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How to handle negative online review for your business and grow your positive reviews?

E-commerce websites are very beneficial for shopping or searching essential information. To make the websites more popular in worldwide areas a large teamwork is needed behind it.

The website developers and designers are responsible to make them attractive so that a large number of the audience can visit these websites. The SEO team is there to generate the traffic on an e-commerce website. Thus we can say a technical team is responsible for making online websites popular in worldwide areas.

Other than the main pillars which are not calculated as a team but plays a significant role in making website polar, is customers. In simple words, we can say a business is nothing without their clients.

Thus the reviews of customers either positive or negative matters a lot for the growth of the business.

Online reviews for business

The online reviews are important for the growth of a business. It is considered as a search strategy which is important to raise the business. The positive rating is quite helpful in increasing business as well as creating a center of attention on the internet.

It is all about positive reviews. But have you ever thought that how to cope up with negative reviews?

No doubt these reviews are never expected by any entrepreneur. These kinds of reviews always troll the companies to think something innovative.

Sometimes these comments are like disaster which is like a drop down. Thus it depends upon the entrepreneurs how they handle these problems. We all know that coin has two sides negative and positive.

Thus, taking it as an encouraging aspect is quite difficult. But make an effort to resolve it this, is not as much difficult as it seems to be. Thus, it’s better to understand the customer perspective and responding it in a positive way.

Every large or small scale industry faces these kinds of a problem while startup. All this can either take place due to a pressure of growth or competition. Every business entrepreneur wants to achieve success in very short time.

This competition of gaining popularity can be easily seen in every single sector. For example, from salons to large scale industries, from hospitals to hotels, everyone is rushing to explore their business by targeting customers.

Online reviews whether it is negative or positive are like social proof for entrepreneurs.

Importance of online reviews

According to surveys, an interesting fact of online reviews has come across. In recent reports, it has been found that 85% of costumers love to read the reviews instead of directly trusting on a company.

And near about 90% of consumer’s believe in them for their personal approval.

Thus, in simple terms, online reviews made by consumers are like words of mouth. This is a tool which is responsible to increase or decrease the reputation of a company in the market.

Market reviews are quite beneficial for the growth of a business.

  • No doubt that the online reviews are quite effective to build faith and assurance in consumers regarding your trade name. So instead of ignoring negative reviews, let’s talk about it. This is helpful in evaluating the weak points and identifying the activities of employees.

  • By putting right efforts at the right time is a key to success. Answering the reviews in a friendly way can provide you new opportunities. In a digital world or in general market scenario a fact which cannot be denied by the entrepreneur is that “A customer is always like a king” for improvement.

  • If you respond to customers, whether the reviews are negative or positive, then it completely shows that how protected you are to your audience. Thus, if you listen to your customers and resolve their issues, then it is beneficial for your brand's reputation.

  • Without any debate, it is very obvious that customer reviews play an important role either you are offering a service to a company or selling product.

We all prefer to talk with family members, friends or even strangers acquire the reviews. The feedbacks, as well as recommendations, are quite necessary to stay away from risk factors.

The services and product description is already defined on the website. Thus feedback regarding the company is like a realistic approach for a customer.

Why everyone focuses on online reviews

Review response is defined as a type of service that is offered by the companies. The reviews are necessary for the reputation of a brand.

According to the digital market concept, this is considered as a valuable aspect of marketing. Thus a strong reputation of a business is always like a gold mine for entrepreneurs. Positive online reviews are like keystone for your business.

The two terms which can explain why online reviews are important are mentioned below:


Online reviews are not very hard to find, they easily appear on the official website. With the help of search engines, you can get complete information in the minimum amount of time.

And you can easily access the websites on mobile phones. There is numerous social media platform where an individual can find numerous feedback mentioned by consumers.


The reviews mentioned by customers are easily visible to audiences before clicking on a link. For example, you can write a product name on any browser. Thus, with the help of a search engine, the whole description of the product will be displayed in front of you.

Steps to handle negative online reviews

It’s important to react in a positive manner for handling negative online reviews. Ignoring such things throws a bad effect on customers. So it’s important to address the problem of customer by directly speaking to them.

Ask for forgiveness and express sympathy to customers

Customer’s satisfaction is the first concern for every entrepreneur. It’s important to say sorry instead of making excuses or blaming consumers. Try to convince them by ensuring the best services in future.

This is a quite effective step which can eradicate the bad experience from consumer’s memory. Thus acting politely and showing sympathy is necessary to win the heart of customers.

Insert a marketing skill and ask for second chance

It’s important to ask customers whether they want some improvement in brand or not. And in case of any misunderstanding, it’s better to ask for a second chance instead of just showing ego.

Thus, it’s important for an entrepreneur to listen the consumers first and then react to it. This is a marketable skill which is essential to convince the customers. No doubt those complaints are effective for a company. Valuable information can help in a growth of the company.

Thus showing interest in the complaint can encourage the customer to change their point of view. They can also update their review if received positive response from customers.

Behave friendly

It’s important to behave friendly with your customers. This can be helpful to build a healthy bond between customer and entrepreneur. Understanding the client’s requirement can be another initial step to initiate in resolving issues.

Respond privately to resolve the issue

You can easily respond to customers privately. It’s important to introduce yourself by sending an effective message. Instead of blaming them directly firstly it is important to thank them for using the brand or specific product.

And then politely begin a conversation by asking them queries related product. It’s important to understand the demand of customers and provide the proper results. While responding to negative reviews it is important to thank them for their feedback.

Your conversation should contain following points such as:

  • Apologize regarding the problem

  • Understand the problem

  • Try to resolve

  • Pay regards to customer for using their product

  • Convince them by making real promises

Stay calm

It is important to stay calm while responding to customers. Instead of getting hyper or angry on customers handle the situation peacefully. Do not react in any situation until and unless you feel relaxed.

Find the Unhappy Customers with feedback survey

After finding the dissatisfied consumers try to contact them as soon as possible. Ask them if they are comfortable to talk with manager related their complaints.

Follow up with the consumers by addressing the issue related company product or services.

Take proper actions to satisfy the customer by resolving their frustration. The competition level is increasing day by day thus it is important to be positive in front of customers. And put your best efforts to make them happy before they step out for some other company.

According to various reports it has been calculated that a high percentage of people take help of online reviews before trusting on any new product. The promises made by an entrepreneur should be fulfilled in a certain interval of time.

This can be beneficial for engaging new customers. Thus, the positive recommendation can attract various users and a negative review can drop down your business.


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