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What is Its features and pricing

Updated: Nov 9, 2023

Review Inc. is one of the leading online reputation management software in the entire industry. You can easily manage reviews online, as Review Inc. offers comprehensive support.

This company has been successful in helping businesses and companies all over the world regarding the management of online reputation.

This is possible as it possesses unit capabilities for all kinds of businesses, whether Enterprises, small businesses, resellers, retailers, agencies, or even big businesses. It is easy to use to make Review Inc. even more impressive.

It is among the most helpful, significant, and essential software tools. Review Inc. offers the following:

  • Online review management software.

  • Excellent generation of reviews.

  • Online reputation management software.

  • Optimal business reputation Improvement.

  • Review monitoring for customer reviews and lots more.

Features of Review Inc

The following are the features of Review Inc. Read on to learn more about them.

Better management of review and reputation for small businesses

Review Inc. enables you to get more reviews, improve and get positive online reviews for your business, products, and services, and control management and tracking of negative reviews.

They also ensure you get complete control and access over your online reputation and automate the process.

Customizable dashboards

Review Inc. provides a fully customizable dashboard that lets you easily control, access, and manage all of your online reviews. You can also easily and effortlessly run your online marketing campaigns to develop, grow, and promote your products and services.

Agencies and resellers

You can effectively manage the reputation of your clients, which in turn will add value to your company's brands, products, and services offered to customers worldwide.

Review Inc. has ensured ultra-fast speed access to your website or company portal to a mobile device, PC, desktop, tablet, and other devices.

Personalized support

You can enjoy personalized support with the special professional support and help that Review Inc. offers. This makes the process of tailoring your dashboard effective and effortless. They also offer the best management tools to maximize your reputation.

Enjoy access anywhere and everywhere

Every mobile device can enjoy fully optimized and featured web access. You get to enjoy all of the powerful capabilities of your mobile and desktop at ultra-high speeds.

Best administration

Every user gets to enjoy different kinds of access levels. This enables you to allot different team members to manage your business reputation by employing the amazing features that Review Inc offers.

Free report about your business reputation

Once you employ the software offered by Review Inc., you can track the overall rating that your company receives and which position your company occupies in the competition.


Review Inc. releases its pricing structure only to customers who request it. Customers will need to contact the company to get the full detailed pricing structure of the various products, tools, and software offered.

Enjoy secure online reviews.

Review Inc. ensures that your online passwords and data are secure and kept intact from prying eyes and hackers.

The admin and your team members get secure and full access to all of the data and information regarding your company, the reviews generated, whether they are positive or negative, about your brands, products, and services offered.

It also possesses a unique ability to hide your customers' names. This makes it one of the most secure review management platforms. You can be guaranteed that your data is protected with special encryptions and passwords, which are doubly encrypted.

Stable and monitored online review management services services

Review Inc. manages all of you and monitors them 24/7. The minimal verified up time is 99.9%. Review Inc. lives up to and complies with all the standards and HIPAA Compliances.

Thus, with Review Inc., your ability to easily monitor, track, and review all of your customer feedback increases, along with your ability to reply to their queries and feedback.


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