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Leading Website Design Agency in Dallas, Houston & Fort Worth, Tx

Updated: Oct 5, 2023

Website Design Agency in Dallas, Houston, & Fort Worth, Tx

Website design agency in dallas, tx, includes the general planning of the look and feel of a website. A brand looking to reach a wider audience must have a functional and visually appealing website.

A good website page is important because it reflects your brand image positively and consistently. Beyond that, a good website makes navigation easier for its users, increasing the time customers spend on your website.

Having a website with the appropriate layout and appealing color can also attract a significant number of potential customers. You can maximize your online presence with a great design of the website. Intellius Medical is a reputable healthcare marketing agency in Dallas, Houston, and Fort Worth, Tx , that offers high-quality website designs. We understand the importance of a high-quality website to any business or practice.

This is why we invest in a team of expert web designers that help design high-quality websites for our clients. Continue reading to know more about Intellius Medical and how you can use a high-quality website to maximize your online presence.

Criteria for Evaluating Creative Design & Website Design Agency in Dallas, Houston, & Fort Worth, Tx

Key factors to consider when evaluating website and creative design agencies include:


One of the major criteria to consider when evaluating website design and creative design agencies is their portfolios. The agency you're considering for your healthcare website and creative design should possess a portfolio of previous work that a potential client can go through to decide whether to work with the agency or not. Carefully go through the agency's portfolio to check their past works and the websites they’ve designed to know if they’re good enough to hire. You should also consider how the agency has helped other healthcare practices achieve results.

Client reviews

Another factor to consider when evaluating is their client reviews and testimonials. Research online to discover what past clients say about the agency and its services.

By reading about their online reviews, you can tell if they've more satisfied customers than unsatisfied customers. You will also know if they're worth delegating the task of your business website design to or not.


The level of experience of a website design agency is crucial when evaluating them. A website design agency with extensive years of experience knows everything about designing a high-quality website.

They know what users want to see in a website and how to attract potential clients by using an appealing website. It will greatly benefit your practice if you work with a web design agency with extensive experience in website processing for healthcare practices.


The importance of expertise when it comes to choosing a website design agency can't be overestimated. It's only a agency with adequate skill and expertise that can design a high-quality website for your healthcare practice.

Web designing isn't something that an unskilled agency or individual should handle. Having a website with poor design can negatively affect your practice growth. Research properly to ensure you're hiring an agency with expertise in designing.

Services Offered

One of the criteria to look out for when evaluating a web design agency is the services it offers. The agencies offer a wide variety of services to ensure that the website of the brand is fully functional and effective.

Some of the services offered include brand and logo design, theme design, content management, blog management, SEO optimization, and many others.


This is another important criterion to consider when it comes to choosing a web design agency. The agencies have different pricing systems and structures. Hire a good website design agency that is within your budget.

Take your time to understand the different pricing plans offered by the agencies that you're considering and ask questions for further clarity before making your final decision.


A website design agency needs to have great communication skills. This way the agency can easily communicate with their clients to know their objectives and desired results.

The agency will also be able to effectively communicate the brand vision to customers through proper web design.

Creative Design and Website Design Agency in Dallas, Houston, and Fort Worth, Tx

A good website design and creative design can readily take your brand to an unexpected level. There are quite a several website and creative design agencies responsible for creating visually appealing websites in Dallas. Intellius Medical agency is the best choice for your healthcare practice. Intellius Medical Agency works hand in hand with its clients to create highly functional and aesthetically pleasing websites for brands.

One of the things you will love about Intellius Meidcal is our specificity and expertise. The team at Intellius deals with offering premium web designing and branding services for healthcare organizations. At Intellius agency, we offer a wide range of services including web designing, web development, search engine optimization, content marketing, social media marketing, pay-per-click advertising services, and many others.

Our portfolio of work features the websites we've helped design while partnering with several healthcare organizations in Dallas.

Some of our notable clients include Graff Wound Care, MD Ageless Solutions, Southlake Pain Center, Lonestar Heart Wellness, and many others. We have a team of skilled professionals with over a decade of experience helping different brands achieve their marketing goals. One of our most successful projects is maximizing the online presence of Southwest Regional Wound Care Center which has been in operation for more than 20 years. The brand has poor internet, making it challenging for new clients to find them online.

