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Intellius Medical: Your HVAC Reputation Management Solution

You will be capable of collecting more and more reviews for your HVAC (Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) service by making use of the best-in-class reputation management and review generation software.

HVAC Service- Overview

You will need to invest at least several Million USD to start an HVAC service in multiple cities and the total investment to begin the HVAC (Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning service) depends upon the particular state and location.

You have to also arrange the HVAC licenses from the particular State Government. But, you will also capable of earning a heavy amount per customer.

We know that HVAC facilities are available in many cities nowadays and for that reason, individuals, associated with this business domain, experience heavy competition and have bound to reduce the cost of HVAC.

They also have increased customer care facilities to draw more and more customers and to retain the old customers.

How to stand out from the crowd of other HVAC providers?

The answer should be by providing the facilities of top-notch HVAC system and the best-in-class customer care service. Nevertheless, you can’t deny the fact that marketing is a very important factor to make an impact on the product or service to the customers.

Along with creating a best-in-class strategy, it’s also important to showcase the positive feedback and reviews in front of the world to make other customers aware of your product.

It is utmost important to acquire more and more positive reviews from the happy customers and bring their feedback on your website.

You should also display those reviews to some popular review websites, including Yelp, RateMDs, Facebook, Healthgrades, ZocDoc etc.

What investment should you make to bring customers to your website?

It might be that you have to spend at least $5-$10 per click for the top-notch platforms like Google Search Engine for drawing a customer to your product’s website.

Another worth-considering point is that single negative feedback about your HVAC product might bring a heavy loss.

Benefits of Customer Reviews in acquiring your online reputation

The 59% of consumers believe in online feedback and reviews before choosing a product or service for them and online positive reviews and feedback greatly influence 78% of them before making a final decision while choosing a best-in-class product or service.

A brilliantly-designed HVAC website, accompanied by positive feedback and reviews are greatly helpful in getting a good conversion rate to draw more and more consumers than other HVAC providers with lesser positive reviews.

Sufferings of Negative Reviews

83% of consumers, who have gone through negative reviews associated with your HVAC service, will not definitely go for your service.

52% of the consumers, who are not happy with your service, will more probably share their experiences in the negative review format so as to spread their thoughts to their friends, colleagues, and relatives and they also recommend others to avoid your services.

Some people spread their thoughts to the rest of the world by publishing negative reviews to several review websites regarding the HVAC system.

Email Sending Procedure to encourage your customers to post reviews about your service (Email Template)

Certain review generation email templates have been specified below that you can easily edit (according to your convenience) and send those emails to encourage them in sharing their thoughts in forms of reviews and feedback regarding your HVAC system in your website, including RateMDs, Yelp, Google my facility etc.

Utilize the Email Template below to a happy customer

Greetings [client’s name]

We want to thank you to give us an opportunity to present our HVAC system and now we want you to share your thoughts and experiences with us regarding our product and service.

Our main objective is to provide you with the best-in-class HVAC service and with the support every time you visit our store. We are constantly upgrading our service quality to provide you with the best possible experience.

We would highly appreciate your valuable review and feedback. Could we expect a couple of minutes from your valuable time for posting a short Googlemybusiness review on our HVAC website? It will be helpful for us in improving our products and customer care services.

For submitting your feedback, you just have to simply click the link below and allow us to be familiar with your thoughts.

We are grateful to you for your enthusiasm for providing your valuable reviews and feedback about our products and services.


[Your Name]

If any of your customers have gone through any type of negative experience, then the following email template will help you in resolving the issues and changing the mind of that customer about your service.

Patient Name,

We really apologize for what you have experienced in our HVAC store. Could you do a favor to us by sharing the exact problem and improving our products and services?

We want to stop these issues from occurring in your next visit to our store.

Your Name

Importance of the Reputation Management and Review Generation Software

This specific software is incredibly helpful in sending emails to each and every customer in one click only. Our brilliantly-designed software will help you in sending text messages to your customers and gather online feedback and reviews for your HVAC service.

Appropriate review generation software is helpful in automating the acquisition of the online feedback and reviews from all of your customers.

It will further save your precious time and cost by automating the email sending process to your consumers and motivating them to post reviews on your HVAC system.

A review about the facilities of Intellius Medical

We are overwhelmed to post this review about Intellius Medical because, for this platform, the number of positive reviews on our HVAC service has been tremendously increased. Thank you so much Ninja Team.

Marketing Head, HVAC service, Dallas

Why Intellius Medical?

Intellius Medical is one of the best HVAC reputation management and review generation software. It offers two pricing plans in total.

Facilities of the Free Plan

  • At most 20 review invitations/ month to patients

  • Build reviews on Yelp, Google, Facebook, and over 50 review websites

  • Send 20 Email review invitations in bulk to your customers

  • 20 Text message review invitations in bulk to your customers

  • One location of your service

Facilities of the Professional Plan

  • Unlimited review invitations per month

  • Build reviews on various platforms, including Google, Yelp, Facebook, and 50+ review websites

  • Unlimited email review invitations in bulk

  • 24/7 Customer Support

  • Unlimited Text message review invitations

  • Multiple service locations


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