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11 Brilliant Tips for Salon & Medical Spa Marketing Ideas

Updated: Oct 2, 2023

Salon and spa marketing ideas 

Here, We discuss Salon and medical spa marketing :

  • Salon & medical spa marketing ideas

  • Salon & medical spa marketing strategies

  • Salon & medical spa marketing plan

  • List of marketing channels for Salon & medspa

  • Salon & Medical Spa content marketing strategies & plan

  • SEO tips

  • Google My Business optimization for spa and salons

  • YouTube Marketing ideas for Spa and Salons

  • How to hire a marketing company to promote your spa

  • Facebook ads and Instagrams ads ideas for Spa & Salons.

  • How to increase the returning clients to your spa and salon

  • How to increase the lifetime value of your spa/salon client

Salon and marketing spa  marketing strategies 

Having a strong marketing idea for your salon will take your business a step further, not only for salon and spa for every industry it applies the same, as the marketing of your products and service plays a vital role in pulling the crowds for your products and services. 

So having a strong marketing strategy, salon software will make a huge difference and impact. Here are some marketing ideas Let’s get started…

Create a profitable front desk

Every point of sale interaction is another potential opportunity for your business to bring back those  effective customers again to your salon, A recent survey shows that 80 % of revenue is generated from rebooking, so train your front desk to work productively where upsell, cross-sell to the client.

Set up a selfie station with your salon’s #hashtag

Create an elegant selfie station area for your customers, so that they can take selfies and post with your salon name hashtags, ask them to tag your salon account every time they take a selfie and post. Selfie is really popular nowadays as snap chat is also popular where they always take pictures and posts to their stays immediately, creating a beautiful selfies station area which is designed for taking selfies and photos.

where they can directly post pictures on social media with a background of your business name. Hashtags will give more reach to your salon.

Create a memorable client experience

People always look for trendy hairstyles, people come to salons for greater and trendy hair, they want the experience that comes with that, try to give your best services for the clients, and build a strong client experience , where a chance of your potential customer revisit your salon.

Carry exclusive products

Great way to differentiate yourself from the competition is to carry and promote your services as products, it will be a great find for your customers if you sell products that don't sell by other salons will make a difference for your business, might have a chance of visiting your store for products at least.

High-quality relationships

Always develop a long-term relationship with clients which actually help generate revenue for your business and for your hair salon, those potential customers will also recommend services, reviews and engage with your business both on and offline.

Simplify your pricing chart

Create a menu structure and simply your pricing and let your services speak for themselves offering too many options, go for basic and premium where basic works better often, clients choose basic on their first visit then offer them premium services.

Branding at its best

Always stick to your brand, the brand is like a whole identity for your business, so make sure you use brand colors everywhere the same, on logo, on the menu, and on advertisements, which will really help clients to identify your business with the colors and make sure their appearance and behavior are always on-brand for your salon. Branding is always the key.

Hosting  contest

Hosting contests monthly where you award and reward your potential costumes, who brind the referrals,  make sure the referrals get a 50 percent off on their next visits, offer them and make them happy with some prizes. The choice is yours contest will help a lot.

Offer add-on services

Assist and guide your staff, on how to naturally and effectively offer up sales during their services for addons or retail services.

Go Super Sale

Hold a sale, maybe even just twice a year, where you let clients buy products and services for 30% off- like a family and friends discount to draw the crowds and stimulate retail sales. Holding super sales for every 6 months where you clients beauty products and services for as per their choice for 30 % off and like family discounts and holding draws to stimulate sales.

Boost online reviews

Happy clients happy customers always review before they leave after the services, but make sure you are asking your clients to leave a rating for the services they receive and ask them to review on the website which drives many people to your salon, an online review and feedback will boost your business. so ask for feedback, ask for rating and ask for reviews after the end of each service.

Express services

Offer express or mini services for clients on the go. Offer some extreme services and express services where other salon services don't do & competitors too, 

in order to stay ahead of your competitors offer express services or little services, for clients on go. You can extend with an add-on offer to their current service as some quick hair similar related treatments.

Marketing Strategies

Social stylists

Coach and guide your hair expert stylists, on how to take snaps and capture the best photos of their work on social media, real-time pictures will attract clients on social media and you will help to boost their personal profiles as well as your salon your organization.

Manage your reputation

Stay always the same, don't be arguable with clients, interact with both positive and negative reviews online to provide the best customer services, even after they leave your business, and handle the haters.

Send off the clients always on the happy note with the right piece of gesture even if he is the hater. Respect clients and manage your reputation.

