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How to claim your business on Google my Business?

Updated: Nov 9, 2023

Google my Business is one of the free business listing sites from Google so that your business marks its global presence. Marking your business presence on Google my Business listings helps your customers to search your business via Google Search and Google Maps.

Listing your business with its name, address and phone number accurately aid your customers to explore and reach your business with ease.

Also, enlisting your business on Google my Business assists Google to correctly display your company’s information obtained in the relevant searches for the associated keyword search by customers.

Is it essential for you to enlist your business on Google my Business?

This question is the first to strike the minds of startup entrepreneurs. According to the statistics revealed by Google, almost ninety-seven percent of the customers are in search of products and services of local brands. Perhaps, only thirty-seven percent of the companies register their businesses on the Google Business listing platform.

If you want to beat the competition, the market has set in for your business; it is essential for you to step ahead in this regards. Once you claim your business on Google my Business listings, the local presence of your business is exaggerated.

To qualify satisfactorily for a Google Business Listing, you need to communicate in person with your customers during your ongoing business hours. These business hours reflects the one which you enlist on Google my Business portal.

It relies on you entirely whether you need to work from your customers at your business’ physical location or the ease of your customer. Thus, Google my Business listing is therefore available for digital marketers, freelancers and related people too.

Steps to claim your business on Google my Business platform

As discussed earlier, if you need to enlist your business on Google Maps, Google Search and other official properties of Google, you need to create a listing on Google my Business platform.

Steps for claiming your Business on Google my Business platform through desktop

Type in Google my Business in the search zone of Google browser.

Once on the home page of Google my Business, you will see the presence of What’s the name of your business? Enter your business name and tap on the blue button with the text ‘NEXT.’

Search for your business presence with the assistance of your business name and address.

If you see a dialog box, it lets you know that some other user verifies your business listing.

If you are signing in for the first time, follow the steps mentioned below

Visit the page Google my Business and tap on START NOW option. The START NOW option is present on the top corner at the right end of your display screen.

Sign in by entering your business credentials.

Enter the name of your Business and tap on NEXT.

Enter your Business address and tap on NEXT. If asked, place a marker on the location of your business address on Google Maps.

Search for the relevant category which reflects your business from the drop-down menu and select. Once selected, tap on NEXT option.

Enter your business contact details and website or URL of your business listing.

Once you are done with enlisting all the essential details about your business establishment, you need to complete your Google my Business sign up by verifying your account. Once you are done with the detail entry, tap on CONTINUE to check your business listing with your details.

Choose for a verification option that suits you the best. In case you want to verify your Google my Business account later, tap on Try a different method. Next tap on LATER.

In can you have no authority to manage your business, find the authorized person to accomplish the entire process on your behalf.

Steps for claiming your business on Google my Business platform via mobile

You need to install the Google my Business app from Google Play Store.

Next step is to sign in with your Google account which you like to use for managing your business listing on Google my Business platform.

Enter your business details including your Business name and address.

Read the terms of services being displayed. Once you read it completely, tick the checkbox indicating that you have read the terms of service agreement and agree. Once you are ready to begin, tap on CONTINUE.

Besides the steps mentioned above, you can also claim the existence of your business listing with the assistance of Google Maps. Follow the steps as indicated below for the same:

Open the page of the Google Maps app on your smartphone.

Type in your business name and search for your business existence.

Open the page that displays your business information panel. Scroll down at the bottom of your page. Moreover, tap a shield-shaped blue icon which reflects the text Claim My Business.

Verifying your Google My Business listing

To prevent people from claiming your business listing on Google my Business, Google wants to ensure that you are the sole entrepreneur of your business. This verification is one of the parts of the GMB verification process.

In case of most of the business, Google sends a postcard to verify your business listing on Google my Business. In the case of the pre-existing business listings, Google accomplishes the business listing process with the assistance of phone.

To receive verification via mail or phone call, Google initiates a postcard with a PIN to verify your business listing. Once you receive your postcard, you need to use the same PIN verification code to confirm your business affiliation.

In case you have an option to verify your business listing with the phone

Make sure that your business contact number is answerable so that it facilitates you to receive your business verification code. In case, your business possesses its voicemail system or a call centre; the call verification process won't work for you.

In case if you are in need of an automated text message with a verification code so that you receive your business verification code through SMS. You need to enter the same code on your Google My Business dashboard.

So, if you have not claimed your business listing on Google my Business portal, it is the right time to do so at the earliest and stay ahead in the entire competition.

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