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What is and its Features and Pricing.

Updated: Nov 9, 2023

Online presence has increased many folds in the last decade or so and most of the businesses have moved to the internet as well. This has given customers chance to rate and review almost all the businesses for other customers to see.

In a way voice of the customer has become one of the most important aspects of any business. A happy customer can not only become a regular customer of a business but he can also bring in more customers with his good reviews and ratings.

However, a dissatisfied customer is bound to push people away from your business with his bad reviews and ratings. This is why keeping the customer happy and satisfied has become so important.

Customer satisfaction, however, is a very tricky thing to achieve. Today the customers’ feedback and review are spanned all over the internet.

There are hundreds of websites where reviews can be found and to go to those websites and replay to every review that has been posted seems like a very tedious task, which is why has started this service where reputation management is made easy for the company.

It does so by making a platform for all the reviews and feedbacks from which a whole lot of actions could be taken.

Through this service, the company guarantees to acquire more authentic customer reviews by creating a channel for customer and business interaction. It does so via email, text message and print. The multi-channel approach ensures that the customers who give good reviews have an easy way of doing so.

The service also optimizes volume on Facebook, Google, and other leading review websites that matter. The biggest feature that the company offer, however, is protection against bad reviews. It does so by privately catching unhappy customers and solving their problems if they have any.

This method ensures that the bad reviews are altered for the better and the rating of the business doesn’t slide below an expected rating.

The data that is collected through email, text or print is then set up beautifully in a dashboard that is easy to monitor and analyse.

This provides the company with loads of information at hand that can be used to change the way the business works for the better. The service also alerts everyone of the team when new reviews are published so that the concerned person could get behind the issue if any and rectify it.

In most cases, these reviews are often sent to waste as no one looks over them. The dashboard also includes a “command center” through which all the tasks can be performed without having to visit every review website individually.

For any online business, market trends are considered one of the most important aspects. Based on the trends a business changes its strategy to suit the customers better.

With these trends are reported and analysed which further change the course of the company to suit the customers and their needs.

It is often seen that customers listen more to other satisfied customers which is why the latest and greatest reviews about the business and streamed on the website to show other customers the proof and authenticity of the given ratings.

It also shares the positive reviews as compelling and automated social media content to have a better online presence.

Each review generation comes with certain queries and those queries must be answered in the least time as possible so that the customer feels relevant to the company. This service makes sure that all the reviews are sent a positive reply from the company automatically.

The service is free to use for the first 14 days in which the business could decide which plan suits it better and in meantime, it also checks whether the service works for it or not.

There are three plans to choose from. Starting at $90 per month the professional plan is for individuals and consultant. The next plan is for an agency and is priced at $200 per month.

It includes 10 seats and is suitable for smaller businesses. The biggest and full-fledged plan starts at $1500 per month which is suitable for larger agencies, franchises, and brands. It comes with 100 seats.


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