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99 Medical and Salon Spa Marketing Strategies to make 100K a month

Updated: Oct 5, 2023

1. Building a Brand Name with Your Logo

If you start analyzing business strategies of other Medical Spas and Salons and hospitals, you will discover that a unique logo is present in their websites. A proper logo is very important in building a brand. In the same way, you have to build your own healthcare brand and it should start by having a customized logo for your Medical Spas and Salons. A meaningful logo will greatly help in the recognition of your brand. Whenever spa clients start searching profiles of Spa/Salon Owners on eminent websites, an attractive logo will make your website stand out from the crowd. You should hire an experienced graphic designer and describe your requirements. Always choose a proper combinations of colors that goes well with the healthcare industry. In a nutshell, a logo is your first step in building your brand awareness.

2. Create a Website

The digital world has become so much powerful that it can reach millions of people within a blink of eyes. And to make a prominent presence to this world, first, you need to have a dedicated website for your Medical Spas and Salons. Hire an experienced website designer and developer and put the best possible effort in making a top-class website for your Medical Spas and Salons. It’s obvious that a website with smooth user-interface, catchy design, and minimum loading time with properly-structured information could attract lots of traffic. On the other hand, weak design and insufficient information make people believe that the treatment quality mightn’t be up to the mark. As this website is going to be your digital gateway, you should make a good investment in its design and development.

3. Offline Marketing

The main goal of marketing is to let people familiar with your procedures and treatments. Offline marketing can greatly support you in this regard. You can distribute flyers or brochures in different events to let people know about your newly-opened health Medical Spas and Salons. You can take prior permission from the organizing authority and spread the name of your brand. The design of your flyers or brochures should be elegant. Don’t forget to include the basic information with your contact details. Hire an expert for designing brochures and flyers for your Medical Spas and Salons. You can also take help of radio, TV or newspaper advertising, as per your budget.

4. Online Marketing

As digital media could reach more people in less time, more and more people have started preferring online marketing for popularizing their business. A dedicated page with the information of your procedures and treatments in multiple social platforms will greatly help in increasing brand awareness. Some other top-notch online marketing strategies include personal branding, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), content marketing, email marketing, conversion optimization, social media marketing etc.

5. Utilization of Facebook Ads

You can also use targeted Facebook Ads to provide a low-ticket service at free of cost so as to introduce your services to more and more spa clients. Do remember that first experience works as the biggest determining factor of whether a Client will be back for availing your services or not. Everybody likes to get free things. So, you can give away a free, basic-level service to popularize your service. And this strategy goes well with any type of medical practice. For instance, it can be a free cleaning or a free first check-up etc.

6. Don’t forget to ensure that your service is showing up in Local Search Results

You have to be well aware that how your practice or healthcare service is performing in the competition while spa clients search for a new health Medical Spas and Salons. That’s why it’s important to list yourself as many online directories as possible and thus more and more people can easily find you. Yext is one of the popular tools through you can scan local listings throughout different websites. As a result, you can keep track of where you have shown up and don’t forget to ensure that all of the information regarding your service is up-to-date.

7. Create Proper Media Exposure for Your Medical Spas and Salons or Medical Practice

Appropriate media exposure helps to quickly bring a large number of new spa clients. And it will also enhance the branding as well as the expertise of your service or practice. A worth noting point is that media exposure still remains an overlooked strategy when it comes to medical marketing, due to the requirement of time, and follow-up. Moreover, an in-depth understanding is also required for writers, editors, and producers. Upon completion, it can generate brilliant results for your service or practice. On the contrary, poor quality work will keep the media away from your Medical Spas and Salons.

8. Set Up a Great Reputation Management Platform

Nowadays, most of the people go through reviews before availing a service from a new provider. Likewise, spa clients also read reviews before start availing treatment from a health Medical Spas and Salons or a Spa/Salon Owner. You should invest in a best-in-class reputation management platform. And thus you could automate requests for spa clients’ reviews, improving the possibilities of acquiring five-star reviews and sorting out the issues resulting in negative reviews. spa clients also check different websites to get information and reviews regarding a particular Medical Spas and Salons or healthcare provider. And such platforms are such as Google, Yelp, Facebook, and Healthgrades etc. You should ask your spa clients for sharing their experiences in forms of feedback and reviews about your service. A member of your team can start requesting spa clients to write reviews. Once they agree, you should direct them to one of the review platforms for initiating the process. The process encourages happy and satisfied spa clients so that they can share their experience and you can know about the performance of your Medical Spas and Salons. More and more positive reviews signify more popularity and brand awareness.

9. Don’t Use Stock Photography

Inserting photographs of your team, Medical Spas and Salons rooms, infrastructure or facilities etc in your service website is another great marketing strategy. But don’t include any stock photography. Whether it’s your marketing campaign or social media page, hire a professional photographer or use a high-quality camera and take clear pictures. It will increase the reliability of your service.

10. Include the profiles of all practitioners

Many healthcare Medical Spas and Salons can’t realize the importance of listing their practitioners. But, most of the spa clients look for the profiles before availing treatment from a new Medical Spas and Salons. Google My Business, Foursquare, Bing, and industry websites, such as Healthgrades allow location listing and practitioner listing. Your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategies will be greatly benefitted by acquiring these additional citations. Thus, you can greatly maintain your online reputation.

11. Hire a Social Media Marketing Expert

I have already mentioned about social media marketing in the above segments. It is really important to hire an efficient and experienced social media marketing expert. It will be extremely tough for you to manage your social media conversations, making replies, sorting out queries, and so on without hiring a professional. So, don’t delay and hire a professional as early as possible. The appointed professional will be helpful for you in boosting your online presence.