Google Adwords

Almost all search for a salon in your area, keywords like salon near me and best salon near me’ make sure your  business name coming on the first search engine results  page on results, it is easy to set up campaigns and it will really help to bring new clients for your business,

Update your website

Put all your services, images, blogs about your salon on the website, and create a simple website where one can easily navigate which conveys your brand's identity and attract clients with your brand colors, logos design, services review, and ratings. 

Keep updated on the website, which drive more traffic to your business,

Salon’s blog

The blog always plays a vital role for any business, it is no exemption for salon sector too, write original and easy to understand content about your services, available products, and journey of your industry,

Contribute to top salon blogs

Guest posting on all other popular salon publications if it gets published you can easily enm=joy free traffic to your salon and to your website and help your brand.

Run a contest

Run contests and attract customers on all social media platforms, a select winners every month end or enter them into a raffle or draw for a chance to win some prizes,

Promote visual content

People always love to see the uniqueness and creativity, so whether it's social media platforms or website pages, share all the real-time pictures, utilize high-quality beautiful images that explore the talent of your worker's team hairstylist.

Create a video

Create engaging videos that tell your brand’s story, or shoot mini-videos during and after your services to show off new styling and color techniques. Always shoot videos of your works, candid videos of your organization, shoot mini-videos during services, before service, and after services to show off your new styling and color techniques. Have always a strong understanding of your brand quality and make sure it carries through the client's experience both in-person and online interactions, this is one of the major reasons for brand building,

Tag your clients

Always stay connected with your clients like whenever you post something on Instagram and Facebook tag all the known customers, where clients will love to see their new looks and new strings on your Instagram feed.

Sell products online

Never run out of stock (products) Keep  full storage of your products, make your products available online, don't forget to add some super offers  when they visit your website,

Offline marketing and building Relationships 

Build joint ventures

Now when we talk about offline marketing, it is not as effective as online but it still pulls revenue through mouth talks about your organization. Combine with another professional business where you can integrate to promote your business with co -hostings & co-events with other listed businesses.

Create professional business cards

Provide every member of your staff holding their own professional business cards. They can hand to clients and partners, with a way to contact and you where they can find online and  phone,

Team up with local schools

To bring in some students, millennial age group students who always look for trendy hairstyles. No matter how small or s=big the institutions are establish your strong relationship with teachers and students of that organization,

Birthday month offers

Birthday month birthday wishes, birthday rewards to the clients and offering them a discount will  some business,

Be thoughtful

Send multiple sets of reminders, multiple sets of wishes, thoughts, and offers, such as birthday messages, or other accomplishments,  every little thing is bigger, and add specialty notes into the software.

Networking events

Focus always on quality and focus on building relationships and stay connected always with other professionals and businesses to stay on top in the market .

Become an educator

Share educational content or host classes that clients can attend to show them how to maintain their services at home.

Retargeting clients that have left

Remarketing retargeting works great as the survey shows, so are your past clients stopped visiting your hair salon, or not coming in for services? Send them emails, text messages, voice notes, keep tapping your old clients,  share some phone calls with nice gestures and provide some offers and schedule new appointments, this is one kind of marketing strategy. Get clients that have left.

Learn from the best

Learn from the best, follow successful industries and motivate them, try to use the same skills which they used in their journey like sales, styling technique,  you will get opportunities for you and your team to grow.

Give freebies

Create small promotional products like shirts with names,  crops with names, and other specific salon brand items to send your clients home with your brand name.

Offer some discounts

Offer some discounts to your full potential clients, older clients tend to have more brand loyalty so offer them discounts regularly by offering premier members discounts to regulars.

Using Salon Software

Send appointment confirmations 

Having appointment software for your hair salon business will pick you up to the next level in terms of bookings, where clients can easily pick up your services through the appointment software scheduling system.

As soon as the clients pick up service with your salon it starts sending multiple reminders to the clients about their scheduled time of service.

Send thank you emails

Set up an automated thank you email for your hair salon, with the salon software, at the end of each service, and at the end of each week, clients receive thank you notes.

Event-based emails

Use your salon software to automatically send reminders, offers all special occasions, birthday reminders, to let them know you are connected with them still and your thinking of them.

Offer online booking

Choose a simple interface software for your hair salon business where one can easily access online booking options to book services.

Loyalty program

Rewards clients for repeatedly coming in as well as for referring new customers. To create a loyalty program.