Intellius Medical Agency has helped the care center maximize its online presence and increase its online visibility by offering excellent search engine optimization services and Local SEO services to increase the brand reach on the internet.

Intellius Medical's Website And Creative Design Agency Process in Dallas, Houston, and Fort Worth, Tx

Intellius Medical's approach to designing a website is customized. A consultation takes place first to understand the objectives and concerns of our clients. After which we then customize solutions that best suit the objectives of the business. The steps involved in the design process at Intellius Medical Design Agency include:

Identification of goals

This is the first step involved in our work process. At this phase, we discuss with our clients to discover their goals and objectives for the brand's website. Knowing this will help us in designing the exact kind of website you want for your brand.

Definition of scope

It's very essential to clearly define your scope as a web designing agency. We do this to know what exactly we are to work on for our clients and to make determining the price and deadline easy.

We also try to avoid a situation whereby a client sets out with one objective in mind and along the line it gradually extends, this greatly impacts the workflow.

Creation of sitemap and wireframe

We create a sitemap which is the basis for an excellently designed website. It's similar to a blueprint and it provides the architectural framework of the client's website.

It also shows the relationship between each of the website pages and elements. With wireframes, we can easily discover the gaps within the sitemap created.

Creation of content and visual elements

At this point, the creation of relevant and high-quality content begins. Contents that promote engagement and drive action are essential for website optimization. All the website content should be SEO optimized. 

After content creation is the creation of the visual style of the website. The client's stipulations use the brand colors, logo, and elements. High-quality and aesthetically pleasing images are used in the design process.

Testing And Launching

This is the final step involved in our designing process at Intellius Medical. We start testing the website after the content and the web design is complete. Any mistakes discovered during testing are instantly fixed before launching.

After testing to check the working condition of the site, it's launched if nothing is wrong and if there's an issue, it's fixed before the launch date. An example of successful projects completed by Intellius Medical is Prashant Kedia MD, A gastroenterologist. His practice suffered from the effect of a poorly designed and optimized website in Dallas.

Intellius Medical helps its healthcare practices by developing a well-optimized and visually appealing website to increase its reach and drive more traffic.

Features of Intellius Medical's Website Design Agency in Dallas, Houston, and Fort Worth, Tx

The unique features of Intellius Medical's designs include:

Intuitive navigation

One of the features that distinguish Intellius Medical is intuitive navigation. The websites we design are easy to navigate and highly functional.

At every point in time, when you're on the website, you can easily determine where you're on the site and also easily locate where you would like to visit the site. The website also caters to all the needs of our visitors seamlessly to save time.

Patient portals

Intellius Medical are also known to feature patient portals. With this feature, the patients of a healthcare practice can easily access their medical records and communicate with their healthcare provider seamlessly.

In addition to that you can also schedule medical appointments, request prescription refills, view lab results, and do many other things. Patient portals are one of the most loved features of Intellius Medical design page of website.

Mobile responsiveness

Another unique feature is mobile responsiveness.  We design our client's websites to make them easily accessible for the target audience on different sizes of devices. Our web designs easily adapt to any screen size from which the site is being viewed.

This way your patients can easily view your web content wherever their location and on whatever device they are using.


The unique feature of Intellius Medical is that they're user-friendly. The website is designed in such a way that anyone that requires the service of our clients can easily access and navigate through the website at every moment.

This makes it easy for patients to easily navigate our website and know more about the services our clients.

Why Choose Intellius Medical For Your Website Development in Dallas, Houston, and Fort Worth, Tx? 

Below are the highlighted benefits your brand can get from working with Intellius Medical.

Expertise In Healthcare

One of the major reasons why you should choose Intellius Medical for your web design is our expertise in healthcare.

Our team of experts includes skilled website designing professionals with years of experience designing great websites for healthcare organizations.

Personalized Approach

Another reason why Intellius Medical is the best for your web designing project is our personalized approach to the project object we work on.

We customized solutions that suit the brand's objectives and help achieve the web designing goals of our healthcare organizations' partners.

Commitment To Client Satisfaction

Our commitment to satisfying our client's demands is also one of the reasons why you should choose our web design team at Intellius Medical.

We communicate and collaborate with our clients for the success of each project. We put our clients' ideas, suggestions, and demands into action to ensure their optimal satisfaction.