12. Start “We Miss You” Mailing Campaign to draw the attention of the past spa clients

Always do remember that online marketing strategies are very important to spread the news of your new Medical Spas and Salons. Along with catching attention of your new spa clients, it’s also crucial to send emails to your former spa clients. A “We Miss You” message can be very much helpful in this regard. You can also add a ‘take care’ note to those spa clients. It will increase Client retention rate of your Medical Spas and Salons. Once a Client takes treatment from your Medical Spas and Salons, you can contact him/her and ask about his/her health. And thus your Medical Spas and Salons will start gaining popularity for its caring attitude.

13. “Fitness Challenge” is in fashion

Earlier, many health care providers didn’t measure the value of acquiring Facebook fans. Having huge followers of your Facebook page will be a brilliant idea to popularize your practice. The topic of fitness is in fashion nowadays. A customized fitness challenge in social media can be a great strategy to start generating awareness among people. But, try to make it unique. As a result, more and more people will start attracting towards your Facebook Page. You can also post “lesser known facts in medical science” and so on to encouraging your readers to “Like” your Page.

14.  Arrange Continuous Lectures and Education on Your Website for Your Practitioners

Do you know online business is mostly promoted by referrals from general practitioners? That means you have to maintain a strong business relationship with your referrals because many people still don’t have any idea about the process of such strategies. That’s why you should host a lecture at least once a month and it should be on a preferred medical topic for your referrals. Thus, the general practitioners might get to know about some aspects regarding their field in which they were not familiar with. Thus, they will realize that your website stays updated on treatments, technology, and trends. It leads you towards a heavy popularity.

15. Encourage Your Clients to Post Online Reviews

Don’t forget, spa clients are the assets of your healthcare Medical Spas and Salons. And the best way to advance your medical practice is by having a large number of positive reviews. Nowadays, even before purchasing a safety pin people go through more than one review. So, it’s obvious that before availing treatment, they would research and read reviews of your former spa clients. You have to first improve your healthcare service and then start building your online and offline reputation by acquiring positive reviews. The spa clients will give a brief description of their overall experience about their treatment. Reputation management software is there to help you to encourage spa clients in sharing their experiences.

16. Provide Your Visitors with Immediately Useful Links on Professional Website

People come to your website to have some value. And it’s your responsibility to provide them with the same. Useful and informative links help to extend user sessions (time measured on a website) as they can interact with that practice online. By providing an incentive to your present spa clients you can encourage them to return to your website. Google measures returning users in its search algorithms and it sends a powerful quality signal. As a result, you can expect to get a favorable position in SERP (Search Engine Results Page).

17. What are your spa clients are saying about your Service in Social Media?

Spa and Salon brand marketing strategy

18. Start Offering Promotions through Instagram

Offers and promotions always attract visitors and prospects than anything. And in the marketing of your practice, Medical Spas and Salons or health care center, you can adopt the same approach. The Instagram promotion greatly helps. Alternatively, you can also create regular posts as an integral part of your content marketing strategy. You can offer attractive discounts on your procedures and treatments through your contents. And people can avail these facilities while availing your service. As a continuation of this strategy, you can request your spa clients to tag your practice along with the images of their treatments (whatever allowable and possible). If your spa clients are very happy with your treatment and entire service, you can ask them to recommend your name to their friends, relatives or colleagues. Images do a better job than thousands of words and it’s specifically when people do that as a small token of gratitude.

19. Start Sending Timely Newsletters with Amazing Healthy Tips

If you have just started your practice or Medical Spas and Salons, then first you need to start providing value to your prospects. Once people start subscribing your website, you will have their emails ids. And it’s the time when you should start designing a newsletter program. It can be weekly or bi-weekly to remind your prospects about your procedures and treatments. For instance, when winter is approaching, you can send precautions of cold and fever to your subscribers as your newsletter. Later, if they suffer from any health problem, the first name that will come to their mind, is yours’. By sharing informative and useful health tips, you can make your spa clients realize that you care for their well-being. You can also send them valuable tips in multiple places, such as social media pages, blog posts, or in the newsletter. “Tip of the Day” can also be a great social media marketing strategy.

20. Receive Referrals from Other Physicians

It is one of the less-utilized strategies. Acquiring referrals from experienced physicians is considered among the best techniques in generating new spa clients for a newly-launched practice. A physician liaison will greatly help you to market your practice, services, and physicians on behalf of you for improving referral streams of new spa clients. With a proper and trained liaison along with appropriate tracking systems, a practice can be greatly targeted in a local market. A properly-planned physician-liaison marketing strategy could be a highly effective marketing strategy for your Medical Spas and Salons or practice.

21. Create a User-friendly Medical Practice Website

I hope you know the importance of a business website. If not, then remember that it’s essential to develop a user-friendly website for your medical practice or Medical Spas and Salons for acquiring new spa clients and retaining the existing spa clients. So, hire a professional web designer and developer and get a brilliant website designed for your practice. You have to make some investment to make the website as the spokesperson on behalf of you in today’s digital world.

22. Making use of Electronic Referral Program

Electronic referrals or e-referrals are also known as electronic consultation that is a well-known electronic platform. It allows a seamless or effortless transfer of information of spa clients from a primary to a secondary client management system of treating practitioner. You can save both cost and time by dispatching the outClient referrals via electronic mode. By this process, you can easily send an electronic document from one healthcare service to another (electronically). It has eliminated the way of posting or faxing the referral. It is essential to choose a marketing strategy that completely matches their type of practice. You should hire a marketing expert to handle the entire marketing task efficiently.