Gift  promotions

Send your clients a reminder of his latest gift cards and discounts keep them tapping with simple rewards and great gift hampers and offer them big discounts off athletes about 30% off on original prices., You have now taken the first step towards your journey to salon marketing. Put these powerful tips into action, and watch your hard work turn into solid relationships, paying (and happy) clients, and increased revenue! Put these above tips into executions, your half job is done then, this will play a vital role in increasing revenue for your business and add some professionals into your organizations, build solid relationship with the clients and old clients,

Take It a Step Further

Spending a few hours creating a marketing plan for your salon will make a significant impact on your business’s profitability, ability to attract new clients and boost retention. Not sure where to start?If you are not sure where to start? Let me take you through some steps which work more productively for hair beauty and wellness clients… Let me take you through the steps I use with our hair and beauty clients

  • If you want to increase the business revenue for your hair salon, do not jump simply straight into better wait for the detailed planning to finish then if you are clear cut about what to do you can start.

  • Look back for a moment on what you have achieved? And where do you want to reach?

  • Only then decide on the nuts and bolts of how you’re going to get there with your monthly digital marketing and PR activity.

Evaluate & audit your business (hair salon marketing plan)

If you’re like me you’re impatient to get started on the exciting marketing ideas for 2019 whizzing around your head. But this first step is fundamental if you are to squeeze the maximum benefit from your Salon Marketing Plan. Start by looking back… I already said  in the above lines that not to jump simply  straight into for marketing plans, you first better look back  for a  moment and think what have you done , what worked for you before and whatnot now , which areas you need to put some extra energy levels into  to become more successful

Salon website

Is your website letting down? How much rate do you give when comparing with local competitors ? are you ranking high in goole so that chance of new clients coming in. Are you using all available salon marketing channels/tools or just relying on one, such as social media?

Gaping holes like this in your marketing mean you will lose out big time to marketing savvy competitors who are working all channels hard. Giving gaping like this in your marketing means you are losing out big when compared to competitors. Are you  effectively using all salon marketing mediums and channels tools or just relying on one , like social media platforms One of marketing's valuable assets is the email database, how much you have grown in the last 12 months. Do you have salon marketing systems in place for rebooking, retaining, and rewarding clients? Are they documented and followed by all your team? Interested in learning more about salon marketing systems? Try my blog post here. Identify the characteristics that make your best clients profitable and enjoyable to work with. These are the type of salon clients you want to target in the coming year. Analyze your top 3 competitors. Review their salon website, their social media, do a mystery shop, look in the local newspaper, and read their online reviews. How do they compare to your hair or beauty business? Be honest. Adverts, hoardings, leaflets salon graphics, guides boards, once look at all your marketing materials. What about your own marketing skills? Perhaps you feel you need to invest time in improving them this year? In which case why not get my salon marketing and business blog delivered straight to your inbox? It’ll ensure marketing your salon stays at the front of your mind and give you practical ideas and tips to #GrowYourSalon. Which salon promotional activities and marketing campaigns worked? Which didn’t? And why not?? Check which past promotional activities works which are not, Which marketing campaigns work and which did not and why not

Salon Customer Care

  • How does your customer care compare to your competition?

  • Consider the quality of your recruitment and training.

  • What do your clients think of your hair or beauty salon? Look at complaints and feedback.

  • What message does the appearance of your salon and your team send out to your clients? our support cares compared to your competitors.

Any sector customer care system should be user-friendly and available to assist the clients 24/7, how does your support care compare to your competition, what do your clients think about your hair salon, and look at all complaints feedback, reviews, and rating and suggestions. You need to fill those gaps after understanding, your spa and salon business.

Right, you should have a greater understanding of the gaps in your salon or spa business… now move on to Step 2 of your Salon Marketing plan.


Close your eyes and paint a picture of how you’d love your hair, beauty, or aesthetic business to look, sound and feel. And work backward from this when setting your goals. Whatever the goals objectives,it has to be meaningful and smart.

Think about

  • What does my website look like?

  • How many new clients knocked on your salon door?

  • How much my invoices increased?

  • What percentage of your profits have risen too?

  • What do my retention figures look like?

Now think about what’s currently preventing you from realizing your salon vision… Now you start thinking about your vision for your salon,and what's currently preventing you to What do you need to do to achieve your hair salon business goals?

  • Developing a new website this year

  • More assistance, more support for you and your organization?

  • More retail-related training for teams,  PR campaign to raise your profile locally, regionally, or even nationally?

  • Run a campaign to raise your brand and profile locally, establish regionally or even nationally if the chance

  • Or perhaps a new look and re-brand?

  • Give a new look and rebrand to your organization,

Business Strategy 

Marketing strategy is just a fancy term for “your broad approach” to the various elements of your business.

