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PPC Agency in Dallas, Houston & Fort Worth: Proven Campaigns & Benefit

Updated: Sep 15, 2023

PPC Agency in Dallas, Houston & Fort Worth, TX

The best PPC agency in Dallas, Houston & Fort Worth, TX that can offer Pay-Per-Click advertising services is Intellius Medical. The agency offers a wide variety of ads ranging from Google AdWords to Facebook and Instagram Ads.

PPC Agency
PPC Agency

Intellius Medical differs from other agencies in Dallas in terms of approach, experience, skill, and many other aspects all of which we will be discussing in this post. There’s no more effective way to get quick, and quality traffic and conversions than pay-per-click advertising. It is a paid advertising strategy that helps businesses of different sizes drive targeted traffic and generate leads as well as increase sales.

Pay-per-click advertising can take your brand to a much grander audience interested in your brand and increase your potential customers. Advertising of a business should be delegated to an agency with proven experience with PPC ads.

PPC Services Offered By Intellius Medical Agency in Dallas, Houston & Fort Worth, TX

Google Adwords

Google Adwords
Google Adwords

One of the services offered by Intellius is Google Ads, an online advertising platform developed by Google. On the Google Ads platform, businesses are required to pay for their websites to rank on top of a Google search results page. Google Ads is one of the most sophisticated paid search platforms and greatly outperforms most of its other competitors. Our Google Ad services at Intellius Agency entail setting a daily budget for each campaign and choosing bids for each ad group and keyword. We help with campaign settings which include ad schedules, location settings, and mobile device settings.

We also assist in improving the quality score of your ad campaigns to drive the most quality visits to your website. The platform favors advertisers that regularly adjust their accounts and experiment with the latest featured ads.

Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads
Facebook Ads

Another service offered by our agency is Facebook ads. We have a team of social media marketing specialists and creative designers whose task is to help businesses to manage Facebook ads.

Facebook isn’t only for social media interaction, it can also be used to increase your brand visibility and improve sales significantly. Using Facebook for marketing your business isn’t something that can be done by anybody. Facebook ads can only be run by experienced and skilled professionals such as the ones at Intellius Medical. We don’t just set campaigns on Facebook and leave it to itself.

At Intellius Medical, we create a full Facebook ad strategy and implement different tactics and combinations of creativity, skill, and budget to ensure we’re able to reach your ideal target audience. We offer Facebook Pay-Per-Click ads services based on business-specific needs and goals.

Instagram Ads

Instagram Ads
Instagram Ads

This is also one of the PPC ads services we offer. Instagram Ads are used to increase awareness of a brand and grow its sales. Instagram Ads work by appearing on users’ feeds, stories, and reels for them to see.

At Intellius Medical, we offer various forms of Instagram ads such as images, videos, carousels, or collections depending on the one that best suits the brand’s goals and audience. While you may consider handling your business Instagram ads yourself, it will do you more good and get quicker results to contact us as we’re more skilled and experienced in Instagram ads.

Up your social media marketing game by contacting Intellius for your Instagram ads. A client partnered with us for our Instagram ad services. We made our research to ensure the potential audience is truly spending their time on Instagram.

After confirmation, we helped her with Instagram stories and reel ads with which she was able to gain more recognition for her brand and increase traffic.

Display advertising

This type of advertising service involves the advertisement of your brand’s products or services using video and images on third-party websites such as Google display network and many others. Display ads include all of the business ads that the audience sees online. Using display ads, Intellius Medical helps businesses to showcase their enticing offer to target audiences in a wide range of ad formats. Because there are a lot of digital ad formats that a business can make use of to promote itself, we offer an initial consultation to share insights and ideas with our clients to ensure we’re going for the digital ad format that suits the brand’s objectives.


This type of advertising is used to drive highly targeted traffic to a brand website. Remarketing is a type of display ad that is used to engage the audience that has already interacted with your brand in one way or the other. With our remarketing services, we focus targeted ads on people that have already visited your website or taken an action on your website previously. This way we’re able to increase your conversions as research has shown that most customers don’t convert immediately after a single interaction with a brand. We can use our effective remarketing strategy to turn an interested audience into a first-time buyer and from that into a loyal customer to help our client drive recurring revenue. For instance, we partnered with a designer who had several potential clients after visiting her website almost to the point of converting, leaving, and forgetting to return.

With our remarketing ads services, we created a display ads strategy targeting these specific potential clients that have visited the site before and after a few months, she notices a significant increase in conversions.