23. Making LinkedIn Group

Another way of marketing your practice is by leveraging the power of a LinkedIn group. This particular social platform would help you in connecting with your preferred prospects in a direct way. Building a proper LinkedIn group is one of the best ways to market your practice or Medical Spas and Salons. And thus you can start working with your group with an expectancy of a huge popularity.

24. Public Relations or PR is important

It is one of the important marketing strategies for your practice or Medical Spas and Salons. To get better Return on Investments (ROI), Public Relations or PR is a great way. By creating a calendar, seasons, and events and pitching stories about them can lead to great results. You can talk to your screening spa clients about diabetes in Diabetes Awareness Month.

25. Emotionally-Convincing Offline Media

Don’t forget to consider offline media as your marketing strategy. Many people are still not expert in handling internet that means you have to implement some other ways to reach such people. Offline media, such as radio, TV or newspaper ads can serve your purpose to a great extent. And thus people, who are not internet savvy, will also get to know about your practice or Medical Spas and Salons. Don’t forget to include the success rates of your practice or Medical Spas and Salons while advertising it offline. It will increase your brand awareness and popularity.

26. Search Engine Optimized (SEO) Blogs

Nowadays, people are interested in reading different types of blogs. That means blogs can be a great way in increasing the popularity of your healthcare service. You can write blog articles on different topics but it should be relevant to your practice. Another thing that you have to take care of is SEO of your blogs. You should appoint an SEO expert for a proper On-Page and Off-Page SEO of your blogs. Properly optimized blogs will help in increasing the popularity of your service.

27. Utilization of Less Known Digital Display Advertising Tools

You should start working with experienced physicians to increase the volume of your spa clients. The digital advertising can be a great way in this regard although paid search advertising might be a matter of high investment for you. Usually, medical practices might have to invest $10 to $15 per click. That’s why you can try infrequently-used yet incredibly successful types of digital display advertising but they should brilliantly work on marketing medical practices. Ads of Google custom affinity audience target those visitors, who have visited other websites, having similarity with your practice. For instance, a pulmonologist may create a custom affinity audience that would target people, who have already visited the website of the American Lung Association. Ads of Keyword-targeted display target prospective spa clients whenever the content on a specific page includes some particular keywords. That means if you are a dermatologist and want to improve the growth of your cosmetic practice, you might prefer to target ads to visitors whenever they are reading content about the importance of fillers.

28. Train Your Staff on Marketing Strategies

The “consumer-driven healthcare” is an important concept. spa clients have more alternatives than ever. That means they will choose another health care provider if they feel you’re unable to fulfill their expectations. Nowadays, spa clients take healthcare service as a customer service. And so even if the receptionist of your Medical Spas and Salons behaves rudely or your scheduling system is slow, you will surely lose a number of spa clients. It will be a foolish idea to spend time and investment on your marketing strategies without knowing that spa clients are leaving at your front desk. That’s why arranging a training session for your staff is very important and it will be the first step in your marketing strategy.

29. Avail Benefits of Benchmark Data in the Marketing Materials

Since the volume of experienced Spa/Salon Owners is increasing, the competition is also getting tougher day by day. That’s why it has become essential to include data of your marketing strategies about how your services are performing versus your competitors in your locality. These pieces of data can include Client volumes, number of procedures, referral relationships, and so on. And these data pieces and benchmark will surely get the health care provider’s attention. Your marketing expert needs to find out their interests with targeted (relevant to your service) metrics.

30. Establishment as an expert by answering HARO Queries

Many practitioners don’t know about Help a Reporter Out or HARO. It is one of the brilliant marketing strategies for healthcare providers.

It has been seen that a great volume of queries is generated for seeking comments from healthcare providers. And it could be a great chance for you to get credibility from a reliable source. You can take that piece of content and spread it to your networks with the help of social media and email marketing. And you can also highlight it on their website and get ready to acquire tremendous SEO benefits.

31. Optimization of Your Website for Mobile Users

Mobile phones have created a revolution all around the world due to their convenience. And a person can start searching for information regarding his/her health or a Client can search for different treatment solutions during any time of the day via his/her mobile phone. A smartphone provides more flexibility than a desktop. As per Google, 60 percent of entire healthcare-related searches are now performing on mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets. That means if your website is not mobile-compatible (or not responsive), you might lose a good amount of traffic online. Some of the mobile-exclusive features include the possibility of finding out the nearest Medical Spas and Salons from a particular location, tap to call functionality, map and navigation feature, and the social media applications through which you can expect to improve your website’s conversion rate.

32. Don’t Ignore Email Marketing Strategy

You can’t ignore the power of email even standing in the era of instant messaging. Most of the people read emails daily or once or twice a week in their entire schedule of the day. Keeping the steady flow of spa clients is essential in every medical practice. Email marketing is one of the most beneficial marketing approaches. You can start running newsletter marketing program. Thus, the visitors who have subscribed to your website will get newsletters on a specific interval.

You or your marketing team needs to capture email ids and regularly (or in regular intervals) email the contact list so as to drive more and more traffic to your website, blogs, and social media networks. As a result, additional referrals and appointment requests will start coming on your way. You can also acquire subscribers from your existing referrals, clients, and social media followers. You should take help of a budget-friendly mailing service for creating a professional newsletter template. But, you need to choose the topic of your newsletter program very wisely with the relevancy of your practice. You can also add your services to the bottom part of the newsletter content. Don’t forget to include the highlights of your worth noting works (that makes you extraordinary from your fellow practitioners) and links them back to all of your blog posts.