For example

Your branding strategy: tell your clients what you exactly offer and why you different from other salon competitors Done well it enables you to charge more for your hair or beauty services, boost loyalty and attract new clients. It sets you apart from your competitors.

Your salon services strategy

Offer some additional services to clients like hair styling for hair treatments and some extensions or add value to aesthetic treatments. How does the profitability of each service compare on an hourly rate – should you drop some low-profit treatments entirely? Look at some service-related like compare on an hourly rate, think of drop some low profit-related products and services & treatments entirely?

Pricing strategy

Pricing strategy also plays an important role,is your hair salon a bargain based discounter or the fixed prices, or else do you go for more offers

Promotional strategy

Your main approach here is to pull the crowd, to pull the revenue pull range of marketing roles, online media, ads. SEO, Social media local partnerships, blogging,

in the most productive way attract potential customers and new customers and it's another way to retain your clients, boost profitability and raise your salon marketing .#grow your salon #raise your salon Remember we’re looking at the big picture at the moment – I dive into the marketing detail later in this post, so keep reading.

Budget and resources

Budget plan

First decide how much you're spending or how much you are investing in the hair salon business, how much overall budget you have? and how quickly you want to pull back revenue, aim for 5% to 15 % of your turnover. Marketing should be seen as an investment in your hair and beauty business, not an expense to minimize as much as possible. The salons that really make a mark are the ones that understand this. Here in hair beauty and wellness centers marketing the word should be seen as investments, because you are selling your services, to sell you need to put some investment in your hair salon business, not an expensive one salon make this mark are one that understands this simply.

A “joined-up” marketing plan

Focussing on one communication channel will not give you results and cannot expect some quiche results as well, social media is often the only promotion-related route salon wellness and spa takes and ignore all other promotional tools and open to them. But the wide range of marketing messages, using a variety of social media channels such as websites, salon products. Advertising, local parents, and social media will increase the likelihood of reaching your target audience. It makes marketing sense. Why? Because not everyone reads the local papers, is on Facebook or reads your e-news. But use a combination of these salon marketing ‘tools’ and you dramatically improve your chances of being seen by potential new clients. Nowadays newspapers adverts e your chances doesn't pull crowds, because everyone not everyone reads newspapers, most prefer to read e - papers, use the blend of this combination of this marketing tool, and you can easily dramatically improve your chances of being seen by potential new clients, A word of caution; beware of going to the opposite extreme and adopting a scattergun approach to marketing your salon. The best thing is a mix of marketing channels to deliver your promotional message on your limited resources.

Making it happen

So now we’re looking at the day-to-day implementation of your salon or spa Marketing Plan. I find a simple chart for the year is the easiest way to kick off my planning. To save you time and effort I’ve put one together for you with events for the year on it, plus the marketing channel options for each one. It’s all ready to print off and start filling in. So no excuses… download your Salon Marketing Calendar here together with my free e-guide, “How to create a Salon Marketing Plan”.

Don't get over ambitious

If you attempt for too many activities at once it won't get all done, the quality will miss and it will be a huge blow and it very demotivating for your organization & your team so stay realistic firmly on ground, its easy to get carried away and fill in all marketing activities for upcoming months If you attempt too much the chances are you won’t get it all done, the quality will suffer and it’s very de-motivating for you and your team. So stay realistic.

Feet firmly on the ground. It’s no good creating a fantastic Calendar of Salon Marketing events if you know you’re going to be short-staffed due to maternity leave.

Make a public declaration 

Sharing your marketing plan with your team and partner will help you stay the course. Make sure you and your team see the number of times each day. And you’ll be more likely to stick with it.

SEO Tips

A number of key components included in ranking your website to be the #1 search result in your area involve, and executing strategies correctly each and every time.

As small business owners, we understand that our websites need to be optimized and indexed correctly. but here are three important factors to consider i..e,

  • Local SEO

  • One page SEO

  • Off-page SEO

Local SEO

To get better rankings online your website need to be optimized for the local searches, local SEO helps hair salon to target your local are customers searching within a specific geographic location, This is very important because 33% of all clicks go to the top search results on the first page of google. So if you have optimized your website for SEO. You can automatically ensure that you share at least 33% of all online searches.

On-Page SEO

On-page SEO where all the work is done on the page, it is the practice of optimizing each page of your website in order to rank higher in SERP. To get more traffic. That means optimizing each service you offer so that you can rank in top search results not only for your companies names you can also rank for important searches related to your services which you offer. It also works on the meta tag, meta description, title. So that they articulate what your firm does.

