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Premier Digital Marketing Agency in Dallas, Houston & Fort Worth, TX

Updated: Sep 15, 2023

Digital Marketing Agency in Dallas, Houston & Fort Worth, TX

A digital marketing agency in Dallas, Houston & Fort Worth, TX allows you to increase your reach as a healthcare organization. It also means that there's a team responsible for the marketing of your healthcare organization and the team can be held accountable for your campaigns while you take care of your patients.

The demand for the services of online marketing agencies has significantly increased due to the large population of internet users. There a quite a lot of agencies to cater to the ever-increasing digitalized marketing needs and one of the best digital marketing agencies you can choose for your healthcare organization is Intellius Medical.

Digital Marketing Agency
Digital Marketing Agency

Intellius Medical is a full-service marketing agency for healthcare professionals in Dallas, Houston, & Fort Worth TX. The agency is aimed at improving the general view of healthcare marketing and allows ambitious doctors to generate more profits using value-driven strategies.

Intellius Medical offers a wide variety of services including search engine optimization, website development, content marketing, application development, pay-per-click advertising, and many others. Read through this article to learn about increasing the growth of your healthcare practice.

Understanding Digital Marketing in Dallas, Houston, & Fort Worth, TX

The different types of digital market channels include:

  • Email marketing

  • Content marketing

  • Search Engine Optimization

  • Pay-per-click advertising

  • Social media marketing

  • Video marketing

It's important to have an online marketing strategy that allows you to create a marketing plan that suits the business goals.

An online marketing strategy also guides you as to what your goals are and the resources to utilize to reach the set goals and supersede your competitors. With a clear online marketing strategy, you can easily evaluate digital analytics to know how well you're doing to achieve your goals.

Digital marketing metrics and analytics are important indicators that are used to measure and track the success of the marketing efforts of a business online. With metrics and analytics, a business can easily track the performance of online marketing campaigns.

Agencies also use it to determine the marketing strategies that are yielding effective results and the ones that aren't.

Services Offered by Digital Marketing Agency in Dallas, Houston & Fort Worth, TX

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is the process of improving a business's website to rank higher on a search engine results page. The main aim of search engine optimization is to increase website traffic and improve its visibility.

The importance of SEO for businesses is that it develops trust and builds the credibility of prospects in the brand.

Search Engine Optimization
Search Engine Optimization

It also helps improve the user's experience and allows you to better understand the interest of your potential audience. SEO best practices include actively researching relevant keywords, publishing high-quality content, optimizing the website, and building links to the website.

Search Engine Optimization is also integrated with content marketing to yield maximum results.

Pay-per-click Advertising (PPC)

It's a digital marketing model that requires brands to make payments whenever a user clicks on their online ads. The way PPV ads work differs from platform to platform but generally you select a campaign type, and target audience, and provide your budget and bidding strategy to build effective ads.

Running PPC ads for businesses is much more effective than most other marketing strategies. It's a method that offers quicker results as you're able to track the performance of your campaigns. It also allows you better control of the whole online marketing campaign process. The PPC best practices you can adopt for your business includes reviewing your PPC ads platform to ensure you're up to date, experimenting with new platforms, and testing new features to get maximum results from your pay-per-click advertising.

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Social Media Marketing is the use of social media platforms to engage with existing customers, bring in new clients and drive website traffic. Businesses can utilize different social media platforms to achieve their marketing goals and increase sales.

Social Media marketing can take different forms. It could be in the form of social media content creation, community management, and running promotions on social media. Social Media Marketing for businesses helps to increase brand awareness, generate more leads and boost conversions. It also helps you build brand authority in your industry as well as develop your audience to build a community of individuals interested in your services. You need to incorporate the best social media marketing practices to get maximum results.

These practices include researching your target audience, building a community on the right social media platforms, and developing a solid strategy.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing strategy involves sending promotional messages to specific target audiences to drive traffic, increase conversions and boost engagement. To get started with this, you need to curate a list of clients and prospects interested in your brand's services.

This way you can send emails to only those interested in your brand to avoid wasting time and resources. Email marketing takes different forms; it could be in the form of engagement emails, or transactional emails. Email Marketing has numerous benefits for businesses. It's highly customizable and you can easily personalize it to make every one of your customers feel special. It's cost-effective and it can help you nurture leads to increase sales conversions.

Email Marketing best practices include the quality of the emails you send out to your clients is much more important than their quantity.

They put in different strategies to get the best one that suits your brand, incorporate your socials into your emails to maximize results, and review your email analytics to know what is working.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is also one of the services offered by digital marketing agencies. It's a long-term marketing strategy that's aimed at raising awareness and increasing the interest of the target audience in your brand.

