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Medical Spa Off-Page SEO Tips - GMB Hacking & Link Building

Updated: Nov 9, 2023

Building process

Offline page of a website is created to increase user experience. Thereby the website owner aims to get the top rank in SEO result page. Visitors can read this particular page of a website without being connected to internet.

It allows the visitor to save copies of web pages for later references too. Web content is thus getting developed through off line pages. To avail off line page for your Medspa website, follow the steps. There are many ways to build off line page.

Step 1

Add to favorites and view it as an off line page To do this,

  • Click the favorite menu> select add to favorites

  • Select “Make Available Offline” check box

  • Once it gets selected, click OK to complete the process.

Step 2

  • From Favorites menu> click Organize favorites

  • Select the web page you want the visitors to see offline

  • Select the check box “Make Available Offline”

  • Click close

Step 3

  • In Chrome, click the page you want to make it avail for offline viewing

  • Select main menu button from the top-right corner.

  • Click “Download” icon

Your visitors can view off line pages of websites by downloading it. They can view it from downloads at any time without being connected to internet.


Off-page strategy is supporting your online website and Medspa business. There are effective offline strategies to improve your website ranking. Know and integrate them while building your Medspa off page.

GMB page optimization

GMB stands for Google My Business. It is a platform where your Medspa business appears to visitors of local search results. It focuses on ranking your Medspa business both online and offline to increase visibility in search engine result pages.

It benefits you by boosting traffic, bringing more exposure; improve ranking, analyzing website performance. As you know optimization is arranging and rearranging your off page SEO strategy in a way to show your Medspa in top of the result page. It actually does,

  • Optimize your website by categorizing with keyword

  • Enforce your off page with reviewing and editing GMB descriptions

  • Check the accuracy of information provided in off page

  • Add to other social media accounts

  • Help improving social media strategy development

  • Website building

  • Content creation and marketing

  • Link building and management

  • Keyword tracking

Thus, using GMB page optimization helps you to put your in top ranks of the result page.

Cornerstone strategy

Cornerstone strategy helps you to reach business goals effectively. Cornerstone content is the essence of your website. There you have all your best and important articles built on your website. They can be your off page contents supporting Medspa website.  

Ultimately, it aims to get your website ranked the top by any search engines. No matter about an on page or off page strategy, it is key component helps branding. To create corner stone content, generally it needs

  • Best and effective keywords

  • Choosing best articles and compiling it

  • Having long tail keywords

  • Analyze cornerstone content with SEO

  • Rewrite to improve

Thus, cornerstone strategy is a process which ends only when you reach the highest range of SEO. It is like building your website in accordance to relevant and appropriate structure. To be more precise, just the way any SEO wants and reads. Cornerstone strategy works for your Medspa off page in a different way. Medspa comes under healthcare category where you are promoting a service rather than a product. Healthcare business goals should be framed precisely. It should reach local visitors of your Medspa area. Put to gather, your cornerstone content for off page seems effective to support your anchor website.


Blogs serve as powerful off page strategy. There is local targeted audience waiting to take your service in Medspa. If you are smart enough to drive blogging to improve off page strategy, there you succeed. It is because blogging it for on page strategies.

64% people search before taking any therapeutic service or buying any products.  It is no surprise, 93% of business people use blogs to reach potential targets.

When you avail blogs on your service ready in off page, your website will be positioned to the top. Blogging should be done on the basis of the following other strategies.

  • Marketing analysis

  • Branding strategy

  • Attracting targeted customers

  • Keyword research

  • Interact in comment section

  • Use about page

  • Analyze conversion rate

  • Use landing page

  • Choose right marketing tools


Using podcasts to promote your Medspa seems to be the most effective strategy.  90 Million People listen to podcasts on a daily basis. This proves podcasts a place where your potential targeted audiences meet so often.  

Even those who are not listening podcasts use Google to listen to their favorite podcasts whenever they wish. Having a start up Medspa business people like you, find podcasts the best marketing tool. However, podcasting is not something different from blogging.

  • Strategies to use podcasting for off page branding,

  • Keep your keywords ready along with title and description

  • Use transcriptions (more visible to Google searchers)

  • Create your own podcasting website

  • Use show notes as your back links and natural links

  • Create customized URL links through podcasting host

  • Use blog contents for interviews

Thus, slowly implement and experiment your podcasting to improve SEO strategy.

