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What is and its features and pricing

Updated: Nov 9, 2023

What is

Yotpo is a content marketing startup that is located in New York. It was founded by its CEO and co-founder who is none other than Tomer Tagrin.

It has enabled Ecommerce businesses to be successful by ensuring the easy generation of photos, reviews, content and other user-generated content.

It gives its customers top priority and run the business with a consumer first approach. Yotpo was founded in the year 2011 along with its co-founder Omri Cohen. They cover every aspect of a business and everything that is related right from customer satisfaction to sales and marketing.

What’s even more special is they have invested quite a lot in artificial intelligence and the learning an understanding of machines. All this is one of the ways of developing the company and strengthening its core for a long time.

They offer some of the smartest Solutions when it comes to building great brands and leaving happy customers after the sales are complete. Increasing trust, sales and social proof has never been easier before.

You can accelerate the growth of your company with user generated content that is fulfilling and satisfactory to the customers. With yotpo, you can seamlessly integrate your entire product stack.

They impact every aspect of your business and cover a wide range of services that includes customer support, customer satisfaction, product development, strategizing, and enhancing the marketing efforts of the company.

Features of yotpo

It comes with a complete marketing platform for customer content

You can easily collect all of your customer content in just a single platform as well as analyse it, control, track, manage and distribute the content to other customers all over the world.

All of this is possible only with its AI powered solutions which are specially designed to give you the best results.

Better and enhanced visual marketing

Visual marketing has never been effortless and stress free. Yotpo ensures that all of your customer photos are displayed in beautiful galleries and showcased for a longer period of time across your website.

Businesses can also enhance their brands by customising it and displaying it in visual colors that are eye catchy and better looking. You can also combine it with customer reviews that promote your brand and increase its sales.

Reviews and ratings

With yotpo, you can easily collect reviews and ratings and answer queries that your customers put forth in regard to a particular brand a service offered by your company.

Utilise the best opportunities that come with leveraging your customer content across several websites and Google search engines. With yotpo, you can use every marketing channel to tap in the resources and enhance your brand, product, or business.

Gain valuable insights into customer interest and requirements

Yotpo enables you to analyse your customer feedback at scale. You can gain valuable insights into what your customers are saying, their valuable insights and reviews provided about your branch, the products offered by you and the services rendered.

Based on these reviews and insights gained you can take the required and necessary action.

Employ social proof in order to increase sales

Make use of key conversation points to display and setup queries, reviews, feedback feedback, photos and ratings, across all of the major websites and search engines.

Display and showcase your customers' content in onsite displays that are customisable, clear and readable.

Traffic acquisition

Make the best use of the traffic of readers and viewers that come to your website. make it count and get your company, content, brands, products and services to stand out from the rest on social media and other search engines.

Yotpo has partnered up with Google and various other social media websites like those of Facebook and Instagram.


Yotpo releases their pricing structure only to customers who request for them. Customers will need to contact the company to get the full detailed pricing structure of the various products, tools and software offered by the company.

Thus, yotpo enables your brands, products and company to reach greater heights across all kinds of search engines, whether social, organic or paid searches.

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