33. Use the Direct Mail Strategy to encourage your former spa clients

Other than sending cold emails you should directly email your former spa clients to make aware them about the latest improvements, added services or improved infrastructure of your Medical Spas and Salons (whatever is applicable). And thus there is hardly any chance for your email to get placed in the spam or trash folder. Don’t forget to include all the contact details properly. If you have already hired a marketing expert, then he/she will do that work.

34. Adopt Guerrilla Marketing Strategies

Guerrilla marketing is one of the best marketing strategies for medical practices through which you can expect to increase the volume of your spa clients. Today’s healthcare service is more consumer-driven. So to keep pace with it, your practice needs to be aligned with the requirements and expectations of your spa clients to build a strong Spa/Salon Owner-Client relationship. The old school strategies of “look at my service” won’t work today, instead, the message of guerrilla marketing “Hello, how may I help you” will engage visitors.

35. Take the Benefits of Social Media

Spa and Salon brand marketing strategy

36. Emphasize on spa clients

37. Get out of Your Comfort Zone

Many physicians don’t want to take risks in their profession and it holds them back and prevents their success. But from where the courage of taking risks will come from? The answer is by a continuous learning strategy and acquiring theoretical and practical skills in your field. And then your desire of victory will surpass your fear of failure from taking risks. Accept risks and get rewards in business. All the world-famous Spa/Salon Owners are doing something exceptional that others can’t even dream of. If you want to be a great healthcare provider, make yourself skilled and learned first.

38. If you help people, you will help your business

If you have started your healthcare practice or Medical Spas and Salons, then your first preference should be your spa clients. Some of the medical practices have the tendency to start advertising in different mediums with the mentality of sales. And thus they overlook the most important aspect and that’s the requirements and expectations of spa clients. People will come to your website to get some values and spa clients will come to your Medical Spas and Salons for having proper treatments and medical care. Surely, marketing is important and that’s what this post is aiming to but spa clients should be your first priority. Analyze their requirements and expectations first and then design your marketing strategies. A win-win marketing strategy is based on proven tactics, associated with particular goals and proper ways to measure its progress as well as results. Here budget estimation is also essential to move forward with your marketing strategies.

39. Proper Implementation is Important

Don’t forget, your main goal is to provide a top-class quality of health care services to your spa clients. Strategies without implementation are nothing but a joke. If you have already built up proper marketing strategies, then it’s time to implement them one by one. That’s why it’s recommended to appoint a marketing professional to get these works done in a proper manner.

40. Build a Team

When your service will start expanding, you’ll start realizing the importance of team building. Being a single person it will not possible for you to manage everything regarding your practice. From a social media marketing professional to an SEO expert, a strong team can lead your popularity to a sky-high limit.

41. Keep On Trying

Marketing is a lengthy process and it takes considerable time to generate results. So, you need to be Client enough to see results and improve the volume of your spa clients. But don’t forget, your healthcare business growth depends on your services and care, results, professional growth, Client experience, reviews and feedback, and personal satisfaction. If you find one marketing strategy is not working for you, then you should start searching for another marketing approach. That means flexibility should be there. Don’t give up, keep on trying.

42. Proper Advertising

Marketing strategies deal with media planning, public relations, market research, client support, community involvement, and advertising. Advertisements also play a pivotal role in the growth of any business. You can choose both online and offline advertising strategies to make your Medical Spas and Salons a popular name. Some of the best online advertising techniques include blog postings, Keyword Advertising or Pay Per Click (PPC), Social Media Websites, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Display Advertising and Banners etc. On the contrary, offline advertising strategies include the advertisements in radio, television channels, and newspapers.

43. Marketing Strategy is a changing process

Marketing techniques are continuously changing with the passage of time. That’s why you shouldn’t stick to a particular strategy for a long time. Your marketing team should continue researching with newer techniques from time-to-time. Investment in a result-oriented marketing strategy (s) will increase the possibilities of your marketing success.

44. Determination of ROI

Investing only on a set of marketing strategies is not sufficient rather you need to also track your return on investment (ROI) from time-to-time. Thus, you can find out whether you’re investing in a correct marketing strategy or not. It will help you in increasing your success towards your business goal.

45. Spa/Salon Owner-Client Relationship

Irrespective of the fact that you have just started your health care services or already crossed some steps in this field, your first preference should remain unchanged and it’s your spa clients. Providing high-quality health care services and proper care and support will strengthen the ‘Spa/Salon Owner and Client relationship’. Your service quality will improve with your knowledge and Medical Spas and Salonsal excellence. Top-notch care of spa clients, advanced infrastructure, expertise in your domain, successful results, and happy spa clients etc are essential to be in your Medical Spas and Salons’s portfolio along with proper marketing strategies. Apart from them, recommendations from people are also very important for your practice or Medical Spas and Salons.

46. Get connected to people on Facebook

Posting valuable contents on different social media platforms are another great marketing techniques. The contents should be relevant to your practice so that visitors can get an insight and relate it with your services. It would encourage them to avail your health care services and you can also expect an added benefit of their recommendation. As per the report, more than 1.94 billion Facebook users remain active per month basis in the whole world. A professional Facebook page for your Medical Spas and Salons or medical practice (t different from your personal page) will be a great way to draw the attention of new visitors. Keep on posting informative and useful tips (relevant to your field), news, and announcement (such as discounts etc) on this page. It will also be an ideal place for posting blogs. Readers like to share interesting facts with their family and friends and so when you post valuable information on your page, more and more people will start clicking the Like button. Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Snapchat etc offer incredible marketing opportunities so that you can easily connect with your audiences and share valuable insights with them.

48. Get becoming a source for journalists

Many healthcare providers don’t know that online, TV, and print journalists regularly look for medical professionals, who can provide validation, legitimacy, and context to their contents. You can partner with a well-known local news outlet and get associated with its health column for making a strong presence in the health care field. You can also write useful contents on a newspaper’s health column so that people can get to know about your services.

