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Medspa SEO Success: 20 Reasons Why Facebook/Instagram Ads Fail

Updated: Oct 17, 2023

Medspa SEO

SEO works for Medspa start-ups that look for traffic!  Less than 5% of Medspas are successful in reaching revenue of $3-5 Million per annum. Comparatively, your Medspa grows less visible as there are 50% of new Medspas emerging every year.

It is a great threat to your business scopes. But to have a conversion, you already switch to social media platforms. No wonder, there are 93% of promotional ads getting viewed every single day. Sadly, it does not work but brings more view rates. You might be confused about choosing between websites and Facebook/Instagram ads for Medspa promotion. 

To answer this, it is website and SEO work wonders in bringing conversion. Also, it is of no use when your target audience is not your follower on those social media accounts.

Don't empty your pocket by spending on such Medspa ads rather work on SEO to get top results on the search page. 

Are you still in dilemma? Here you read to know why Facebook/Instagram ads won’t work for Medspa. Towards the end, you know SEO works for Medspa the best.

Less scope to reach targets

Facebook and Instagram ads have the scope only there are huge followers. It is true these ads bring quick responses and are user-friendly. But targeting ads often miss reaching the potential audience. You cannot say all your Facebook/Instagram followers can visit your Medspa.

Only women aged 25-34 visits Medspa widely for anti-aging treatments. Rare other visitors come on having skin issues. Again a filter was added that the local audience can visit your Medspa.

Others view your Medspa ads from faraway places.  On the contrary, SEO works for Medspa the best. The audience you meet through the website is for sure your target audience.

It is because they type to find a solution in search engines. You get reach among local and other audiences as SEO knows the location of searchers and brings appropriate results.

Poor conversion rate

However you try, you get the highest chance of meeting 1.9% of the target audience through Facebook/Instagram ads. It is the least conversion you ever get. Comparatively, SEO brings 2.35-3. 51% of conversion easily.

Promotional ads are viewed only once by the target audience. Certainly, there is no chance to view it over and over again. But 50% of websites are visited consistently by searchers again and again.

Now SEO works for Medspa which has a more convincing way to bring conversion than ads. 

Quick and inconsistent progress

Indeed, Facebook/Instagram ads bring quick conversion. The progress of Medspa is immediate and you need not wait to see the growth as a start-up Medspa owner. This may be a good sign to switch them.

But you know, the inconsistent fall of ads over time. The outcome is shaky and unpredictable with those ads. SEO has strong grounds for conversion. The process takes 6 months generally or at least 3-6 months.

But the outcome is highly consistent and you keep getting conversions irrespective of the contents you feed inside websites. Ads need to switch create modes very often to bring back the conversion again. It is risky like gambling to rely on ads. 

Bring view rate no conversion happens

90% of people spend time viewing promotional content. Probably, this may convince you to make ads. Sadly, they stop just by viewing your ads. Your view rate of ads may get high and higher every day. You also pay for every impression that gets viewed through Facebook/Instagram ads.

But surely this is not a signal of good conversion. Websites on the other hand have something called bounce back rate.

88% bounce back rate is possible with Websites and SEO. This means your Medspa website is visited by the same audience more times. View rate may seem less in SEO still the reach is unbelievable. 

No assured conversion happen

Facebook/Instagram follower count is kept changing. 1.9 Billion Users are active on Instagram every day. But they like and follow your Medspa page one day and unfollow the same day. Statistics say for every 30 minutes users check social media pages.

So, it is not sure the audience views the sole Medspa page that is you. They have lots of other options available while surfing social media. They may view your ad but visit other Medspas. SEO never allows users to quit and seek other options.

The bounce-back rate of Medspa websites is high due to this reason. When your website is in the top position on the result page, you get the conversion for sure. 93% of visitors never opt for results that appear second on the result page. 

Ads convince never convert

The ad creation goal is to make viewers see your Medspa ad. You put effort into viewability than aiming for conversion. But optimizing your website with SEO is for absolute conversion. Creating an ad is easy but an SEO website is way tricky.

It is because SEO works for Medspa in a mystical way that Market experts even never know. Approximately, SEO works for Medspa which uses 200 ways to arrange and load web pages.

The SEO-based website itself proves to aim for conversion. And the audience is already convinced to look for the solution in the search bar. They directly type to know and convert in websites. Sadly ads are viewed for fun most of the time. 

No way better than other competing ads

Once you opt to use ads for promotion, you kept working to design them creatively. The competing other Medspa pages may be so creative than you. On seeing that, you start comparing and producing better ads than them.

This collapses the ultimate aim of your Facebook/Instagram ads. But websites have only SEO to compare and check standards with. It is enough to follow SEO to organize content inside your website.

