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What is and its features and pricing

Updated: Nov 9, 2023

Launched in 2013 WaveReview has been helping businesses grow more and have a better reputation online by sorting and arranging the feedbacks in a simple manner.

The company started when Geordie Wardman, the founder, started calling hundreds of hotel owners and salon and spa owners, he realized that managing the feedback of customers is not only tedious but also very complicated work.

Wardman then began working on a solution that could eliminate the hassle of managing reviews one by one.

The problem was so serious at that time that customers were willing to support WaveReview in its development without even experiencing the service itself.

This motivated the company even more and they began shaping up the service that would go on to become the backbone for hundreds of companies around the world. The solution had to be simple yet effective in solving the mess that customer reviewing system is at the moment.

Wavereview has become a leading service provider with its easy to use and simple tool that collects and merges all the reviews into a simple database that can be viewed as well as well replied to in a matter of minutes.

This saves a lot of time for the company along with making a good reputation among customers for listening and reviewing their feedbacks. It comes with a host of features one of which is automatically thanking customers for their feedback as this could be a very tedious work to be done manually.

It also sends those customers hand drafted emails and short surveys which are designed to extract the most important aspects of the customer feedback.

WaveReviews is a result based business that means it has to be effective in order to appeal to the vast majority of businesses. It turns real customers into marketers for the company as they do the advertising after being satisfied with the companies offering and their services.

This service pools data from all across the internet and segregates them into similar labels which are easy to monitor and review. It all could be managed from one location without having to dig into hundreds of websites across the internet.

Along with simplifying feedbacks it also works as a reputation management for the company. It does so by making sure that customer’s problems are solved in time and they could change the bad reviews and rating if any.

This way it keeps the company’s rating above the desired threshold and doesn’t let it slide below. In this day and age of the internet where everything is available online, ratings play a huge role in any business be it small or large.

Good rated businesses are often proved to be more profitable as it gets more customers.

WaveReview creates a strategy for the businesses as per the feedbacks and reviews and helps change the working of the business in order to attract more customers as well as be profitable.

Every review generation is analyzed and added into the database for the owner to see. The owner gets all the detailed stats about the ratings and feedbacks by the customers which tell a real story about the acceptance of the company among customers.

If the ratings are negative, WaveReview lays out plans by which those ratings could be improved.

The team behind this service is so confident that they’re ready to give a guarantee on tripling any business’s rating in just 30 days which seems like a very far-fetched target but many customers have found to achieve just that with WaveReview.

It comes with a 30-day free trial plan which can be tried out to see whether it’s of any help to a business or not. The paid plans start at $14 per month for 75 monthly contacts. The second plan is for $29 per month which gets the owner 300 monthly customer contacts.

The $59 plan is the next in the series and it gets the owner 1200 monthly customer contacts. The biggest plan costs $99 per month and it provides 5000 monthly customer contacts which are aimed at the big businesses that deal with a large number of customers.

This service accepts payments from any part of the world which is an added bonus.


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