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How to Claim your Business on Yelp or Add your business on Yelp?

Updated: Nov 9, 2023

For the business enthusiasts, YELP is one of the most popular sites to clinch in customer reviews. Yelp also stands as one of the most trafficked websites on the search engine today. Once you list your local business on Yelp, you get enlisted in the search list when your customers search for your business or either of your business product or service.

The companies listed on Yelp are destined to occupy the top positions when your customer searches for either your company or business service or product listing.

Claiming Yelp business listing is one of the most crucial stages to appear in the local search within your frontiers. When a person types for a business service or product search, approximately twenty percent of all your search will have a local intent.

On the other hand, when you search for the same with the help of a smartphone, the presence of local intent-based business enterprise is as high as fifty-three percent. When you claim for your business listing, you have the control over your business brand messaging.

This control ensures that all of the information being displayed is as per the current scenario of your business and further prevents others from raising a false claim for your business listing.

Majority of the businesses claim themselves of being listed on Yelp. However, still, there are some of the firms who do not mark their presence on Yelp, as they are not aware of how to claim their business on the Yelp platform.

On the other hand, Yelp urges the entrepreneurs to create another business listing altogether. For such business holders, we request you not to worry about marking the presence of your business globally. We are here to guide your way to claim or add your business on Yelp.

Steps which you need to know about claiming or adding your business on Yelp

  • Open Google web browser page on your desktop and type in Yelp to visit the Yelp home page.

  • Once you land on the home page of Yelp, type in your business name and address and then tap on GET STARTED.

  • Log in on YELP platform through your account.

  • Try to locate the presence of your business listing to check whether your business is present on YELP or not.

  • Try to search your business listing with YELP by typing in some different spelling for your business name. No matter whether you have misspelled your business name but still try on searching the same.

  • Scroll through the business search page listing and click on your business name.

  • Try to locate the text that displays Work Here? Claim this business tab. Tap on it.

  • Now you have to create an account for your business listing. In case if you possess more than one business listing, you need to select the one which you need to claim at this moment.

  • Now the Yelp page shall display a sort of questionnaire. Follow and answer the questions religiously and proceed ahead as per Yelp homepage gave the directions.

Steps that you need to know about claiming or adding your business on Yelp via an Android app

  • Download the Yelp app from Google Play Store and complete its installation process.

  • Log into your business account listing on Yelp with your Yelp credentials.

  • Search for your business presence on Yelp with the use of your business name and location.

  • Now you need to scroll to the bottom of the list to search for a tab that displays ADD A BUSINESS link. Once you locate the link, tap on it.

  • Type your business address in the appropriate fields available for it. Once you are done, tap on NEXT.

  • Next, you shall be asked to map out the exact location of your business listing on the Yelp map so that your customers can easily access your business physical location via maps.

  • Further, the page displays a list of optional questions. Fill inappropriately, the remaining part of the answers to your optional questions.

  • Once you are done with everything, you shall soon notice the presence of SEND button on the top at the right-hand corner of your display screen. This step indicates that your business listing on Yelp is accomplished now.

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