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Med Spa Social Media Calendar Guide: Monthly Content & Scheduling Tips

Updated: Sep 15, 2023

Med Spa Social Media Calendar

Social media calendar is a process of outlining your upcoming social media posts, categorized by date. Online marketers and social media managers utilize social media calendars to schedule posts, manage campaigns, and assess ongoing strategies.

Social media calendars can be in various forms. It can be in the form of spreadsheets, project management tools like Trello, Google calendars, or interactive dashboards.

A social media calendar usually contains some combination of these components for each post:

  • The time and date it will be posted.

  • The social media platform and account where it will be published.

  • Copy and creative assets (i.e., videos or text) needed.

  • Links and tags to add.

Your marketing strategy is created to generate connections, deliver value, and enlighten followers about the aesthetic industry, services, treatments, procedures, and products.

By utilizing a social media calendar for your medical spa business, you can readily plan consistent and regular posts to better engage your audience.

Benefits Of Using Social Media Calendar For Med Spa Business

Benefits Of Using Social Media Calendar For Your Med Spa Business
Benefits Of Using Social Media Calendar For Your Med Spa Business

A social media calendar can be a sigh of relief especially when you have numerous social media accounts for your business. It is a primary system that organizes your social media channels.

It helps business owners and the marketing team schedule their ads, posts and content organizationally. It's necessary to use social media calendar for your med spa branding for all the following benefits.

  • The calendar holds track of your social media channels.

  • Maintains content rate.

  • Sets stories and posts always as per the planned schedule.

  • Equally schedules and monitors all your social media accounts.

  • Prevents you from posting absurd and inferior content on your digital media pages.

  • Assesses the performance of your posts, campaigns, deals, and offers.

  • Governs content flows published on digital media.

  • Tracks multiple digital media accounts concurrently.

  • Keeps your audience engaged with stories, tweets, and trending posts.

  • Determines what to post and when to post.

  • Works excellently as a research tool.

  • Helps with keyword techniques, topic-related queries, and branding.

  • Meet up with posting frequency.

  • Analyzes and assesses social media content published.

Key Themes For Med Spa Social Media Calendar

Services Offered by Medical Spa

Your social media content calendar should highlight the services you offer and what makes it stand out from the competitor. Think about the services you offer.

Your medical spa services might include the following:

  • Laser treatments

  • Botox injectables

  • Chemical peels

  • Acne treatments

  • Microneedling

  • Laser hair removal

  • Facials

Whichever services make your medical spa unique, include them in your themes.

Skin and Body Care Tips

Providing skin and body care tips is an excellent way to inform and educate your customers and keep them glued to your post each time you publish them.

You might want to include the following skin and body care tips in your content themes:

  • Protect yourself from the sun

  • Don't smoke

  • Treat your skin gently

  • Eat a healthy diet

  • Manage stress

Customers’ Testimonials and Success Stories

If your customers drop positive reviews online, you can convert these testimonials into social media themes for your content calendar. You can actively request reviews and feedback from your customers or send them survey forms to fill out.

You can set some days, time and days aside for posting customers testimonials so that your potential clients will be convinced to use your service

Month By Month Medspa Content Calendar Breakdown

Your objective should be to promote and nurture every single medical spa service, body treatment, wet treatment, and spa retail product at least once every year.

Your med spa promotions should be aimed on a monthly or bi-monthly basis. Specific services can be promoted at any given time of the year, while some services are seasonal.

Most services can be promoted any time of year, not just during your conventional peak seasons. You can twist a slow month into your very promising month of the year, through aggressive online promotion.

Create a medical spa digital media marketing calendar using Microsoft excel or project management tools like Trello with the months detailed across the top. Different sections of your content calendar need to outline areas for skin, body treatments, acne, wet treatments, nails, hair, spa, retail and gift certificates.

Here are a few content calendar ideas to get you started:

Medspa Content Calendar
Medspa Content Calendar


Share Tips on Skin and Body Care

Tips on skin and body care are superb content on your calendar that will inform and educate your audience.

Some of these tips can be elaborated on and include;

  • Protect yourself from the sun

  • Don't smoke

  • Treat your skin gently

  • Eat healthy diets

  • Manage stress

Highlight the Benefits of Different Med Spa Services

You need to highlight the features and benefits of your different medical spa treatments and services.

The benefits of your services could be;

  • Muscle pain relief

  • Stress relief

  • Sleep improvement

  • Lower blood pressure

  • Reduces your anxiety

  • Diabetes and loss of weight

  • Abdominal reduction of fats

  • Detoxification

  • Improved immunity

  • Improved skin appearance

  • Skin regeneration

  • Improved healing

Share Customers’ Testimonials

Your content calendar should include customer testimonials to motivate your audience to trust you.


Share a Couple of Med Spa Packages

Share posts on a couple of your med spa packages on your calendar such as:

  • Couple retreat

  • Couple massage

  • Couple spa experience

  • Couple treatment

  • Romantic spa package

Highlight the Benefits of Your Med Spa Packages

Highlight and include the benefits of your medical spa packages on your content calendar. The benefits might include:

  • Great intimacy with your partner.

  • Lower stress and anxiety.

  • Encourage a feeling of affection.

  • Reset your emotions.

Share Tips on Valentine's or Romantic Skincare

Valentine's is the right time to create engaging content that will attract couples and fun lovers.

Below are some helpful tips to consider:

  • Exfoliate your skin

  • Moisturize your skin

  • Apply a face mask

  • Use face serum

  • Protect your skin


Share Tips on Spring Skincare

Below are some tips to consider:

  • Spring clean your skin

  • Lighten up

  • Buff away winter skin

  • Moisturize more

2. Benefit of Spring Spa services

  • Skin rejuvenation

  • Stress relief

  • Increase energy

  • Better mood

April to December

Follow the same pattern as January to March. You can focus on holidays, special events, and different spa services.