Customization And Collaboration

No matter the marketing strategy you plan on implementing for your brand, customization is a very important factor as businesses are unique and have their objectives and needs. This is the reason why Intellius Medical stays committed to tailoring its Pay-Per-Click advertising services to meet the unique needs and goals of each client. During our consultation stage, we brainstorm together with our clients to share ideas, and innovations and also discover more about the brand’s unique goals and objectives. Besides that, we also spend our time studying and understanding our client’s target audience to be able to come up with a personalized strategy that suits the client’s business.

Utilizing a strong strategy as well as localization with geo ads are also part of our processes in ensuring that our Pay-Per-Click services are well customized for each of our clients. Collaboration is also a core part of our work process. This strategy team works closely with clients to not only create customized marketing solutions but to also develop a comprehensive Pay-Per-Click advertising strategy.

While we’re skilled and experienced professionals that can help businesses handle their ads, developing the ad strategy isn’t a one-man business. We work together with our clients throughout the process to discover all the things about the brand that will help us in creating the best strategy. We ask questions about the brand’s management that possess in-depth knowledge about it to guide our work process.

Customization and collaboration are both essential factors to evaluate a PPC agency for as they greatly determine the kind results of your marketing efforts yield.

Industry Experience and Results

Industry Experience and Results
Industry Experience and Results

Our industry experience and results alone are enough reasons for you to choose Intellius Medical as the agency to run your campaigns. We possess years of experience working with clients in different fields to achieve their marketing goals.

Some of the clients we've partnered with for Pay-Per-Click ads services are from various industries such as retail, healthcare, finance, and education. All of these clients have seen significant results from the strategy we implemented for them. There are real-life examples of successful Pay-Per-Click advertising campaigns that Intellius Medical has executed on our website, including measurable results such as increased website traffic, leads, and sales.

Client Testimonials and Reviews

We have a lot of positive feedback from satisfied clients, including testimonials and online reviews to share with you. Some of them are: “ I observed a significantly higher bounce rate and I reached out to Intellius at first only to reduce the bounce rate along the line. I expanded my objectives to increasing conversions and inviting new potential to my website and the ads team at Intelius did a great job. Within a short period, my conversions increased and my bounce rate was greatly reduced” Here is another testimonial from one of our clients in Dallas. “I know the struggles that come with just starting a medical practice so I knew I had to work with an agency to help with the promotion of my new healthcare organization. After researching the top agencies in Dallas, I came across the Intellius Medical Agency for doctors, and everything after that has been good news. The agency helped with my practice SEO and PPC management and in months more people knew about my practice and appointments increased” This is another review from one of our satisfied clients. “Running a brand takes much of my time already and even with the fact that most platforms are self-service I still needed someone with more skills and experience than me to handle Pay-Per-Click ads for me which is why I reached out to the team of experts at Intellius. Thankfully they did amazingly well. They got me results that I didn’t expect even when I approached them” The above reviews and testimonials are evidence that we offer excellent management services to clients. Another thing important to us at Intellius Medical is customer service and support. The agency’s dedication to satisfying our customers using the most effective strategies and getting fast results is one of the reasons why we’re a top agency in Dallas. We assist our customers with the creation, implementation, and monitoring of the success of ads strategy. We’re also open to helping each of our clients anytime they need answers to certain questions or need some concerns to be addressed. Check for our reviews online, our high online ratings and positive feedback are solid proof of our commitment to customer support and service.

Awards and Recognition

One thing an agency gets from receiving awards and recognition is that it boosts an agency’s visibility and credibility. Intellius Medical has established itself as one of the best agencies in Dallas with years of experience and results to prove its exceptional services.

We’re rated one of the Top Pay-Per-Click Agencies in Dallas on several online marketing agencies’ rating platforms. Going through our social media pages and website can help you discover more of the recognitions and awards we have.

Benefits of Working with a PPC Agency in Dallas, Houston & Fort Worth, TX

Benefits of Working with a PPC Agency
Benefits of Working with a PPC Agency

Drive Instant Traffic To Your Website

One of the major ways it can help your business is to drive traffic to your site rapidly. The thing is that you get to target people that are highly interested in your brand and more likely to visit your site upon seeing your ads.

Some kinds of ads like remarketing display ads even allow you to target the people that have interacted with your brand at least a single time. Another thing is they are a much faster way to bring in more traffic rather than a long-term marketing strategy like SEO for businesses, especially new businesses and others with time limitations.

Increase Brand Recognition And Awareness

Another benefit your business can get is improved brand recognition and awareness. Running Pay-Per-Click ads allow you to target your ideal audience and when these people see your ads frequently it helps build more awareness and allows you to get more recognition for your brand.

