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Outsourcing Medspa SEO to Freelancers - 15 Benefits

Updated: Oct 17, 2023

Outsourcing means hiring outsiders to work for your business on a contract basis. Nearly, two-thirds of large companies in the US does this for marketing purposes. 68% of Medspa business improves their business core competencies with much focus.

Of course, outsourcing terribly fails and to date it is 25% of companies lose the money spent on outsourcing.

Besides, 78% of business owners are happy with the outcomes that come with outsourcing. As a Medspa owner, you might be struggling with promotion and brand awareness. Managing Medspa and Marketing cannot be balanced at a time. You really need help otherwise; you may join the 95% of failed Medspas in reach and revenue. The website you use brings a bounce-back rate which certainly brings conversion and traffic.

So, paying equal focus on your inventory, SEO, and Medspa business is tricky. It is effective to outsource your Medspa SEO and Marketing to freelancers. Still not convinced about outsourcing Medspa SEO and Marketing?

Then the top benefits of outsourcing freelancers given below stress why you need to do it!

Benefits of Outsourcing Medspa SEO

Core competence

Core Competence is a business management theory. It is focusing on multiple business goals at the same time. Being a Medspa Owner, you find it impossible to increase brand awareness. But this core competence skill in freelancers makes them do it with ease. It is the strategic approach to important areas of business.

Medspa business flourishes only when people come to know about it. Also, the products you sell at Spa need promotion. Once the SEO is set right, you can start promoting them on websites with an online transaction.

When outsourcing happens, outsourcing helps partners or freelancers deal with all promotional grounds. Thus the core competence of Medspa is focused and much more balanced than earlier.

Faster and better service

Customers demand an immediate response. Often they expect your Medspa website to be user-friendly and responsive. You may build your website with user-responsive themes. In due course, you focus less on updating websites.

Thus it reduces usability. Focusing on taglines, navigation, content and strategic visuals need to be done quite often to get top rank. Freelancers or Outsourcing partners do it consistently. They find audience queries every day and answer them with engaging content and interactive live with skin experts or cosmetologists. The conversion tactics like CTA and customer profile are updated by them effectively.


Outsourcing is helpful to improve SEO and Marketing your Medspa. It is due to the focus they pay towards your website and inventory. Freelancers taking it and doing it as a full-time job can be more focused on bringing you the outcomes you expect.

They don't need to experiment with Marketing or SEO strategies. Straight away they for creating your Marketing scope and website contents based on SEO workings. Freelancers assure 30% more scope and marketing possible with their efficiency.

More focus

The set business goals of Medspa are getting diluted over time. SEO also keeps changing its workings and ranking. To cope with the newly drawn rules, you need to be way updated that you check every day.

Likewise, the market value of Medspa and the inventory items you sell tend to change. Marketers focus more on increasing your business value every day. But you cannot be focused kept aiming to achieve business goals every single day.

Ultimately, they bring the desired outcomes for your business.

Low cost

There are many controversial statistics on the cost spent on outsourcing partners and freelancers. But marketing analysts say it is 30% less than usual, you spend on website building and marketing.

Once the contract is made, a freelancer is responsible to position your website at the top. Likely, the Marketing Company you choose and have a tie-up with is accountable for selling inventory and promoting services. However, this expense will not exceed recruiting staff to manage the website, paying for website themes, promotional platforms, inventory space, and consulting marketing analysts to help with progress. It is beneficial that you earn $3 million per annum on average on having a successful Medspa. You can meet the expenses as well.

No dead money

Getting a freelancer and spending to pay him/her is not dead money. But to have staff handling your business for every purpose is an utter waste of money. It is because you have no certainty of getting them back.

It is not considered an investment at all. On the contrary, spending on paying freelancers and outsourcing partners is a good investment. They can assure certain outcomes and work on them efficiently.

They know SEO better than you

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a working system that arranges search results. For different search engines, this mechanism varies. Being a Medspa owner, you are completely new to promoting content through websites. 70% of business people use websites but just for the sake.

If you don't know why websites are important, know that 88% of Medspa visitors visit you repeatedly. This gradually increases your Medspa traffic. But this happens only when your result appears first on the result page. Optimization happens among other similar results based on length of contents, image, loading speed, page speed, keyword, and many other factors. They are Greek and Latin to you. But freelancers are working with SEO for years and years. Only freelancers help you to promote your website to get traffic to your Medspa.

Expert strategies

Recently, top marketing analysts find there are 200 ways how SEO works. It is not easy to know, learn and apply them to your Medspa website. If you do so, then it takes years and years.

