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150+ New Consultations a Month with Strategic Facebook Advertising for Podiatrists

Updated: Jul 9

Understanding Facebook Advertising Rules for Podiatrists

How Facebook Decides: Changes in Facebook's rules and what they mean for your ads

One key benefit of using Facebook to advertise is its ability to target your ideal leads. Facebook’s aggregated data allows advertisers to target their ads based on various demographic and behavioral patterns, including what users like, where they work, where they live, and what they are interested in.

A major challenge of running Facebook Advertising for Podiatrists is that Facebook's rules change frequently, which will indirectly affect any ads being run on the platform.

Changes in Facebook's rules are usually in a bid to improve the experience of its users and advertisers, but there's a need for you as a marketer to know these changes and what they mean for your ads. Facebook is known for frequently changing the images that can be used for an ad, ranging from its size, format, and depictions.

Hence if your ad images don't follow the rules, they will most likely be rejected. Resend campaign rule changes have also made optimizing, measuring, and targeting more challenging when creating Facebook ad campaigns. Avoid bending Facebook ad rules as this will only waste your time and marketing effort.

Getting the Most from Your Ads: Turning to reactions, comments, and shares to improve reach

Once your campaign is compelling, it's easier to drive engagement, such as reactions, comments, and shares. You can harness this engagement to increase your reach online.

To be able to do this, ensure that you're creating engaging ads that can drive reactions, comments, and shares from your audience. This will help increase your practice’s awareness and publicity.

Finding Your Ideal Patient on Facebook

Building Detailed Patient Profiles: Going beyond age and location for betting targeting

Developing a detailed patient profile helps to maximize your marketing efforts on Facebook. It ensures that your campaigns reach your target audience. Adopting this kind of strategy goes beyond age and location for better targeting. It starts with understanding your target audience.

You should review and understand your patients’ journey map, including their behavior, preferences, priorities, likes and dislikes. Go through your patient's feedback, and you will learn more things about them to help you create a detailed patient profile, and develop a Facebook marketing strategy that will capture their attention and increase your practice awareness.

Zooming in on Your Audience: Layered targeting to connect with the right patient

Create personalized campaigns that target and connect with the right patients. Capture the attention of target patients and bring them to your practice. Detailed patient profile layered targeting helps to connect with the right patients and minimizes waste of marketing resources.

Avoid wasting your resources and time on people who don’t need your services. Target your resources toward finding the right patients that need your services. Your ads should be targeted to connect with the right patients.

Tools to find targets for your podiatric clinic

You should use tools that can help you find the right patients for your podiatric clinic. Some of these tools include:

  • Google Analytics.

  • SEMrush

  • Social Mention

  • Survey Monkey

Creating Podiatrists Facebook Ads That Answer Their Needs

Real Patient Stories: Using real-life experiences to build trust

Brand storytelling will always be an effective way to connect with your potential audience because humans love stories and use real-life stories that resonate with the audience more than any other content type.

Create your podiatric ads using real-life experiences to build trust and increase your reach. Use real patient stories to attract more new patients to your practice, and you will be shocked at the massive results your marketing efforts will garner.

Using Canva: Making eye-catching images and videos without a designer

Canva has made image designing easier. You can create eye-catching images and videos with Canva without the need for a designer. Using quality and attractive images and videos can help capture the attention of your target so that you can connect them to your practice.

Facebook is a social media platform and adding attractive images and engaging videos to your ads can greatly help you attract your target patients. Canva is easy to use, but if you don't know anything about it, you can watch a video on YouTube on how to use the app.

Exploring Different Facebook Ad Types

Slideshow Ads: Sharing your Podiatric clinic’s story and patient feedback

Facebook has different types of ads that you can take advantage of for your podiatrist clinic. One is the slideshow ads. This type of ad allows you to use images and sound to create video-like ads.

Compared to video ads, the slideshow ad is super easy to create and loads much quicker. To efficiently create a slideshow ad, you need to have a storyboard in place to help you determine the specific images you will feature in the ad and the kind of background music that will work with the story.

Use Canva to create different types of ads

Besides slideshow ads, there are other ad types on Facebook. These include carousel ads, poll ads, and video ads. Canva can be used to create different types of Facebook ads. You can make use of Canva so you don’t need to spend money hiring a designer for your Facebook ads.

Smart Strategies to Get People Back to Your Ads

ReTargeting Engaged Users: How to reach those who interacted with your ads or content

A smart way to get people back to your ads is to retarget engaged users. This method involves targeting users that have already interacted with your practice in one way or the other. Create your engagement remarketing campaign in Facebook Ads Manager to connect with your audience and increase ad conversions.

You can use your Audience Insights dashboard in Meta Business Suite or social media analytics tools to discover those who interacted with your ads or content and reach out to them.

Telling a Story with Your Ads: Building interest over multiple ads

Consistency is also essential in Ad campaigns. For instance, telling a story with your ads can help boost your reach and engagement, but ensure that your story is coherent, interesting and engaging. By telling a good real-life story, you can build your audience's interest in your brand instead of creating multiple ads.

In your custom audience section, you can easily find people who visited your pages or watched your videos and retarget them with your Facebook marketing efforts.

