget. At Intellius Medical, we offer competitive pricing in in Dallas, Houston & Fort Worth, Texas.

Once you've determined your marketing budget, you can contact us at Intellius Medical so we can work something out together to grow your business.

What Sets Intellius Medical Apart

The various factors that set us apart from other TikTok marketing agencies include;

Specialized Focus On TikTok Ads For Professionals

One thing distinguishing us from other marketing agencies is our specialized focus on ads for medical professionals.

At Intellius Medical we have a team of experts whose aim is to run TikTok campaigns for businesses, especially healthcare organizations. We adopt effective and innovative strategies to help medical professionals reach a wider audience through TikTok.

Expertise In This Field

Another unique feature of Intellius Medical is our expertise in this field. Our professional team is vastly experienced with running ads for medical practices and medical professionals using TikTok.

Our team comprises social media ads strategists, ad content creators, and digital marketers specialising in TikTok campaigns. With our team's expertise in this field, we've curated a solid work process to take our clients to the next level and help them achieve their objectives using TikTok.

What Sets Intellius Medical Apart
What Sets Intellius Medical Apart

Personalized Attention

The personalized attention we offer each of our clients is another thing that sets us apart from other ad agencies.

At Intellius Medical, we understand that marketing strategies can only yield maximum results when customized to align the needs and objectives of a business. This is why our work process starts with an initial consultation. During the consultation, we give maximum attention to our clients to understand their business objectives and expected results.

With our personalized attention, we're able to satisfy our clients and get them better results than expected which explains why we've good ratings and positive client reviews.

Commitment To Staying up-to-date On The Latest Trends And Technologies

A TikTok ads agency needs to stay up to date about recent trends and the latest technologies that can benefit its clients.

At Intellius Medical, we utilize our time and resources to keep up with the latest trends to take advantage of our clients to get excellent results.

We do this by following the latest news, updates, and trends in social media marketing. This way we can continually evolve and offer better marketing strategies for our clients.


With the number of TikTok app users, it's unsurprising that marketers have taken to TikTok marketing in Dallas, Houston & Fort Worth, Texas. Marketing on the app can take your business to levels you never expected.

There are a lot of benefits your business can derive from TikTok Ads Agency in Dallas, Houston & Fort Worth, Texas all of which have been extensively discussed above. Advertising your brand on TikTok allows you to reach a larger audience and target an audience that is highly interested in your products and services so you can get good results.

While you're busy satisfying your customers, you can leave the advertising needs of your brand including TikTok marketing in Dallas. The best TikTok ads Agency in Dallas, Houston & Fort Worth, Texas, is Intellius Medical. Contact us or schedule an appointment to get started on how to build a successful TikTok campaign for your business or brand.


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