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What is and its features and pricing.

Updated: Nov 9, 2023

In this day and age of technology managing, all the customer feedback across hundreds of websites can be very time consuming and boring. However, that does not make it an unimportant task.

Customer feedback is as valuable to the company as anything else and it often gets sidelined due to some other work at hand. This is where Birdeye comes into the picture.

It is an online service that helps businesses be it large or small get an online edge over their competitors and be profitable in the long run.

The basic job of Birdeye is to help businesses make their customers happy. This way not only the company gets better reputation but also it boosts their marketing as the customers turn into marketers for them.

The company provides online solutions to every customer feedback related issues and problems that are too much to handle on their own.

Since the number of social networking platforms has risen to an all-time high, businesses find it very tough to manage all the customer reviews and feedbacks which is why Birdeye has become one of the go-to companies for all the customer satisfaction related problems.

Birdeye is a reputation management engine that makes sure the rating of a company doesn’t fall down giving it an edge over similar businesses in the area. It does so by collecting all the feedbacks and reviews into a presentable database that can be analysed in a matter of minutes.

This way the reviews that would have been unseen take center stage for the company to respond and rectify the issue if any. The customers now have new found respect and liking for the business when their problem gets solved.

Those customers then go on and tell their experience to others making this a chain of advertisers for the company. It has been also observed that customers are more likely to engage with a company about which they have heard from another satisfied customer.

Birdeye converts the unstructured data all over the internet to actionable insights laid out in an easy to read and beautiful manner. This way the company doesn’t have to waste time digging into every review for relevant information.

It not only saves time but the money that would have been usually spent on hiring and paying an employee to do all that work is saved as well. The service takes advantage of the intelligent natural language processing to figure out what the customers have been talking about regarding a business and puts them into different categories for the owner to review.

This way not just the ratings but their actual review is made simpler to understand and take respective action.

It also removes the hassle to go to every other review website and respond to the customer’s queries and problems by making them available all at one place. With the smart tools, owners can respond to those problems and queries from the website itself.

To make it even easier Birdeye comes with a smartphone app for Android as well as iOS that lets users review, create a ticket and solve problems on the go. Bad reviews are also taken care of in a very successful way.

It does so by privately opening a channel of communication with the unhappy customers. The business listens to those customers and solves whatever problem they have regarding the company’s services or products.

After their problem is solved they are asked to change their rating which brings the rating of the company to the desired point. This way the Bird Eye makes sure that there are no bad reviews for the company on online platforms.

The company provides two plans for businesses. One is for small businesses in which every review generation is taken care of by its intelligent natural language processing system. It collects all the data from all over the internet and shows the business what people have been talking about regarding the company.

The other plan is for enterprises that include data collected from over 10,000 locations. It also helps the workflow be streamlined so that no review or rating is lost in communication between two departments.

Both of these plans can be availed for free for a trial. If it suits the business and results seem to be better than before then these plans could be bought later on.


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