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Hiring Reputation Management Specialists: Roles,& Rates

Updated: Nov 9, 2023

Reputation Management Specialists

Online Brand Reputation Management plays an important role while it comes to popularize a business. A business with a positive reputation attracts more and more customers and prospects unlike that with a negative reputation.

Reputation management is often called online reputation management (ORM) or rep management. It is one of the popular practices of shaping viewpoints of buyers or organization by making an influence on online information regarding that particular entity.

Reputation management is a vast concept and many factors are involved with it. Reputation management is about checking references to the brand or individual mainly by the procedure of social media analysis and by designing search queries in a proper way.

Many types of processes are available today on search results that are helpful in delivering a snapshot of present opinions or viewpoints of folks in question. After that, a fruitful campaign should have to be crafted to address different types of issues that have been appeared.

If you are worried about the online reputation of your business, then you should hire a professional and experienced reputation management specialist.

Role of Reputation Management Specialist

Reputation management specialist is one of the important posts in today’s digital age because, with some simple clicks, millions of people can assess the reputation of your business. Hence, it’s very important to appoint a highly-qualified professional in this particular job role.

An online reputation manager monitors the online world to analyze your brand name and he/she should also design plans and techniques to clean up the results of search engines.

It might happen that some customers have negative thoughts about your business and as a result, other prospects can also get a negative impression about your products or services. It’s the job of an online reputation manager to communicate with unsatisfied customers.

In a nutshell, their job is an amalgamation of public relations and SEO. A reputation manager has to think about his/her correct approach throughout the web.

He/she needs to understand the behavior of the search engine and should also possess the required skills and personality to represent your brand professionally.

You can hire a social media marketing firm, an in-house, a freelancer or a full-time employee to manage the reputation management of your business.

You can search for an online job portal to find out “Public Relations Manager” and you will find the reputation management as one of the prime responsibilities listed there.

Today, more and more companies have been appearing with their so-called best reputation management service along with Pay-Per-Click advertising (PPC) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services.

However, in case you are interested to appoint your own in-house professional, then a full-fledged training is needed before handing over the responsibilities.

Yearly salary in United States, Australia, Europe, Asia, etc

The yearly salary of a reputation management specialist in the United States, Australia, Europe, Asia, etc is $63,355 Avg. Salary.

Hourly rate for Reputation management specialist

The hourly rate for Reputation management specialist is $18.86.

How to hire Reputation management specialist for your brand?

Do you know what the toughest part of a small business is? The answer is to divide the tasks to your new employees with the advancement of your company.

At one time point, you would not be able to handle everything on your own and it will become essential to hire experienced professionals in some particular fields, including the online reputation management.

In case you want to make a prominent presence in the digital world, hiring an online reputation manager is a must.

Among a pool of candidates, it might become tricky for you to find out the best and suitable candidate for this particular job post.

Another worth-considering point is that reputation management specialist is comparatively a new field and so finding out an online reputation manager with proficiency and experience can be somewhat difficult for you.

Underneath is specified some useful tips that you can remember while start searching for a professional in this particular job role.

Experience Matters

You can’t expect a candidate to have experience in the exact position of "online reputation manager." Rather, you have to search for a candidate, who is experienced in the domains of customer service, community management, public relations, brand management, and social media marketing.

Candidates should also hold experience in digital marketing and project management and thus they can easily gain required skills, important for becoming a capable online reputation manager.

The eligible candidates for this particular job post should be capable of performing the following tasks:

  • Designing customer-oriented messaging

  • Providing response to customer service complaints through email and phone

  • Making utilization of social media to communicate with clients and prospects

  • Creating branding guidelines

  • Providing response to both positive as well as negative reviews

  • Monitoring blogs as well as social media for brand mentions

  • Collecting data to realize the brand sentiment

  • Providing a service as an association between marketing teams and customer service

Writing Experience

Eligible candidates for the post of online reputation management should have experience in writing press releases, blogging, collaborating with product development teams in order to improve quality in terms of customer feedback, analysis of data, and technical support.

Online reputation managers have to provide excellent customer service and so it’s very important to check these skills on the jobseekers’ resume.

You should also make a decision whether you would like to appoint a professional virtually or on-site in your office. You also need to train them to sharpen their skill and knowledge for their role if required.

Some Points of Caution

Don’t ever appoint an unpaid intern as a brand reputation manager of your company. As a result, your brand’s reputation might get deteriorated due to the wrong decisions made by that unskilled intern because he/she doesn’t care about the accuracy of the job.

In order to hire an experienced online reputation management, you have to make a vast investment.

Building a strong and positive reputation is very important for every business that wants to reach the sky of success. Hence, selecting a right candidate is essential in this regard.


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