It includes creating relevant and highly valuable content and distributing it on various digital channels where your target audience spends their time on the internet. The content could be blog posts, YouTube videos, ebooks, and several other digital content formats. Utilizing the Content Marketing strategy for your business helps improve customer experience by educating them about the services you offer and addressing their different concerns. Sharing valuable content with your customer for free also boosts your credibility and it can also contribute to your search rankings significantly. Content Marketing best practices include setting content marketing goals, developing a solid distribution plan, identifying your target audience, and selecting the proper content format and platform.

Web Development

This service involves creating a highly functional and appealing website for your brand. An agency develops much more than a website, if your brand needs an app or software rest assured that an agency will do that for you.

A brand's webpage is essential. It's only an attractive, easy-to-use, and highly responsive website that will retain potential customers and even convert them to customers at the end of the day. Web development for business provides you with a platform to continually interact with your existing customers and new ones to maintain a lasting relationship. An effective website also makes reviewing and tracking your customer analytics easy.

When building a website for your brand, ensure that it suits your brand's objectives, user experience is an important factor to consider when building a brand website and you should hire a skilled and professional developer to get an incredible brand website.

Why Choose Intellius Medical Digital Marketing Agency in Dallas, Houston, & Fort Worth, TX?

Overview of what sets Intellius Medical apart from other agencies and why you should choose Intellius Medical.

Healthcare Expertise

One of the major factors that set Intellius Medical from the numerous other digital agencies is our healthcare expertise.

Intellius Medical's deeper understanding of healthcare, its marketing regulations, and healthcare compliance makes it a good choice of marketing agency for healthcare organizations.

Aside from being a better choice than a regular agency with no healthcare expertise, we are also better than other digital agencies with healthcare expertise. This is because our team at Intellius has years of experience and expertise in the healthcare industry. Choosing Intellius Medical means you're going for an agency with effective marketing strategies that have greatly helped other healthcare organizations to also assist your healthcare practice reach another level.

Customized Solutions

Another reason why Intellius Medical should be your go-to digital marketing agency if you own a healthcare practice is that the agency offers customized solutions. Healthcare practices have different marketing problems and require unique solutions, which is one of the core differentiators of Intellius Medical. At Intellius Medical, we discuss with the healthcare practice management to understand their marketing challenges as well as their goals. With this, we can proffer customized solutions that suit the marketing goals and solve all your marketing issues to get you excellent marketing results with minimal effort on your part.

Data-driven Approach

It's essential to make important business decisions leveraging data analysis and its interpretation, so we utilize the data-driven approach at Intellius.

Our data-driven approach at Intellius Medical makes it easier to make better decisions for the growth of our clients. With our data-driven and personalized approach to online marketing solutions, our clients can better serve their customers and lead generation and conversion rates are much more improved.

Transparent Reporting

This is another reason why you should choose Intellius Medical. Intellius Medical adopts transparent reporting to disclose the key metrics and information about online marketing strategies and campaigns.

All the processes involved in achieving a business's marketing goals are accurately reported to promote transparency and accountability. With this, our clients clearly understand our workflow and performance toward achieving their marketing goals.

Testimonials From Satisfied Clients

We know we offer the best marketing practices for healthcare practices making us different from other agencies and we have the backing to support our claims. Testimonials and success stories from our satisfied clients serve as evidence to confirm that we're truly offering excellent online marketing services.

Browse through our social media pages and website to read testimonials that will compel you to choose Intellius Medical marketing agency for your healthcare practice.

The Intellius Medical Marketing Process in Dallas, Houston, & Fort Worth, TX

Explanation of Intellius Medical process for working with healthcare organizations In Dallas, Houston & Fort Worth, TX.

Discovery phase

The first phase involved in our process of working with your practice is the discovery phase. In this phase, we research the practice's target audience, the right platforms and digital channels, budgets, and previous marketing plans.

In this phase, an in-depth research is carried out so we can better understand our client's audience to curate the best marketing solutions for our clients.

Strategy Development

After the discovery phase, Intellius Medical begins strategy development. After discovering the marketing challenges your organization is facing, we develop effective strategies to help achieve an organization's marketing goals.

In this phase, marketing goals are set, objectives are defined, and market analysis and customer research are also conducted to make creating a market plan easy.


It's not enough to develop a solid strategy; you've to implement the strategy to achieve your desired results. Intellius Medical creates and defines key elements for the tactics that are to be used to meet the marketing campaign goals.

The agency put automated and easily accessible measures in place to make implementing the developed strategies much easier.

Reporting And Analysis

After implementation, reporting and analysis is the next phase involved in our working process with healthcare organizations. A comprehensive report including important information about marketing strategies and campaigns is compiled.

The performance of the different marketing campaigns is analyzed to determine the strategies that are working and the ones that aren't. All the phases involved in our working process are efficiently carried out to guarantee success for health organizations. We start with researching to help in customizing digital market solutions that will suit the needs of specific healthcare organizations. Implementation is also handled expertly to ensure maximum return on investment.