49. Make a Strong Online Profile

As internet technology has been streamlined a lot, a large number of people have become internet-savvy. From choosing the right dining place to selecting the best babysitter, people search for everything through their computer or mobile devices. Naturally, when it comes to healthcare service, people first search online. And so building a profile on popular online industry marketplaces, such as Zocdoc is a great idea. This platform enables you to verify your information, to add links to your professional website, demonstrate Client reviews, and upload photos.

50. Provide Unexpected Care Packages

Everyone likes to get gifts. The same is applicable to spa clients as well. To implement this idea, you can imprint your office or Medical Spas and Salons details on your preferred items, such as pens, magnets, stress balls or water bottles. Thus your spa clients and other Spa/Salon Owners could get your contact info on their hands. These unexpected gifts will make your spa clients and prospects happy and in turn, you can win their trust and affinity. It leads to the enhancement of your brand awareness and goodwill.

51. Emphasize on Client Reviews

Reviews play crucial roles in developing the brand awareness of any business. Your present spa clients and the referring Spa/Salon Owners are the best marketing partners of your healthcare service. A result-oriented referral program is needed to be designed in which your marketing team will request your spa clients to share their experience with your service. As a result, you can discover your strengths and weaknesses and change things, as per the requirements. spa clients reviews are an invaluable resource for your service and it will work as a mirror to indicate the quality of your service. Don’t argue with spa clients if they point out an error in your Medical Spas and Salons’s infrastructure or treatment. Listen to them with patience, apologize to them for the inconveniences and ensure them to rectify the flaws in your Medical Spas and Salons.

52. Start Contributing to Industry Publications

Along with blogging, newspaper and social media posts, you need to also start writing informative and useful contents for medical journals. You can share your expertise and experiences for improving your profile. It can lead your way in generating referrals. We all know that “knowledge is power” and sharing and spreading your knowledge in a credible environment will further enhance your credibility in your field.

53. Design a Client Referral Program

A properly-designed referral program is critical for every business. If you have been providing a best-in-class treatment and care with genuine care in an advanced infrastructure, then your spa clients will be automatically encouraged to share their positive experiences and refer your name to their family and friends. But you have to provide them with a particular platform, where they can post their reviews. You can print referral cards along with a simple message, information about your Medical Spas and Salons and contact information. Whenever you get a Client through referral, don’t forget to follow-up with your referring spa clients and thank them with a small appreciation note, a small token or a phone call.

54. Emphasize on SEO

Search engines are constantly evolving and acquiring a good rank in search engine results, you need to employ the best SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategies.

And so it is recommended to hire a professional, who can design the best-in-class SEO strategies for your website. Don’t include poor quality or duplicate contents and never use spam strategies, such as link scheming and keyword stuffing. Always emphasize on quality of your contents and on local listings.

55. Mobile-Friendly Website

Today, most of the people search health and Medical Spas and Salons information and reviews online. I hope you know the importance of being available online. If you want to attract new spa clients, you have to market your online presence. Already I’ve discussed many marketing strategies above. But, each of the strategies has one central location and it’s your website.

That means you have to mandatorily have a website for your practice or Medical Spas and Salons otherwise how can you make people know about your practice or Medical Spas and Salons? Another noteworthy point is that most of the people nowadays surf the internet on their smartphones. That’s why your website has to be responsive so that it can be compatible with any platform (PC, tablet or smartphone). If your website is not responsive, make it responsive with the help of your web designer and developer team as soon as possible. Today, most of the online traffic comes from tablets and mobile phones and you definitely don’t want to lose that huge volume of visitors for this reason.

56. Creation of custom content for your website

Content is the king of any website. People don’t stay on a website longer if its content is not valuable for them. Creation of high-quality custom contents must be an integral part of your SEO plan. Such contents will help you by informing people about your practice, skills, qualifications, offerings, and other services. Search engine rankings mainly depend on high-quality content so don’t neglect this part. And if you can’t handle it, you should appoint an experienced content writer, who will work on behalf of you. Any type of shortcut could harm your website’s ranking. Visitors of your website should get values from your contents and today’s search engine is advanced enough to measure whether the quality of your contents is good or not. So, forget about the idea of keyword stuffing and work on the quality only.

57. Optimization of your Local Listings

It’s important to make everything easy for your spa clients as much as possible. Once a Client determines to make an appointment for availing your service, he or she should easily find you out. The concept of local listings will work in this scenario. After claiming and verifying your local listings in popular search engines, these search engines will show those pieces of information while people in that particular area start searching for you. But if your local listings don’t properly get displayed or your listing information is incomplete or incorrect, your new spa clients might switch to another Spa/Salon Owner in that area. So, don’t fall your spa clients in a tough situation and keep everything simple and swift. Claim and verification are not enough but you need to fill out information so that your listing could stand out from the crowd. Don’t forget to add photos (high resolution) of your practice or Medical Spas and Salons, fill out specialties and hours information, and add a brief overview of your practice or Medical Spas and Salons. The more data you provide, the more response from people you can expect. Google My Business is also offering some brilliant features, including user-submitted Q&A functionality. That means you have to work properly to get and reserve the top position of the latest online listing.

58. Update Your Website (Technology and Content)

Your Medical Spas and Salons’s website represents your work in the digital world and all online surfers prefer easy-to-operate websites only.

If you have started your professional journey some years ago and get your website designed and developed in that time, then your website needs lots of modification, as technology has been changed a lot. Websites contain old and backdated information could degrade the performance of your website. If your website is not updated, then your spa clients might get annoyed and start looking for another option.