Overview Of Social Media Platforms For Content Calendar

Social Media Platforms For Content Calendar
Social Media Platforms For Content Calendar

When it comes to med spa's social media marketing, it's tough to beat an effective digital media strategy. Whether you're promoting your service to acquire new clients or engage with your existing clients, digital media is a very important tool that you can use to actualize your objectives.

However, getting your next client isn’t as easy as just having a digital media profile. The truth is much of the significance of digital media comes down to the following:

  • Using the right platforms

  • Understanding the right way to use them

  • Posting useful content

  • Engaging continually with your audience

To help you choose and use the best digital media for your medical spa, you have to understand how each platform performs well with your medical spa service.


Instagram is the number one social media channel for medical spas. This is because Instagram harbors tons of skincare lovers and enthusiasts. A lot of celebrities who are skincare lovers are on Instagram.

Also, bulk of beauty and dermatological-based content is posted and engaged with on Instagram daily. These make Instagram the number one platform for med spas.

As a med spa business owner, ensure to use Instagram to advertise your products and services, share promotions, share before and after pictures, provide brief snippets of valuable information, and display videos of treatment procedures.


Facebook is another great platform to promote your medical spa. It's a good platform to post essential information about your med spa services and other information you want to share with the public.

You can also connect your Instagram page content to your Facebook page so that content goes to both platforms simultaneously when you post them.


Twitter is a good digital media platform that can be used to complement Facebook and Instagram. You can use Twitter to engage with your clients and followers. You can share content about your med spa and ask your followers to retweet to get to a wider audience.


LinkedIn is a good platform to have for business-to-business (B2B) dealings. It's where you want to connect with other medical spas and companies you either have done or plan to do business with.


TikTok is a rising digital media platform that can be used to promote your medical spa. TikTok is traditionally targeted at younger audience, like teens and people in their 20s.

Nonetheless, make-up artists, skincare influencers, aesthetic providers, and even medical doctors are beginning to make more appearances on TikTok. You can leverage the huge traffic on TikTok to promote your med spa.

How To Create And Schedule Post On Each Platform

Set Your Schedule Goals And Objectives

Set Your Schedule Goals And Objectives
Set Your Schedule Goals And Objectives

The fundamental goal for your digital media channels should be to build relationships and build boost your brand's online presence. To achieve this, it's best to be specific in your goal setting.

For example, you might decide that you want to increase your Med Spa Facebook and Instagram followers by 75% by the end of Q4 2023. This is a perfect example of a goal that can be measured. This is referred to as a SMART goal because it's:

  • Specific: you have a tangible number you're aiming for

  • Measurable: you can measure whether you have 10 new followers

  • Achievable: it’s possible

  • Relevant: it’s pertinent to your business

  • Time-based: you have a set timeframe in which to attain your goal

Assess the Purpose of Each Social Media Platform

Every digital media platform is built for various reasons. Instagram is tremendous for sharing high-quality images and videos with your followers, while Twitter is perfect for posting text linking to industry news and blog posts.

Before you schedule your social media posting, you must take note of the objective of each digital media platform and determine how you'd like to take advantage of each one for your business.

For instance, you might choose to use Facebook to share your latest blog article and research, Twitter for curating industry announcements, and Instagram to share behind-the-scenes insights into your brand.

Decide on the Right Time of Day to Post

Knowing when people are most active on the digital media platform you plan to use is essential to know the right time to post. You need to know when the specific audience you want to attract is active. People use LinkedIn more during working hours compared to Instagram which people use more during their leisure time.

Based on the study, here are the best times to post on the various social media platforms:

  • Posting on Facebook on Wednesdays at 12 pm and 2 pm, and on Thursdays at 1 pm and 2 pm is the best time.

  • Posting on Twitter between 9 am and 10 am on a Friday is best.

  • Posting on Instagram on Wednesdays at 3 pm and Thursdays at 5 am and 11 am and between 3-4 pm, and Fridays at 5 am are the best time.

  • Posting on LinkedIn between 3-5 pm on a Wednesday is best.

It's best to play around with this to observe the time with the most engagement and then include those times into your schedule.

Note that time zones might be a problem too, particularly if you're targeting a global audience.

How To Create And Schedule Post On Each Platform
How To Create And Schedule Post On Each Platform

Blend Up Your Content

Digital media is naturally a place to develop communication and for consumers to engage with the brands they love. Apart from posting your own content, you must get content from other industry professionals and post it on your digital media pages.

Curating and reposting content from other industry professionals gives you access to quality fresh content and also builds confidence between you and your audience. This is because they can notice that you want to offer value and not just sell.

Concentrate on One or Two Social Media Platforms

It can be enticing to go into planning a digital media posting schedule with all guns striking, but posting on every single digital media platform is draining and may not be successful in the end.

It is best to concentrate on one or two digital media platforms. This way, you can really understand your audience better and have the time to engage with them.

Here, you will have to choose the digital media platform that is best suitable for your medical spa and your target audience.

Measure Your Progress

You’ll only understand your audience better by posting on various platforms to assess which one has better engagement.

To achieve this, you want to:

  • Think of key engagement metrics (including comments, likes, and shares).

  • Track and monitor your goals. Observe the posts that have the highest engagement metrics.


Social media calendar is important for med spa as it can help increase your engagement with potential clients and already active clients. It can help you keep your social content media pages active and increase your ability to acquire new clients.

It’s important to follow and utilize the tips we have explained above to succeed in your digital media campaigns. Contact us to know more information.

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