Off-Page SEO 

Off-page SEO services for hair salons focus on finding high-quality websites to help link back towards your websites., driving organic traffic from various social media platforms. Here all the work is done outside of the website. This link-building strategy helps to ensure that no matter where you are searching from geographically your hair salon website can be found in the top place. Google my Business profile has so many implications for your business When people are searching for a hair salon where your salon actually appears on google. One of effective marketing SEO strategies. It connected with your salon with reviews and ratings which is a clear social signal for clients to book you online. It is the first way clients can find you in your city and can easily find your salon, comparing your salon to your competitors. First comes first The main highlight of having to Google my business for your hair salon if somebody is in your location and searching for salons near me this helps our salon address  to pop up first on google maps so that clients can prefer your salon, it places your salon on the map very first. Every salon business to take google my business, it is one of an effective way to reach your clients, Just simply claim and verify your salon google my business listing Your basic info, of your business, is correct and complete like (address, maps, contact number)

YouTube Marketing ideas for Spa and Salons 

One more industry that took a back seat totally due to the pandemics is hair salon wellness and spa related industry hairdressers, stylists, and other enthusiasts, making videos and promoting online as per their salon marketing strategy. No, they are going visually to promote their service through various video promotions channels. Create a youtube channel promoting your youtube video links on all other social media platforms like install, Facebook & Twitter & Instagram & build brand awareness through their videos. The hairstylist especially everyone can make a difference and help people online, especially hairstylists who are experts of giving advice to the people, to maintain their hair or hairstyle at home. Having a youtube channel for your salon business will boost your brand and increase the value and increase brand awareness. One of the other effective marketing strategies which helps in pulling the crowds direct from your channel to the store. Make sure to create high-quality videos of styling tips, tricks, old haircutting videos that give your business a professional vibe as well.

How to hire a marketing company to promote your spa?

Marketing always plays a critical role in getting the clients, to choose a marketing company that is expert in SEO, who actually understand your business from scratch, choose who can generate more qualified traffic to your website, who can run google ads for your business which is another kind of effective promotions, should monitor and report your results, have to make changes to the website to maximize your chances of keeping or improving your salon rankings, and adding new content copywriting to help you increase the number of relevant search phrases your site shows up. Choose a marketing company that is an expert in and choose who can deliver some promising results, check their marketing company details, reviews, success stories, before you hand over your salon marketing proposal.

Fb & Instagram ads

It's a powerful marketing tactic to use when you have a new staff member joining with an empty client book or when you want to accelerate your already established business.

Facebook Ads

Fb ads allow your business to reach new clients through posts and feeds. You can even customize demographic targeting where you can exclusively target the local audience based on their gender, age group.

This will help you bring in some quality clients, you can create campaigns and create and promote through ads based on objectives.

Instagram ads

One of the popular ways to promote your small business at the lowest prices to reach a high number of people, FB, and install ads has become one of the most effective ways to produce some real revenue for small businesses. Running FB and insta ads for your salon can you get you easy clients reach & better result, it is a powerful marketing tactic to get new salon and spa clients first.

Facebook ads

Use Facebook ad lead

A Facebook lead ad is an ad type. Instead of sending users to a landing page where they fill out a lead form on your website, Facebook lead ads allow prospects to access your offers without leaving the Facebook App. When someone clicks on a lead ad, they are presented with a form that’s pre-populated with information from their Facebook profile. The rest can be completed in a few easy taps.

Instagram ads

When do I ask salon owners their favorite place to interact with potential clients and get bookings? Their answer is more often than not: Evry small business owners and hair salon owners say that their favorite place to interact with their clients  & get  bookings is Instagram, Most of us know that Instagram is effective social media platform for all small businesses, but yet some will struggle to use it effectively, because of less awareness on Instagram policies So many beauty wellness, salon, and other small businesses built an empire tiwh social media. By selling products on services through their Instagram shop ..where you can promote your hair salon-related spa-related services and you can sell all your products online through Instagram, make sure you have a business account for your hair salon.

Add your basic business info & optimize bio 

Add your basic info, in bio, and SEO is key for Instagram, make sure your search for keywords, for your business and put it on your bio, add and use relevant hashtags for the posts stories in the feed. You need to convert your personal account to a business account, even if you operate as a person such as your hair salon name. That way you run ads and add extra content info. There is a direct book now option in your account. Book now option is the recent addition on Instagram it is a super technique to link your website and booking app, all have to do is to enable it and edit your profile from mobile apps, select contacts options and then add an action button so that client can connect to your services easily and with the help of book now option they can book a strategy call as well. With the Instagram shop, you can promote your salon's product and sell through Instagram. You can choose from several booking apps, like hupport.


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