So, your business website should be always up-to-date with the latest modifications. To ensure this, you should hire an experienced web designer and developer. The speed of your website needs to be high otherwise visitors will switch to other websites. Old websites don’t properly fit on mobile devices (a large number of people use smartphone and tablet for surfing nowadays). If your website falls into this category, chances are high to lose a good number of visitors. That’s why a responsive website is a must. Your website should have good user-interface and user-friendly design where all the pieces of information can be easily accessible without any difficulty.

59. Build Branding

Many people are not aware of the power of branding but you can see most of the successful ventures have their own brands. Branding will help your spa clients in easy and instant recognition of your Medical Spas and Salons or practice everywhere in different online and offline mediums, such as website, blogs, social platforms, newspaper and TV advertising etc. Hire a graphic designer and choose an appropriate color scheme, logo design, and a brand name that will look absolutely professional. It will help you in making a prominent presence in the crowd of your fellow professionals. You have to consistently use your branding with your marketing strategies and it will start representing you. Thus, people can easily identify your presence whenever they come across your brand logo.

60. Make a unique presence in the crowd

It is particularly important if your Medical Spas and Salons or practice is located in a heavily competitive location. When a person starts looking for a new Spa/Salon Owner in a particular location, he/she tries to gather as much information as possible to make a treatment decision. For instance, if there are five orthopedic surgeons in a particular area but if it’s only in your place where some particular treatment or technique is available, then you’ll get a large crowd of spa clients. That means you have to point out some unique feature of your treatment so that you can stand out from the crowd. And you should also include it in all of your marketing efforts and thus you can expect a large volume of spa clients.

61. Don’t forget to send out appointment reminders

I have already mentioned that your main focus should be your spa clients only and all the marketing strategies need to be Client-oriented. It is not a direct marketing strategy but if you send out appointment reminders to your spa clients from time-to-time, it will show your dedication towards your work and care towards your spa clients. And thus you’ll start generating more and more referrals through this indirect marketing strategy. Who will want to miss such a sophisticated arrangement like yours’?

62. Get Brochures and Pamphlets Designed for your practice

Brochures and pamphlets are an integral part of your branding but they work differently than a logo. You have to include your practice or Medical Spas and Salons details, your services, success rates etc in your pamphlets or brochures and start distributing it in health events, seminars, fairs etc (with proper permission). You can also distribute these brochures and pamphlets to your new spa clients, attach them to your office or Medical Spas and Salons wall, and add them to your care packages as well. Thus, more and more people will start getting familiar with your Medical Spas and Salons or practice.

63. Offer take-away things

We all appreciate freebie, right? So, the same thing applies to your spa clients as well. You can send some items to your spa clients’ home but it should display your branding. It doesn’t mandatorily be anything expensive or big thing, rather small items, such as magnets, pens or notepads can serve your purpose. Don’t forget to include your contact number so that they can contact you in times of urgency. If you are going to offer some discount, spread this news to your website, blogs, and social mediums. You should also email your existing spa clients about this offer- may be any of their family members or friends need the same treatment at this moment.

64. Run Traditional Ads Offline

If you have just started your Medical Spas and Salons or practice or have something to announce regarding any upcoming event or discount, then take help of traditional advertising methods. Still, many people (specifically elderly people) don’t use the internet. So, you should not avoid this offline marketing strategy. Print ads, billboards, radio and TV ads, etc are great ways to attract people who are not internet-savvy. But, you have to properly target people for whom you’re running ads.

65. Optimization of your Landing Pages

A landing page is one of the great ways of driving traffic, improving the SEO of your website, and increasing your brand awareness. The landing page is where your visitors will be directed from your social media pages and blogs. Landing pages are helpful in leading your customers to your services and news of your practice or Medical Spas and Salons. And it will also encourage your prospects to take actions, such as taking an appointment or contacting your Medical Spas and Salons or office etc. So, you have to optimize your landing page with the help of a professional.

LPO or landing page optimization is the process by which you can improve different elements of your website and increase conversions. As a result, more and more spa clients will start submitting their queries in different platforms where you have the presence.

66. Find Out Your Peak Season

This marketing strategy is for them whose Medical Spas and Salons or office is popular as a vacation destination. If you belong to this category, you can target your marketing strategies to those spa clients. For instance, some people, who’re living in colder regions, like to spend cold season in a warmer location and they may need a local Spa/Salon Owner in that place. These spa clients are many times called “snowbirds”. Suppose your Medical Spas and Salons or practice is located in a famous winter retreat destination, then you can start targeting spa clients through your marketing tactics even before the starting of the peak season.

67. Paid Search Campaign

It is one of the best marketing strategies for your Medical Spas and Salons or practice. If you have decided to run a paid search campaign, then you need to ensure that you are directing your visitors to a page that contains valuable information along with questions and answers. You (or your marketing team) need to do some good research and implement different result-oriented tactics to find out what will work best for your Medical Spas and Salons or practice.

68. YouTube is very powerful

YouTube videos could enhance the popularity of your practice or healthcare Medical Spas and Salons. These videos can give a spark to your marketing strategies and can also be great educational tools for your prospects and spa clients. These videos will also help new spa clients to get familiar with Spa/Salon Owners before they book their first appointment. YouTube videos are easily accessible by most of the people through which they can know about your personality. You can share valuable health tips, advanced treatment techniques, and tools, explain your services, results and success rates of each procedure etc with your audiences. And don’t forget to talk about the unique features that set you apart from other practitioners. If you are not able to make illustrated videos, then try to include compelling non-graphic images in your videos. It will be better if you hire a professional video maker to get everything done smoothly.

