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20 ways to generate reviews for Dental Practice and get more Patients

As a dentist, it is important to get reviews from patients so as to create a better online reputation and also to increase your online listing in search engines. The more reviews you have on your webpage, the higher you appear on search engines and this will lead to more patients seeking your services.

There are different ways you can generate reviews and we are going to show you 20 effective ways you can apply to generate more reviews.

Deliver good services

When your patients are generally happy with your services, there is a very high percentage rate that most of them will willingly leave a positive review. So to generate more reviews, deliver quality services to them.

Ask your patients

This is the first effective ways to generate more reviews. Ask your patients to leave reviews on your webpage. First, make sure they are satisfied with your services if you desire positive feedbacks from them. You can ask with word of mouth or through by pasting posters and banners in your office.

Start a blog

Create a blog page about dental practices and educative your patients and potential patients on different dental related topics.

Provide relevant and useful information to them. This will create a patient-doctor relation which will encourage more patients to give reviews, not just any review but positive reviews.

Create a good website

Create a website that is both informative and easy to use. Your website should contain all important and necessary information about you.

It should also contain all useful information about dental related topics where patients can gain some insight into important issues. Through a good website, more patients will want to leave reviews about how helpful your website was for them.

Optimize your website for mobile phones

More people uses mobile phones more than they use laptops or desktops. Optimize your website so that patients can easily view and navigate it without any troubles.

Get involved in volunteer and community activities

The more you get involved in volunteer and community activities, the more people get to know you on a more personal note and the more they trust you. When you get involved in community activities as a dentist, you get to meet more patients and potential patients outside the office environment which is a good way to gain more trust and more reviews.

Social media

Social media in recent years has helped professionals market and publicize their services to the general public. You can take advantage of this and publicize your dental practice through different social media platforms and generate more reviews.

Offer Discounted payment rates

When you offer discounted rates to your patients, more patients will want to patronize you which will invariably lead to more reviews. Naturally, people will tend to buy from the one that offers discounted rates, so doing this will get you more leverage.

Share your review URL link

In order for more patients to leave reviews, you need to share your review URL link. You can send them the link to their contact phone numbers and email addresses and solicit for them to click the link and leave a review.

Respond to Reviews

To get more patient to write reviews, you need to respond to other patients feedback. This will give the other patients who are reading your response a sense of trust and encouragement and so they will likely leave a review expecting a response from you.

Referral Incentive Programs

Referral Incentive Programs has been an effective ways business owners and professionals apply to gain more customers. You can also apply this as a dentist to gain more patients which will invariably lead to more reviews from them.

Identify your Target audience

As a dentist, people that need your services are those who have teeth related issues. Identify them by creating a group on a social platform like Facebook so they can join the group. This is an effective way to have more patients and generate reviews.

Incorporate images and videos to market your practice

Patients and potential patients understand more clearly when you show them images and videos about different topics. To get more people to visit your website, incorporate more images and videos.

The more people you are able to drive to your website, the likely hood that you will generate more reviews from them.

Create web pages on different local business review sites

There are many business review sites that can help you in gaining adequate online presence and increase your listing in search engines. Business review sites such as Google, Yelp, Yahoo, Bing, e.t.c, are available to help you generate more reviews.

Send Postcards to potential clients

As a dentist, you can as well send postcards to potential clients, as this will make them consult you when they are in need of your services. This is another way to get more patients and more reviews.

Use review apps

There are some review apps such as,, e.t.c, that you can use to automate reviews. With this apps, you can schedule delivery of emails and ask patients for reviews.

Use a unique, consistent brand name and logo

When you have a unique, consistent brand name and logo, patients and potential patients will easily recognize you. You will easily create a sense of awareness and patronage.

Advertise your practice at public places

To get more clients, place advert posters or banners in public places such as parks, grocery stores, shopping centres e.t.c.

Send Newsletters

Send newsletters to your patients or potential patients with necessary and important information. Let them know about interesting and exciting new things you have in stock. This is another effective way to generate more reviews.

Facebook and other website Ads

Reach out to more audience by using Facebook Ads and other website ads. Millions of people use Facebook every day, this is a great way to reach out to more patients and potential patients that need the services of a dentist.

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