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Vendasta alternative, why Intellius Medical is better than Vendasta to generation online reviews

Updated: Oct 17, 2023

Vendasta alternative

Are you a local businessman? Do you want to develop your business?

Marketing is the only solution for this. Marketing is an act of promoting the Company either by the online or offline method.

Is your business lagging?

If yes, then go to Vendasta.

Vendasta shows your online presence in the industry. Vendasta is an excellent platform that provides marketing solutions to the local business.

Company is concerned about the local businessman, so they cover all the problems, including awareness, finding ability, and advocacy. This is the platform that serves the local businessman with digital marketing.

The local business developer needs to improve their business strategy, so Vendasta is a boon for the local business operator. Their services are for

  • TV

  • Cable operator

  • Media agency

  • Telecom

  • Bank

  • Marketing agencies.

Vendasta provides services to the entire field mentioned above. They help to gather traffic by adding a positive review to the website. Automatically reduce the negative review and recover the unhappy clienCompanye Company markets for a local business.

Vendasta provides services to the entire field mentioned above. They help to gather traffic by adding a positive review to the website. Automatically reduce the negative review and recover the unhappy clien Companye Company markets for a local business.

The mentioned below are the features and pricing concepts.

Features of Vendasta

Service Company provides various services such as marketing, reporting, monitoring, and many more. This is a feature-rich platform to help you extend your business from local to international level.

One can grow more and more by adopting these services.

Online presence

By joining Vendasta, you get engaged with many online websites, which boosts business. This provides the online presence of your business. This helps to increase your business reputation in the market.

Up to date with technology

This provides the client with advanced technology. The technology comprises reporting and monitoring. This software automatically filters the reviews and displays the positive reviews at the top. The alert goes to the client when a new update is done

Automatic services

The software provides the automatic service of filtering reviews. The positive reviews are screened and displayed at the top. This automatically increases the number of positive reviews and reduces negative reviews.

This provides daily updates to clients. It serves the client with a white-label feature.


Marketing can be done either by online or offline mode. In the modern world, online marketing is preferred. Marketing helps in the development of the business by increasing traffic to the website.

Marketing is a significant way to develop business and enhance your figure in the market in terms of business.

Boost up the reviews.

Reviews play a crucial role in developing the business. Vendasta is a great platform to provide a positive review. They offer cloud reviews via emails, SMS, social media, and many more apps. Influence the customer by giving offers.

Price planning

Budget is a significant issue for local business development, as they are a startup company. Vendasta is entirely concerned with local companies, so their pricing is very low. The startup company can easily afford it. Company is providing four plans:

Basic plan

The starting price of this plan is $249 per month. This is the primary and cheapest plan to be offered by Vendasta.

Planned offered

  • It offers the sales and marketing platform simultaneously

  • This provides the review campaigning and snapshot system Company offers a marketplace, business center, and store.

  • In this plan, they provide the technical support to some extent.

Pro plan

The pro plan is basically for the middle-class businessman. The program includes all the basic plan strategies plus many more offers. The price is 499$ per month.

Planned offered

  • In this plan, they provide full technical support.

  • The client is equipped with a custom domain

  • It offers digital ads and marketing seminars.

  • They give the client with brand analytics.


This is the most popular plan as it serves local and middle business people. The price of this plan is $999 per month. The enterprise plan provides all the service of Pro planned.

Planned offered

  • They provide a digital agency to clients, which increases the reviews.

Elite plan

The most popular and advanced plan that offers the user full technologies. The price of the project is quite high.

Planned offered

  • It provides marketing seminars

  • This plan provides unlimited technical support

Overall, all plans benefit and help the client develop the business.

Intellius Medical Is Vendasta alternative

Intellius Medical is a trustworthy tool that helps to increase the reviews on the website. This helps to increase the traffic on the website.

Intellius Medical is a user-friendly tool that helps to improve customer and client relationships.

Reputation executive

This automatically shares the optimistic reviews to social media. They relay the happy customer reviews through the internet. This helps to maintain the reputation in the market and grow the business.

Online exists

User-friendly software, Intellius Medical provides the listing and ranking and updates your profile automatically. It automatically recovers the unhappy client by adding positive reviews.

Client association

This helps to provide the best connection between customer and business. Intellius Medical, once linked to social media accounts, automatically responds to your client. This helps to improve business.

The Features provided

  • It helps to build up a trustworthy brand.

  • Establish a good customer relationship with the client.

  • It controls the entire positive and negative reviews.

  • The user-friendly software also helps improve the user experience.


The points mentioned above elaborate on the importance of marketing. Marketing plays a significant role in boosting business. Vendasta features a platform that provides review gathering and increases the traffic to your website.

The software filters the reviews and reduces the negative reviews. The automatic system helps the client the most as everything is updated automatically. The alert sign is popping up in the client's mail.

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