69. Use Popular Review Websites

I have already discussed the importance of Client reviews for your Medical Spas and Salons or practice. And now it’s important to find out the popular review websites in which people visit to check healthcare providers. Ask your marketing team to shortlist some of the best review websites and request your spa clients to share their experiences on those platforms. Reviews can be both positive and negative. So, you have to plan in advance what would be your strategies if people post negative reviews. Most of the times, a simple apology works but you should also personally call them or send messages to seek an apology. Don’t forget to request them to share their new experience. You can also take help of the popular Reputation Marketing service to handle everything associated with your online reputation. It’s also crucial to modify or change your services or infrastructure accordingly. You can also arrange a training session for the new employees of your Medical Spas and Salons. Healthcare is such a profession where people expect extra care, compassion, and support. And if they get rude behavior or negligence, it won’t take much time to degrade the reputation of that particular Medical Spas and Salons.

70. Respond to online reviews and comments

Posting articles and blogs is not the end of your work. People will come to your site and social pages and ask questions to resolve their queries. Where some people express positive experience, some will express negative experience. If you don’t look at these things, your online reputation can start degrading. Responding to comments and reviews is the only way to sort out things before they go bigger. Express gratitude to people, who are happy with your service and seek an apology to them, who have complaints. Regularly check what people are telling about you and your service or hire a social media marketing expert.

71. Make use of an EHR

With the help of the Electronic health records or EHRs, your practice can stay properly organized. Thus, spa clients can also access their health information easily. Nowadays, spa clients want to be informed about each and every step of their treatment so as to make proper decisions. So, having electronic health records might be a major selling point to prospects, who want to get involved with their care actively.

72. Client Testimonials are important

Many people check for testimonials in healthcare websites. And so you should not miss this point at all. Collect testimonials from your spa clients to display the success stories under your treatment and care. Testimonials have a great capability to attract new spa clients. But, don’t forget to ask permission from your spa clients before posting their stories, as many people want to remain as anonymous while posting something online.

Spa and Salon brand marketing strategy

74. Respond to spa clients’ Questions (FAQs)

FAQs or Frequently Asked Questions have emerged as a trend. So don’t forget to include FAQs in your website. Some questions are there to which spa clients every time show curiosity. You can prepare some FAQs in a simple language and include them in your website, blogs, social media pages, pamphlets or brochures. And spa clients will appreciate your effort after finding out the answers to their questions that they have in mind.

75. Get Top-Notch Client Education

Most of the spa clients have different types of questions about their health conditions or the procedure that they are about to face. The best solution is Client education for which you can arrange some resources. Client education will also be helpful for you in answering any questions that a Client can ask after leaving your office or Medical Spas and Salons.

76. Being more accessible to spa clients

spa clients appreciate Spa/Salon Owners, who are also available outside of their Medical Spas and Salons and ready to solve their concerns, queries or questions. So, you should get your business card printed with your personal contact number and email address. And when spa clients would contact you in urgency, try to help them as soon as possible. The more accessible you will be, the more volume of spa clients you could expect.

77. Addition of New Services

You must know that medical science is constantly evolving and keeping pace with these advancements you need to introduce the latest and less-invasive procedures to your spa clients. The infrastructure of your office or Medical Spas and Salons must be of the state-of-the-art quality with the installation of advanced tool and equipment. Nowadays, spa clients look for most advanced care and a homelike ambiance when they search for Medical Spas and Salons. That means you have to upgrade your services to provide a more convenient and sophisticated environment to your spa clients. For instance, you can add on-site physical therapy in your Medical Spas and Salons to attract more spa clients.

78. Assist spa clients to find you online

It is a simple marketing strategy but unfortunately, many people ignore it or simply forget about it. If people don’t your online presence, how they can follow you. If you have a website, blogs, and social pages for your practice or Medical Spas and Salons, then help people to get familiar with it. Just attach “Visit our website”, Find us on Facebook” or “Visit our blogs” on your office walls and make it easier for people to know more about you. Don’t forget to include these pieces of information as your marketing materials.

79. Involvement with people

80. Provide care packages to your spa clients

Care packages might include brochures and different takeaway gifts, such as pens, notepads, magnets etc. You can also customize your care packages for different spa clients. You can arrange something through which your new spa clients can get to know your practice or services in detail. You can also give care packages to those spa clients who have recently diagnosed with a specific condition and such package can include information on the management of such condition.

81. Free services or screenings Facilities

Today, it has become somewhat necessary to offer something “free” to prospects. Likewise, providing some free facilities will help your prospects to analyze the quality of your services. It will work as a sample and enhance your credibility in the healthcare field. For instance, it might be something like free blood pressure screenings or free check-up for first 10 spa clients who would visit your Medical Spas and Salons. It can help in increasing the awareness of people regarding your brand and attracting spa clients, who otherwise would go to pharmacy-based Medical Spas and Salons.

82. Participation in public speaking seminars and events

Don’t restrict yourself in your office or Medical Spas and Salons only, rather you need to spread your knowledge and demonstrate your worth in front of the world. Participation in public speaking seminars or events will be great means to show off your knowledge on your field. The seminars or events can be arranged for spa clients (about the explanation of management about a chronic condition) or for others, associated with the healthcare field.

83. Promote an open house

This particular marketing strategy is specifically useful for those healthcare professionals, who have recently opened a new office or introduced a new facility. Thus prospects can easily check the available facilities and talk to responsible staff. As a result, the spa clients can know about your treatment quality, infrastructure or facilities and take decisions whether your Medical Spas and Salons or practice would be the best fit for them or not.