Already, you can see the growth and success of websites only after 6 months. Within that time gap, your Medspa business already dies lack of revenue due to less visibility. Even after learning, you need to devise a working strategy for your Medspa goals. The experimenting period also extends and prolongs your Medspa success. Ultimately, you end up with failure in creating brand awareness through websites. Freelancers know every detail to build strong SEO that no other Medspa website can replace easily. Moreover, reading and learning SEO is nothing whereas freelancers do this every day and gain mastery.

Analyzing capability

Being a Medspa business owner, you know your business goal. It is you who makes the business plan. Freelancers analyze your business and the audience better. They know when and how to post content.

They keep engaging with an audience and make them visit your Medspa website quite often. This interaction is not possible as you cannot ride on two horses at the same time. 15 websites stick to the top rank on the result page for years and years. This is possible only by freelancers who understand SEO better by dealing with it every day. They work on local SEO where the audience near your Medspa location views your website. Medspa's audience is 93% women between 25-and 34 years. And all of them focus on anti-aging treatments. So, using related terms are also important to match with searchers' query.

Keyword strategy

Keywords are a game-changer to promote the Medspa website. Sadly, the keywords you use on websites are pointless and highly irrelevant. It is around 90% of keywords in Medspa websites do not communicate for conversion.

But freelancers know, it is the first 100 words of website content that decide the ranking and optimization of your Medspa website. They put such keywords together excessively that your website is at the top of the result page. Also, they know how to work on strategies basing the user device. It is because mobile shows top 5 results and computer screen shows top 10 results. 98% of searchers click to view the first-ever result appearing to them. This is where they help you the most in website building.

Professional competence

So far, you might be thinking to improve your business prospects. But you cannot get traffic or conversion from first-timers. It is really 10% of first-timers approach your website and visit your Medspa.

Rests of them are women who already visited Medspa around your locality. You should actually pull and attract an audience of your competitors to visit you. It is important to know their marketing strategy and SEO. To build strong SEO, one must know the cornerstone and 10X content strategy. Cornerstone strategy means getting the best content of the website on the landing page and positioned at the top. 10X content is creating exceptional website content which cannot be easily replaced. To do both, it needs lots of work to analyze other websites. This professionalism is highly impossible for you to attain but freelancers do!

Bringing reviews

You may own a start-up Medspa business and struggle for recognition. People do not always see and convert into customers by seeing your website. They see your Medspa recommendation mostly by viewing reviews. 96% of buyers and customers choose products and services online. Most of the customers go on reading 3-5 reviews. You cannot ask your few customers to write reviews and give testimonies. Medspa business progresses only on credibility. But outsourcing partners and freelancers bring reviews easily.

They have their own tactic to bring reviews for your Medspa using other popular websites and apps. You can get rid of worries once they start marketing the Medspa website.

They know the art of communication

SEO has nothing to do with marketing. Your Medspa goes unnoticed even if you are at the top rank of the result page. This is like taking chance. But on having the details entered by visitors, outsourcing partner tries to reach customers. They give constant updates on the ongoings of your Medspa. They use SMS, mails, voice calls, and invoice to alert customers to claim offers and discounts. Especially, they deal with your local potential customers in all possible ways. This involves lots of bridging communication. They bring the first impression to your website, products, and services with effective communication where you have gained no mastery.

Targeting and retargeting

Irrespective of appointing or assigning tasks to staff for SEO and Marketing, you see no progress in your business. Especially, the drawn potential customers are not reached out even after multiple efforts. Outsourcing medspa partners and freelancers have no way to escape faking progress.

They should actively proceed with the current conversion and send reports to certain business owners. Moreover, the marketers bound to the business scale the progress and customer count quite often. This target achievement and demands push them to focus on getting customers efficiently. When you do SEO, you stop just by improving your website. But they check for broken links, loading time, speed limit, keywords suitability, and visuals loading longer. With that, they provide offline targeting also. They give downloadable links where they can see your web pages when they go offline. Again, around 10% of customers visit your Medspa for the second time. This shows the conversion is highly inconsistent. But using retargeting tricks with emails, offers, blogs, skin analysis, and free consultations, your Medspa market is getting prevented without failing. Of course, this you can do but with little focus and thus ends up with failure.

Creating space for promotion

70% of Medspa owners use websites for brand promotion. Sadly, they stick to this one platform. Other than this, they go for spending money on Facebook/Instagram ads. Both fail to bring conversion consistently. But these outsourcing partners find space to promote your website. They promote websites and inventory on popular other websites and apps that are installed and used widely. They have tied up with other popular sites and platforms that people view often. So, getting a freelancer to do marketing is both economical and effective. You need not pay twice for promotional sites and marketers. Now you have the best convincing reasons to outsource your Medspa!

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