With improved brand recognition and awareness comes increased trust and credibility. Seeing your ads often won’t only increase your brand recognition and this increases people’s trust in your brand.

It Helps Your Brand SEO Strategy

While there are a lot of claims that Pay-Per-Click can badly affect your SEO strategy in the long term. This isn’t true, on the contrary running this ad can even help your SEO in different ways.

It allows you to gain better insights and collect valuable information about your target audience. These ads can even provide you with data to discover the keywords that convert better with your audience. You can even test out your keywords in ads to know their effectiveness before committing them to a long-term SEO strategy.

Through our efforts at Intellius Medical in Dallas, we also help discover converting keywords that you can utilize for your business SEO. Running SEO and Pay-Per-Click campaigns can significantly increase your brand awareness.

The Benefits of Outsourcing PPC To An Experienced Agency in Dallas, Houston & Fort Worth, TX

The Benefits of Outsourcing PPC To An Experienced Agency
The Benefits of Outsourcing PPC To An Experienced Agency

Greater Expertise

One of the benefits of Outsourcing Pay-Per-Click to an experienced agency is greater expertise. An agency that specializes in these services will most likely have greater expertise and extensive knowledge about these ads than tasking yourself with no background in the process. Although you may spend your time researching and reading everything you can about Pay-Per-Click ads, that can never be the same with an agency whose full-time job for years is helping businesses with these ads. This agency has in-depth knowledge of the most effective strategy and knows the tactics that work best when managing these campaigns.

Access To Better Tools And Resources For Optimized Campaigns

Another benefit you get from outsourcing this ad to an agency is access to better tools and resources. It’s essential to analyze your Pay-Per-Click campaigns to know what adjustments and improvements to make down the road and this analysis can only be done when you have access to certain tools and resources.

PPC agencies have access to advanced tools and resources to help analyze and optimize your campaigns. These are tools that cost you a lot of money and require you to have proper knowledge before you can even use them.

There’s No Learning Curve

One of the reasons why you should hire a PPC agency for your campaigns is that there’s no learning curve. This is one of the biggest benefits you get from outsourcing your campaigns. You don’t need to spend your time learning all there’s to know about managing these ads and after learning you still need time to test your tactics to know what’s working and what isn’t.

Partnering up with a PPC agency saves you the time required to learn and test things out and achieve your results faster.

Time Saving

A PPC agency can save your business more time and money than expected. Working with an agency means that you don’t need to spend your valuable time learning the basics and advanced processes involved in running Pay-Per-Click campaigns. This way you get more time to spend on other things that contribute to your business growth. There’s also the part where it saves you money. Acquiring these ad skills doesn’t come for free and you will also need money for PPC tools and certain resources that you will need for your campaigns. But when you hire an agency it’s more cost-effective as they have all the tools and resources they need to create effective PPC strategies.

Examples of Successful PPC Campaigns Implemented By Top PPC Agency in Dallas, Houston & Fort Worth, TX

An example of a successful Pay-Per-Click campaign in Texas is that of a top Dallas PPC agency that partnered with Metropolitan Bath & Tile. The brand relied on PPC ads to drive traffic to its website and increase the number of scheduled appointments significantly. But for a long period, these campaigns weren’t performing well and didn’t expect results. Metropolitan Bath & Tile reached out to one of the best PPC agencies in Dallas, Houston & Fort Worth, TX to help solve the issues with existing campaigns. The ad agency optimized the previous ones and launched new campaigns to bring in more quality leads for the brand. Besides that, the agency also helped with landing page optimization and after all these changes the brand recorded a major increase in traffic and leads. Another success story is that of a jewelry store in Dallas, TX. The brand has always used these campaigns to drive traffic and increase online sales for a while but the results of the campaigns declined for some time. After years of experiencing this decline, the brand reached out to one of the top Dallas PPC agencies for help. Research showed that the decline in the campaign results was due to rising CPC costs due to increased competition. But after partnering with a PPC agency, things changed and the brand minimized cost by eliminating wasting money on keywords that aren’t converting as research showed that over 60% of the words have not generated a conversion for about a year.

The agency also helps shift campaign strategies to much more effective ones.


There are a lot of PPC agencies out there available to save you time and money but the best one to go for is the one that will provide you with good results. The top PPC agency in Dallas, Houston & Fort Worth, TX, with proven expertise and results to partner with so your brand can upgrade to another level with Pay-Per-Click ads, is Intellius Medical. Our unique proposition ranges from experience and expertise to collaboration and customization. We customize an effective strategy for your brand to ensure you get good returns for every dollar spent on an ad. You can also get in touch with us to discover more about our Pay-Per-Click advertising services and how we can help your business.

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