You won't believe it, 15 websites stick to the top rank for years and years. They are not replaced easily by other websites. So, you need not work much once you create a strong SEO-based Medspa website.  

You cannot settle with a single ad

You cannot get content with single ads. For every new update, offer, discount, and announcement you need to make different ads. The audience needs variety when you show ads.

At least to meet the expectation of the audience you start making different kinds of ads. You are also in need of variety to experiment to know the likings of the audience. You end up spending more money in vain to devise suitable ad variety.

Spending on website creation is a one-time investment. There you post recent updates and offers on the landing page. It allows you to edit whenever you need. 

Spending too much on ad impressions

Facebook/Instagram ads empty your pocket. Also, it charges for every impression the ad gets. Equally, website building and designing also cost more money. But you can experiment with free website themes then customize and personalize.

Both have spent but websites are worth the money. SEO surely brings conversion through a bounce-back rate of 26%-70%.

Audience may unfollow

Unfollowing a social media page is very common. The audience cannot cope with boring and less engaging ad content. Anytime, they may unfollow your Medspa Facebook/Instagram page.

On average, 200 users may unfollow you every day. 41.50% of users avoid brand posts and ads. You cannot rely on ads for brand awareness. But websites are searched by the user himself/herself.

Of course, they quit seeing website content. They take away something within 15-30 seconds of view time. 

Lost among other ads

Users may find your ads uninteresting. Besides finding them useless, 92% of social media users ignore ads. Yet another challenge is meeting the expectation of the user. They expect to see 6 different varieties of ads every single day.

When the created Medspa ad is basic and lacks creativity, you are already lost. So it is not effective to use Facebook/Instagram ads. There is a great threat of loss among other ads. 

No solution but promotion

Ads aim for brand promotion whereas websites aim to give solutions to the audience. Ads are recommended about the word we type in the user device. It also adds filters to sieve the target audience.

Those ads are keen on promoting their brand. But the audience looks for any solution. Conversion never happens unless you impress the viewers. Websites do it perfectly as they provide solutions and promotions together. 

Unsure results

The money you spend on ad creation goes in vain most of the time. The outcome you expect through ads is more traffic to your Medspa. Already, 82% of ads are viewed and do not bring conversion.

Websites surely bring 100 customers out of 1000 viewers. Comparatively, the results are accurate and constant with Websites. 

Nowhere connects with needs

Ads should connect you with the audience. Emotional attachment to ads or ads dealing with any relatable skin problems must be incorporated into ads. But on this ground, Medspa ads fail. More than half of the ads are pointless and irrelevant. But websites are carefully built and arranged with SEO protocols.

The keywords and relevant content are directly connected with the word typed in the search bar. SEO understands and collects the words and phrases typed by the audience while searching. Thus it connects websites with users. 

Tend to compete by making different ads

In due course, Facebook/Instagram ads become a race ground. It flips and turns away from the purpose or goal on which it is created. The goal thus gets faded away quickly. You start doing various ads and experiment with various ad types.

Firstly, you compete with yourself and then with other Medspa social media pages. Ultimately, you lost aiming target audience and your business goal. 

It May fail to reach the local audience

Facebook/Instagram ads are meant for a wide reach. Often they forget the local audience. The local audience can turn into your potential Medspa customers. Websites do it correctly.

It has an analysis of the location of the user's device. The search Engine itself filters results based on users' location. Thus websites are best to aim local audiences. 

No revenue after much spending

The average annual revenue of Medspa is $1 million. Ads you create charge much for types and impressions. Also, not every ad brings traffic and conversion effectively. Those times, it is of no use for the money spent on ad creation.

Your ads are left unnoticed and less visible. Instead, you can spend the same on Website building to get consistent growth in conversion and traffic to your Medspa. 

Short term results

Facebook/Instagram ads get you quick results. Thus many invest spending on ad creation. Sadly, it is very inconsistent to know the reach of social media ads. The outcome you get maybe the new customer count or retargeting happening suddenly.

The very next day, you go unnoticed. This unsure promotion is surely not credulous. 

Far from customer problems

Facebook/Instagram ads are created on the perception of the service provided. Nowhere has it paid to focus on customer problems or queries. But Websites are built, searched, and viewed for the solution to any user problem.

The search bar holds the query and the result page comes with your website as a suggestion. There itself it is clear that Websites are closely intact with user queries. 

No offline promotion happens

Facebook/Instagram ads are not available offline. The website allows users to access downloaded web pages read for later use. Likely, websites that do an offline conversion are equal to the online conversion. This offline promotion is challenging and unavailable with social media ads.  Now, you have 20 top reasons to switch SEO to Facebook/Instagram ads.

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