Testimonials From Satisfied Clients

According to Dr. Joe Wolcott, a Lubbock, Intellius Medical Agency wound specialist has helped his practice by using relevant keywords to increase his website rankings on search engines.

The agency has also helped him run several online ad campaigns, keeping him

ahead of all his competitors.

Case Studies of Successful Websites And Creative Designs

A real example of successful website design and creative design projects from Dallas, TX agencies are the Star Orthopedics And Sports Medicine.

The clinic combines a holistic approach to cutting-edge technology to help with chronic pain management. The healthcare organization partnered up with a creative web designing agency in Dallas to create a functional website. The features that made the website designs unique include consistent branding and logo designs, intuitive navigation, and extremely friendly interfaces.

Star Orthopedics clinic website is also fully optimized to allow patients to access the website on any mobile device. With the help of the premium design, the clinic has seen a significant increase in traffic and leads. Another example is the multiple-location dermatology practice group. The dermatology practice hasn't maximized its online presence for a long while but upon partnering up with an agency things changed for the better.

The agency helped the dermatology practice optimize its website to improve responsiveness and functionality. After the optimization, the site visitors increased by 52%, and 191% boost in leads. The conversion rate has also skyrocketed.

How To Choose the Right Website Design Agency for Your Business in Dallas, Houston, and Fort Worth, Tx

Tips and guidelines for businesses to choose the right design agency include:

Defining Your Budget

It's essential to know the budget you're working with when evaluating a good agency for designing your website for business. You should have a price range for your design project of website to assist you in making the final decision.

Determine Your Needs And Goals

Another factor to consider when choosing the right website design agency in Dallas, Houston, and Fort Worth, Tx. You should identify your business needs and goals to help in selecting the agency whose workflow aligns with your objectives.

Knowing your brand's exact needs and goals will help you find the best website design agency for you.

Project Scope

You should also clearly define your brand project scope and evaluate a design agency based on these criteria. This is because some agencies might not be skilled enough to cater to your project scope's demands appropriately.

But when you find potential design agencies that offer comprehensive digital marketing services, they can easily perform all the tasks within your project scope.


You should also communicate your timeline with the potential design agency you're looking to work with. This is to avoid any misunderstanding about the time frame for the project.

Most agencies are honest about the time duration of the project beforehand to avoid disappointment.

Compatibility And Communication Skills

It's also important to evaluate agencies based on their communication and compatibility skills. You should research agencies that are compatible with your brand and with great communication skills to effectively communicate your goals as a healthcare organization with excellent design of website.

Types of Website Design Agency in Dallas, Houston, and Fort Worth, Tx

The different types of design agencies available include:

Digital Agency

This type of design agency partners up with a brand to increase traffic using various digital services.

Some of the services offered by this agency include designing website, SEO services, social media marketing, and email marketing. Most of their clients range from small and medium-sized businesses.

Advertising Agency

This is also a type of website design agency that deals with running advertising campaigns ranging from radio, television, online, and outdoor ads.

This agency performs market analysis and media planning to find the best ads for a brand.

Creative Agency

Another type of agency is the creative agency. This agency offers multiple or single types of marketing and advertising services.

The agency helps in developing strategies, website development, brand and logo designs, and many other creative services. The creative agency works with big businesses with a huge budget for brand identity.

Branding Agency

This type of design agency is tasked with creating, planning, and managing brand strategies to scale the brand to another level whilst maintaining its identity.

This agency helps businesses of different sizes to run creative ad campaigns and design brand identities.

UU/UX Design Agency

This is the type of agency that helps business design user-friendly, intuitive, and aesthetically pleasing websites.

Tips on How To Determine The Best Fit For Your Business

Tips on how to determine the best fit for your business include:

  • Determining the kind and scope of services you require from the agency.

  • Research the agencies on your list and compare them.

  • Consider your budget and the pricing plans of the potential agencies on your list.

  • Speak with their previous and new clients.


The design of a website for a brand is the concrete feature that either contributes to the brand's success or negatively affects the brand's reputation. One of the most effective ways to maximize your online presence as a healthcare practice is to have an excellently designed website.

Many practices and businesses that have invested in the high-quality design of websites have recorded significant increases in the number of website visitors and conversion rates. The best website design agency in Dallas, Houston, and Fort Worth, Tx that you should hire to create a high-quality website for your healthcare practice is Intellius Medical Website Design Agency.

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