84. Perform Local News Interviews

It will be a great idea to market your presence in the healthcare industry. You can write health articles (relevant to your field) on the health column of local newspapers or give interviews on some useful topics (it needs to be relevant to your field) in local newspapers.

And thus you can spread your name and services within the reach of many people.

85. Target family members of prospects

Many times, people search for medical advice or information on behalf of their family members or friends. That means, if you’re offering any particular set of treatments for aged people, online presence is still required. In most of the cases, you’ll discover that spa clients’ family members (child or grandchild) are following you online. That means you need to design a marketing plan else hire professionals to get these things done.

86. Publication in Medical Journals

Medical journals are another great way to market your practice or Medical Spas and Salons. And thus you can easily display your expertise in a specific topic to the medical community as a whole. Medical journals are more research-based and informative, as compared to other publications, so you shouldn’t neglect this aspect.

87. Don’t ignore podcasts

Many people don’t know that Podcasts are one of the great ways of sharing expertise on various topics. So, you should also try this option for providing useful information to your potential spa clients.

88. Be Flexible with your marketing strategies

If one particular marketing strategy is not fulfilling your requirements or expectations, then you have to change it. But if you are unable to make a new set of marketing strategies, hire a marketing expert as soon as possible. But remember, one marketing technique that works for your fellow Spa/Salon Owner might not be suitable for you. That means you need to be flexible with your marketing strategies and update or change them from time-to-time or as per your requirements.

89. Track Your Online Reputation

Many people only focus on their marketing strategies but they forget to analyze their online reputation. It is important to know what people think and what discussions are going on social platforms about you and your service. That means you have to keep an eye on social media discussions and if you can’t do this task on your own, then you can appoint a professional. Commenting on posts, providing replies on comments, apologizing on mistakes, and expressing gratitude on social media discussions are some of the ways through which you can be a popular name in both online and offline mediums.

90. Connection with the community

Maybe you have great skills, brilliant degree or tremendous knowledge in your field but if you don’t connect with people or other Spa/Salon Owners, then you can’t make a prominent presence. That means the creation of connections is essential. You can participate in seminars and share and acquire knowledge from your fellow Spa/Salon Owners and connect to common people to know about health problems in their day-to-day life. Thus, people will start recognizing you as a good human being and then your journey as a good Spa/Salon Owner will begin.

91. Devote your time to social media marketing

Today, there is no scope to ignore or deny the power of social media at all. Most of the people visit different social media sites and check suggestions and reviews of other people on different topics.

That’s why you need to make a prominent presence on social media platforms otherwise you’ll lose a good number of prospects. You can appoint an experienced social media marketing expert and start planning a detailed strategy. Sharing valuable posts, replying to their queries, participating in discussions, apologizing to mistakes, talking about the latest announcements etc are some of the great ways of social media marketing.

92. Addition of a personal touch

93. Work on your skills

Owing to the introduction of new tools, techniques, and new studies, many methodologies of medical science keep on changing. If you don’t update your knowledge and skills time to time, your competitors might stay ahead of you. So, you have to keep yourself updated about the latest tools and techniques of your field. Every person looks for advanced treatment in a state-of-the-art environment and it’s your responsibility to ensure the same.

94. Conduct Health Awareness Camps

Many people are not still aware of advanced healthcare procedure or believe many illogical myths. And it specifically goes for rural people but you can take an initiative by organizing health awareness camps. Here people can be taught about basic hygiene, symptoms, and precautions of infected diseases, common myths, and truths etc. Thus you can make a great social contribution and also let people know about your Medical Spas and Salons or practice. When those people have any urgency, they will first contact your Medical Spas and Salons. It is one of the best ideas to make people know about your procedures and treatments. You can also participate in different health fairs and generate awareness about your practice or Medical Spas and Salons by providing valuable tips and information.

95. Specify the cost of each procedure on your website

It will be easy for your prospects to find out the costs of each treatment (provided by you or your Medical Spas and Salons) if the details are specified on your website. Ask your web designer to create a separate page dedicated to the cost of every procedure and provide detailed information about all the techniques. If you are going to announce any discount on any procedure, don’t forget to include the details as well. It’s your responsibility to make things easy for your prospects as much as possible so that they can easily make their decision about their treatment.

96. Don’t forget to consider Bing

Advertising your practice or Medical Spas and Salons on different search engines is one of the best ways to reach your potential clients. Along with Google, you should also emphasize Bing. And thus you can reach more and more prospects because different people use different search engines to get answers to their queries.

97. Be Updated

As a health care provider or practitioner, it is your prime responsibility to provide high-quality treatment and care to your spa clients. To fulfill that criterion, you have to be updated with the advanced techniques of medical science. Along with the improvement of skills, excellence, and knowledge, you also need to upgrade the infrastructure of your Medical Spas and Salons.

That means the installation of advanced tools and equipment is necessary to provide upgraded and top-notch health care services to your spa clients.

98. Ask spa clients about their health

Many medical practitioners don’t maintain contact with their former spa clients whereas doing the same encourages spa clients to come back and take your treatments again. After getting discharged, many spa clients need emotional and mental support. You can call them or send them messages and inquire about their health to inspire them towards a happy and healthy life. If you are too busy in your work schedule, then you can leave this task to your marketing team. Every Client expects care and support while going towards their normal life.

99. Be Positive

Marketing is a vast concept and it takes some time to work after its implementation. If you are providing top-class services and if you have been consistently working on your marketing strategies, you could easily reach a large number of people within a short time. So, you have to maintain your positive attitude and don’t lose your patience. Keep up with your excellent work and always look for advanced marketing strategies. I really hope that the entire post was informative for you. Now, choose the set of suitable marketing strategies for your practice or Medical Spas and Salons and expect the best result. Featured image source


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