Get Podiatrist leads from Facebook Messenger for $5-10/per lead

Streamlining Appointments: Booking consultations directly through Messenger

Facebook has made things much easier, from running ads for your practice to getting leads and streamlining the appointment process using Messenger.

Every Facebook business page has access to a blue action button that prompts potential customers to do something specific, such as visiting a linked website or booking an appointment. In addition to that, the new Facebook appointment solution allows you to receive consultation bookings directly through Facebook Messenger.

Beyond booking appointments, the feature will also send push reminder notifications through Messenger as the appointment date gets closer, ensuring that the appointment stays top-of-mind for both you and the prospect.

Use FB messenger bots: Automated messages that feel personal

Managing your practice Facebook page doesn't need to be as tedious as it used to be and you don't need to stay glued managing the page with the time you should spend attending to your patients.

Cater to your patient's needs at the clinic and provide premium care for them while you use FB messenger bots to communicate with potential clients online. The FB messenger bots use personalized automated messages to interact with new patients, answering their initial questions and guiding them through the process of making a consultation.

This system also helps the practice screen incoming leads who are a good fit for your podiatry services.

Top 3 tools to do this.

The top three tools that can be used as chatbots include:

  • ChatBot

  • Botsify

  • ChatFuel

Building a Community on Facebook

Your Own Podiatry Group: A space for patients to chat, get advice, and see special offers

Facebook marketing goes beyond running campaigns on the website; you can create your podiatry group, which will serve as a space for patients to chat, get advice, and see special offers. Building a strong and successful podiatry group on Facebook might be all you need to skyrocket your Podiatry marketing results.

Getting people to connect in a Facebook community creates togetherness and, at the same time, develops more awareness for your brand.

To create your podiatry group, start by posting relevant and valuable content, be consistent and up to date with the happenings in the industry, and communicate with your community members, engage them, and make them feel super connected to your brand.

Going Live: Hosting live chat sessions about foot care

Hosting live chat sessions about foot care is also essential to building a strong community on Facebook. Live sessions allow you to chat with your patients and prospects in real-time, making your practice feel more reachable to your community members.

It doesn't necessarily need to be Q&A sessions about foot care and concerns; it could also be a tour of your clinic, and getting to know your team of professionals. All this helps to boost your brand awareness and attract more patients to your podiatry practice.

Tools to go live

The tools that you can use to go live include:

  • Wirecast

  • Facebook Live Media

  • ManyCam

Getting Insights and Improving Your Ads

Breaking Down Ad Performance: Metrics that podiatrists should watch

It's important to get insights into how your current ads perform and any improvements needed for results.

Facebook Ads Manager allows you to measure the performance of every ad you run. Depending on your ad goals, you can customize the Ads Manager’s columns to hide the data you don’t need and highlight what is important to you.

Metrics that podiatrists should watch include reach, impressions, cost per impressions, clicks, and ad click-through rate.

Testing Your Ads: Figuring out which ads work best using split-tests

Testing your ads helps to figure out the perfect formula to ensure your ads obtain maximum engagement and returns.

Figuring out which ads work best is easy using split tests. The split test process of trying out different variables and configurations for your Facebook ad to find the formula that delivers the best performance for your podiatrist practice.

When testing your Facebook ads, the elements to prioritize include audience, demographics, ad type, and copy and ad visual content. Metrics to evaluate during testing include clicks, reaches, ad frequency, bounce rate and click-through rate.

Checking Out Competitor's Ads

Using Facebook's Ad Library: Finding and understanding competitors’ ads

Checking out your competitor's ads is a strategy you can use to create a more effective ad. Find your competitor's ad using Facebook's ad library. Start with analyzing their most successful ads; check visuals, copy, headline, and CTA's, then visit their ad’s landing page and take notes of the important variables.

Check Ahrefs and Google Keyword Planner for PPC keywords your competitors use and run ads. Once you understand competitors' ads, you can apply the information to create your campaign and make necessary adjustments to get better marketing results than your competitors.

Spying Tools: Software to stay ahead and understand the competition

You need to make use of tools that can help you understand and stay ahead of your competitors. Tools that you can use to stay ahead and understand your competitors include:

  • SEMRush

  • Zoho Social

  • HootSuite

  • Birdeye

Going Beyond Standard Ads with Tech

Virtual Clinic Visits: Tools for creating 360-degree clinic tours

By designing virtual clinic visits, you can go beyond and above the regular online ads and go miles higher with your marketing strategy. Virtual clinic visits let new patients tour your practice from anywhere.

New prospects can know what your practice looks like and how your team functions to offer the best treatment service. It's quick and convenient to get the potential to know more about your practice and what's going on behind your social media posts and community.

Tools for creating 360° clinic tours include ThingLink, Fusion, VR Maker, and Kuula.

Augmented Reality for Podiatrists: How Augmented Reality can elevate patient experience and ad engagement

Augmented Reality (AR) allows you to experience the real-life occurrences around you with a digital augmentation overlaid. Podiatrists can use AR to review patients' vitals during a procedure without juggling multiple pieces of equipment or displays.

The use of AR can help improve the quality of healthcare delivery and elevate patient experience and ad engagement. If you're looking for an advanced method to enhance the performance and operations of your podiatrist clinic while improving your patient experiences significantly, consider Augmented Reality technology.


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