Link building

Links are important to position your website. Link building is getting quality back links and inbound links to your website.  

Nowadays, Google or any search engine values a website by including the links integrated into it. Every month, there are 100 billion searches made in search engines on services, products and contents. Your Medspa needs supporting links to improve user experience and quality of your website.  Back links are highly used as an off page strategy.  It is because; search engines trust a website from natural links in relevant websites.

3-5 links for a web content of 1500 words is what considered being right usage of links in a website. Search engines uses different algorithm to rank websites. It varies from one to other. It believes any website as authoritative on the basis of links generated for a website. It also sees other agendas like,

  • source of the link

  • Owner of the site

  • Authoritative quality of the links used

  • How fresh the linked contents are?

  • Is the link natural to your website?

How to build a link?

  • Research on Domain Authority (DA) and Page Authority (PA)

  • Quality of the links

  • Know people who need your service

  • Think about content strategy

  • Check the quality of anchor text

  • Know your link criteria in ranking

  • Check the relevance of the link to your website

  • Get traffic to your links

  • Link reclamation

  • Get links from other sites

  • Mobile friendly links

  • Know others link building and build yours a better link

  • Preserve link juice

SEO building

Best medical spa SEO hacks

Owning a healthcare website like Medspa is different and difficult from other business owners. SEO keeps changing the ranking order and algorithms more often.

So, the top order or rank is always something unpredictable and ever changing thing. Knowing the best marketing strategy in all business aspect brings traffic to your spa.

Eventually, there is good conversion rate for your Medspa than you expect. Some of the SEO hacks that worked for medical spas are,

  • GMB optimization (Google My Business)

  • Using city pages (to attract local potential audience)

  • Using ranking apps (to know the state of your website)

  • Back links and citations

  • Mobile friendly web pages

  • Using web page schema (as SEO recognize website on specific basis)

  • Blogging

  • Reviews and editing (on existing on page and off page strategies)

  • Pay per clicks campaigns

  • Check SEO tools

  • Use rank checkers

  • Keyword tools

  • Search Engine strategy


Themes that you choose for your Medspa website must be SEO friendly. Choose a theme on the following basis for your website,

  • High responsive theme (to increase user friendly experience)

  • Precise schema

  • Themes with fast loading speed

  • Themes with supporting plugins

  • Themes works on various browsers

  • Auto updating themes

Here are some top suggestions to choose right Medspa theme.

  • Divi

  • Medical Spa

  • Astra

  • Avada

  • Salient

Faster loading page

To compete with other local websites, it is necessary to improve page speed. Ideal page speed is three seconds or less than that. Page speed affects SEO when it takes too long to respond.

It is one main ranking factor in showing results in result pages. It can backfire by reducing visiting time of your website. Still, it is necessary to maintain ideal speed of your website. Reduce server response time; compress image file inside your contents; use better host; avoid page redirection; reduce Java and CSS files.

These all can help to improve page speed. Google sets its good speed score as 90+. This shows your website will be shown only when you reduce loading time. It is on page SEO strategy that decides visibility.

Optimization of images

More than a SEO strategy, image optimization improves user experience. Image optimization is creating and giving images into your web page contains article or content. It gives better understanding and complete idea about your content. Thus, it is a good strategy to optimize your page with images.

While using images, file format is very important. Many use GIFs nowadays. But it is not good as PNGs. High resolution of images gets ranked first by any search engine for that matter. So, use either PNGs or JPEG format for image files. It increases visibility and traffic to your dental page. Use unique names to your image file. Make sure your image is of small size. Small size image files loads faster and appears speedily. Dimension of your image should be good as well. Use 125 characters or less into images. Use plain language to image files.

Optimizing videos

81% of people decide to buy a product or take a service on watching videos. It increases traffic to your website by 33%. That’s why 93% of business people use videos. Moreover, videos work great as SEO strategy to improve visibility and recognition. Search Engine also takes videos for consideration in ranking results.

Increase social media followers

Off page SEO includes increasing visibility in all social media platforms. For this you can use free platforms like face book ads, instagram stories, you tube videos and Google ads. Automatically, there is a gradual growth of followers to your social media account.

When you announce some exclusive offers on sharing your Medspa posts or tags, you are on the right track in building SEO. Build your strategy now! Get more traffic to your Medspa!

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