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5 WordPress plug-ins to add google reviews in your site

Updated: Nov 9, 2023

Now as we know that a customer is acutely aware and always inquire first before taking any purchase decision. Hence in the era of online businesses, people are relying on the reviews to known the value of the product or service.

And the most reliable source among all is the google reviews as Google. It is considered as the most trusted search engine and review site. So any person who is looking for a product check the product reviews of the same through google. The 4 to 5-star rating is considered as the satisfied or happy customer rating.

To add an honest review in your business site help your customer to check the google reviews to take a buying decision. You need to add or include the WordPress plug-in in your site.

Thus when your business site incorporates the plug-ins. It will allow you to pick up the reliable reviews form the favorite sites like Facebook, Twitter and more.

And at that point, you can likewise grandstand Google places alongside the review snippets on your site page. These reviews can discover their place in the sidebars, footer, landing page or any post or page on your site.

Today we are going to discuss such WordPress plug-ins which will be having all the features such as:

Google Reviews pro

This is considered as the number one plug-in which is also known to store or save the reviews in the word press database.

Hence it helps in taking your business into the remarkable height in the business world. It offers 5 type of different layouts in the type as a slider, Grid, embed badge, fixed and list for providing a fantastic business review display at the site.

It is not free, and you have to select the pricing plan as per your requirement.

Google Places Review

It is the best plug-in for the business like retails, restaurants, hotels and more. It will help to get the reviews for the business which are having their entities on the google maps.

Hence the businesses can provide their elaborated information about the business through maps like name, site address, and more. It will help their customers to check their reviews before finalizing the hotel or restaurant, etc.

It is not free, and you can select the license plan as per the business need.

A plugin link for your reference is

Google Reviews Slider

It is one of the highest quality performing plug-ins, rated with 5star. It is free to use plug-ins. All you need is to have a 4.6 version of word press to start using the features of this plug-ins. It allows your business site to show the most recent five reviews for the site or the product.

It displays reviews in slider format. It is also quite simple to use. As it offers an option of placing the slider by just inserting the simple shortcode in the site page.

A plugin link for your reference is

Google Places Review Pro WordPress Plug-in

This plug-in is the best option which will enhance the Google ranking of your business site. A/B testing performed on data with regular writings and pictures and the one having Google surveys.

The latter one had an extraordinary outcome as clients discovered this page more intelligent and lively.

Such reviews are intended to guarantee you to target the targeted audience to your site efficiently. Get the regular license of this plug-in as it is also not free to use.

WP Review Slider Pro

It is one of the plug-ins which facilitates your business site to display their business reviews in a completely different style.

Mainly in the form of the testimonial sliders or even by the use of the masonry and regular grid etc. You need to pick up the review from the sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc.

And then have to create a customizable template to add the selected reviews on the same. And then further the same template code is used on your business website to represent the testimonials.

It is also not a free plug-in hence select the suitable license plan as per your requirement.

A plugin link for your reference is

Thus all of the above mentioned plug-ins are the best WordPress plug-ins which helps in adding the google reviews in your business websites. It helps in increasing your market value.

And also enhancing the number of visits to your business sites. All these plus-ins are quite easy to use and provide smooth functioning.

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