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What is and its Features and pricing?

Updated: Nov 9, 2023

Customer Lobby is a platform that helps businesses in their customer retention as it is the company that offers the best customer retention management service to their clients by managing their customer database, invoicing, and more by utilizing the AI (artificial intelligence) principles and hence also targets the client's customers by sending them personalized emails or postcards so that to retain them.

Hence, the customer lobby takes charge of customer management and leaves the business to concentrate more on their business efficiency and quality only.

Customers are essential for any business structure, irrespective of the industry size and its products or services. Hence, customers are the best and most crucial elements of any business.

Customers provide a base to the business organizations and a sense of reason and direction for their establishment. They give significant input and fill in as a springboard for new ideas and thoughts.

Customer lobby understands your business customers

The relationship a business develops with its customer base will decide on the organization's level of progress. Hence, the service provided by the customer lobby works to maintain the business's significant relationship with its customers by maintaining its customer database.

The service structure of the customer lobby works like this:

  • Manages the Customer management database through the direct connect application and sends them personalized customer postcards and emails

  • Manages the customer database through the service of targeted marketing campaigns

  • Track and optimize the customers who have been sent personalized postcards and emails and track their feedback and response for 90 days from the date of sending the postcard or an email, etc.

Gathering and sorting the customer database is a time-consuming and full-time; hence, the customer lobby takes this responsibility and manages your client.

Thus, investing in the customer lobby team's automated customer retaining management service willkes your consumer loyalty and satisfaction to the next level.

It offers various advantages that will enable you to distinguish, comprehend, and help their client's customers so that they never need to stress over losing income because of deficient information.

Features of

Hence, the comprised features/advantages of customer lobby services are as follows:

Provides Contact management

Customerlobby team sorts out customer information in a centralized location. Contact points of interest, socioeconomics, exchanges, client benefit communications, and other customer information are effectively spared and recovered.

Helps in reporting

The Customerlobby team also consolidates surges of information in significant ways that help to spot designs, patterns, practices, and other market experiences.

Numerous Customer retention arrangements create continuous information that makes reporting all the more convenient and exact.

Provides Lead management

The customer lobby team helps in managing the prospecting business leads to customers. It allows one to track deals exercises, arrangements, and errands and move them crosswise over deal stages.

It likewise associates with contact administration to provide a chance to see customer collaborations and profiles in a single window.

Arrangements and Tasks

The customer team adds, tracks actionable items, assigns, and finally feeds the same into the business pipeline. Arrangements and assignments can be consequently populated with customer information or refreshed continuously and information.

Provides campaign management

The Customerlobby team manages the campaigns from beginning to end, including setting up target customers, automated work processes, and measuring the success rates based upon the clearly defined metrics of businesses.

Provides Email tracking service

The Customerlobby team tracks the opened or clicked emails and ordinarily works with prevalent email customers and mailers like Gmail, Outlook, and MailChimp. Email tracking is a part of campaign management.

Provides social media management

Customerlobby team also tracks the social media activity of the business customers, like following their likes or dislikes, comments, mentions and shares, and following items. Hence, it can also be considered a part of campaign management.

Provides digital presence through mobile apps

The customer team also provides customer retention solution through the direct connect applications compatible with Android and IOS platforms.

Hence, the team customer lobby also helps their clients automate their bills, invoices, orders, customer reviews, and more.

Therefore, some of the benefits that may arise with automated services are:

  • It helps offer the business more time to manage the quality of products than managing the customer database.

  • It overall helps the business to streamline its business procedures and its functions.

  • It results in overall business growth and development, which also increases business profits.

Customer lobby Pricing

The pricing structure of customer lobby automated services is customized according to their client's required automated need.

If one only requires the reviews automated service, then the package charges are different than the one who may want campaign management with review service.

Hence, the pricing for the reviews (starter package) includes the following details:

It is a best-suited package for up to 100k targeted customers with a fixed rate of $179 per month with $199 one-time activation charges.

The pricing package for Postcards/Emails + Reviews is also divided into the number of customers that need to be targeted and maintained with the customer retention service package of the company; hence, it is divided into complete, medium, or large.

Hence, the personalized package or pricing is also being done for the client according to their defined number of customers.

The customer lobby team charges a fixed rate of $1.25 per targeted customer in their complete, medium, and large packages.

The complete package pricing includes the following details

It is a best-suited package for up to 30K targeted customers with a fixed rate of $249 per month with $199 one-time activation charges.

For the medium package pricing includes the following details

It is a best-suited package for 30K-50K targeted customers with a fixed rate of $319 per month with $199 one-time activation charges.

The large package pricing includes the following details

It is a best-suited package for 50K-100K targeted customers with a fixed rate of $999 per month with no activation charges.

Therefore, the pricing policy of the customer lobby is quite approachable and meets the needs of their clients' budgets.

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