The Intellius Medical Team

The Intellius Medical marketing agency team consists of technical SEO specialists, website developers, social media specialists, and many other digital marketing professionals. Each member of our team at Intellius Medical is a skilled and certified digital marketer.

Our team at Intellius has over 10 years of experience and expertise in helping doctors to increase their reach, drive more traffic and yield more conversions. The team in an agency needs to work together to provide top-quality marketing solutions. Our teams at Intellius Medical marketing agency collaborate and align their goals to boost the performance of our different online marketing campaigns.

We also create a communication plan among our teams to work effectively on a common strategy and utilize the best tools to ensure marketing success.

Choosing a Digital Marketing Agency in Dallas, Houston, & Fort Worth, TX

Identifying Your Needs

When choosing an agency, the first step is to identify your needs. You need to take your time to understand the goals and objectives of your healthcare organization. After identifying your goals and objectives, you should also identify your target audience.

Failure to determine your target audience can greatly affect your marketing campaigns. By simply analyzing your client base, carrying out interviews, and conducting customer research, you can easily determine your target audience. Determining your budget is also a part of identifying your needs.

You should review your yearly revenue and set aside a budget for marketing.

Researching Digital Marketing Agency

After determining your needs, the next thing is to identify potential marketing agencies to handle your healthcare organization's marketing. You should make research to find different marketing agencies you could potentially work with.

Before making a tangible decision you should also review the potential agency websites and portfolios to browse through the agency's experience and expertise briefly. Client reviews and testimonials should also be reviewed to know the agency you want to work with. Conducting a background check is also necessary to determine whether the agency is qualified enough to handle your practice.

Evaluating Digital Marketing Agency

When choosing a Digital Marketing Agency In Dallas, Houston & Fort Worth, TX, you also need to evaluate the agency. It doesn't hurt to work with an agency with experience and expertise as such an agency can tap into past knowledge, successes, and insights to help you achieve your marketing goals.

While evaluating an agency's potential, you should also evaluate the agency's approach and process to know how the agency can help you reach your organization's marketing goals. Although marketing agencies don't openly share their pricing you should research around to know the agency pricing and find out if it suits your marketing budget. You also need to review the contract terms of the marketing agency thoroughly to determine if it aligns with your business goals.

Evaluating Agency Communication And Reporting

This is another important factor to consider when it comes to choosing an agency. You should assess the marketing agency's communication and report before making your decision. After evaluating each of the criteria essential for choosing an agency and determining the one that suits your standards and meets your needs, you can then make your final decision. Once the agency best fits your business goals and its marketing approach aligns with your objectives, you can choose the best agency for your business. After selecting the agency that best suits your business, you can then request a proposal from the agency.

Lastly, you can go through the contract and negotiate its terms with the marketing agency of your choice. Intellius Medical marketing agency pricing and contract terms are favorable you should consider them if you're looking to increase your business growth in Dallas.


How does Intellius Medical customize solutions for healthcare organizations?

We customize solutions for different healthcare organizations by offering initial consultations to determine the marketing goals of healthcare organizations to proffer unique marketing solutions.

How does Intellius Medical ensure transparency in its reporting?

Intellius Medical inculcates transparency in its reporting using different technologies and communication tools and resources so that clients can have adequate visibility into our workflow and performance. This approach has made it easy for us to align our strategy with our client's objectives to ensure successful marketing campaigns.

How does Intellius Medical stay up-to-date with changes in the healthcare industry?

Healthcare Industry is forever changing and to stay up to date, Intellius Medical is always updated with the latest trends and changes by attending healthcare industry conferences, leveraging social media platforms, Google alerts, and following industry blogs and newsletters.

How has Intellius Medical helped healthcare organizations overcome challenges in their marketing?

Intellius help healthcare organizations in marketing by identifying their target audience and reaching them through effective communication and strategies to distinguish you from the crowd.

How can Intellius Medical help my healthcare organization succeed in digital marketing In Dallas, Houston & Fort Worth, TX?

There are different ways Intellius Medical can help your healthcare organization achieve success. We can help you run different online marketing campaigns that will yield excellent results. We can also help you create an optimized website for your practice and develop a solid SEO strategy to boost your rankings.

What is the Intellius Medical team's experience in healthcare marketing?

Intellius Medical has over 10 years of experience working with healthcare organizations. Since Its origination, the marketing agency had worked with numerous hospitals and doctors to achieve its marketing objectives.

How does Intellius Medical measure the success of its marketing campaigns?

Intellius Medical measures the success of an online marketing campaign using different key metrics. These metrics include website traffic, conversion rate, return on investment, and other relevant KPIs.

Our team at Intellius Medical uses the key metrics that best suit your marketing campaigns to track their performance and measure their success. Contact us for more information.

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