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Appointment Booking System for Spa: 20 Reasons Why It's a Must

Updated: Sep 26, 2023

Appointment booking process is very stressful. You might experience a hectic day. Last minute cancellation of appointments really frustrates you. Spa, salon and massage business are therapeutic treatment center. People come to relax and they never prefer any chaos in their appointment booking. 5-55% of customers completely forget spa, salon and massage appointments. It reflects in the revenue of your business. Averagely, 18.8% of people miss appointments that are 42% of your appointments are missed. As a result, you lack $150,000 per annum.

Increase show rate

Show rate is calculated on number of appointments booked and number of customers turned up for appointments. Yes, many book for appointments. But never turn up to visit you.

Through multiple reminders, appointment booking system compels the customers to visit your spa, salon or massage center on their turn. This you can do manually, but reminding multiple times in all social media platforms is literally impossible. On the other hand, they no more blame their forgetfulness for missing appointments. Even you reassure their arrival before 1 hour of appointment.

While doing this manually, it goes terribly wrong by making calls. Using appointment booking system shows drastic difference in your show rate than before.

Avoid last minute cancellation

Last minute cancellation is quite common in spa, salon and massage business. Many of you find it highly frustrating. You cannot fix other appointments in waiting list at the last minute. You can never compel the customer to visit you as per the schedule. At the end, you will waste your time and money due to cancelled appointments. When you have appointment booking system, you come to know the cancelled appointments atleast an hour before. Customers also never find it time consuming to cancel and reschedule appointments through mobiles.

Instead, directly visiting or making calls voluntarily to cancel appointments are thing next to impossible. Using scheduling software stops you from stressful and hurried last minute scheduling.

Even workflow

Get even workflow using scheduling software. Manual scheduling never balance your working hours with the appointments booking. Any beauty or massage therapist can perform 5 to 7 appointments per day.

Basically, 5 treatments per day are considered moderate. So, you can give relaxing and therapeutic sessions to customers. Spa, salon and massage therapies are meant for relaxation which must not be done in a hurry. Appointment software on getting your working hours plans for schedules on its own.  It arranges your schedules and appointments a way better. It ensures neither to load you more with hectic schedules nor to give a lazy schedule. Your schedules are well balanced and look even.

Easy access

Nowadays, people never wish to visit your spa or make calls to get appointments. They want to have their own convenience in booking spa, salon, massage or any therapeutic sessions. It is due to their mood, work schedule and leisure varies from your fixed appointment.  

They don’t find a chance to see the schedule of the therapist as well. Eventually, customers need something like automation in booking appointments without much effort. They can book appointments at ease sitting at home through their handy mobile. This looks so cool than the traditional back to back calls to fix appointments. Branding also happens indirectly when you have booking software for your spa, salon and massage center.

People recommend you to their relatives as you stand out and approach different from others.

Auto reminders

As told, 45% of people forget their appointments completely. You could see many customers make early visit or late visit before or after the day of appointment. Your staff may make reminder calls to confirm their visit.

But in reality, it never works. Appointment scheduling system ensures reminding multiple times about the upcoming appointments. Further, it can meet customers in all their social media platforms. Thus, they get notified everywhere they visit. Appointment booking system can send reminders through texts, invoice or voice message, mail and other social media platforms. Text messages are seen within 3 minutes from the sending time.

Mails can be sent with responses. They can even get a chance to tell their inability to turn up for appointments. Thus, they get their appointments rescheduled without any difficulty and many process.

Auto bookings

Appointments your customers book get confirmed immediately. Customers get notification on their confirmed appointment with date and time of their visit. This they can have for later reference.

It also drops confirmation details in mails, and the social media platforms that the users have. No manual interruption is needed throughout the booking process. No multiple clicks and cross check of clash or doubled appointments.

This automation shows appointment booking systems best than traditional booking methods.

Control bookings

Always, appointment booking goes out of your control. You cannot say the complete data of booked appointments, waiting list, and cancellation, missed and rescheduled appointments.

It is next to impossible for your staff to have control over bookings; whereas a booking system keeps everything under control. It readily shows any data regarding appointments.

You the business owner hold complete control. You can modify or alter anything you want in your schedules. You can change working hours, flow, and schedules. Thus, appointment booking seems something very precise and clear than you experience.

Block appointments

When you have too many booking waiting in line, you can block appointments for awhile. Then, you can resume getting bookings once you have free schedules. Spa, salon and massage centers have off days that are not similar to the usual holidays.

It is because people visit for such therapeutic treatments only in vacations and holidays. Most of the people plan to have some relaxation on those days. In general, spa, salon and massage centers function on holidays. So, you take a break in the mid of the week. It is officially called as your off day. On these off days, no appointments should get booked. Customers those who don’t know you more will ask for appointments by making calls. This can be avoided. Once your booking page is seen in your website, customers can easily get to know about your off days. You can also enjoy your off days without stress thinking about appointments.

Know the status of appointments

This is one important area where you lose many customers. Once the appointment is booked, there is no response from customers in most cases; your royal and regular customers may do this.  

At that time, you can drop a mail with a poll stating that they are willing to visit on the day of appointment or not. This suits appointments that are booked too early to the date of actual appointments. According to those responses, you can notify with date and time or go for rescheduling. This is like a follow up process after confirming your bookings. This compels the customers in a pleasing way to visit you on the appointment without fail.

Communicate with customers

Bridging communication with customers is equally important in booking appointments. Many times, you rarely get to know the contact number of your customer.

You cannot do anything with that actually. When you have a booking system, it automatically collects the complete data of your customer.

Once they fill their details, there it is easy to follow them after bookings. Customers also find you very credible as you show much interest even in communicating with your customers.


Customers missing their appointments never take initiation to ask for another appointment. We, the business owners concern about these customers. You must throw light on these left out appointment.

You can change this loss of revenue in a positive way. Getting a booking system does this for you. It does list the missed and cancelled appointments. Then it arranges exclusive rescheduling for them.

Automatically, it sends notification and remind about their new appointment time and schedule.

No clash and double appointments

Show availability

In many cases, it sounds rude not to give customers the appointment time they ask for. Majority of the people never understand this and find the spa, salon or massage system as unfriendly.

There are chances of preferring one over other in manual bookings. These scheduling mistakes will never ever happen with booking system. You show your scheduling page directly to the sight of customers.

They eventually think of filling the gaps and getting appointments in the non booked columns. Here they never wish to ask for early appointments. Thus you can be friendly, approachable and fair in means of appointment booking.

Booking page

Booking page is shown to the customers directly on using booking system. Slots in the booking page have some simple coding. This is completely understood by everyone easily. This booking page is easily embedded on your spa, salon and massage center website.

As this page is prone to changes made by customers, they find it interesting. They easily fix appointments and cancel it as well. So, you will get benefited in two ways: by serving the convenience of customers and get to know about cancelled appointments easily.


Recruiting a staff for scheduling and appointment fixing is not affordable for everybody. When you have newly started up spa, salon and massage center, it is really hard to pay the salary for the staff.

You already have commitments to meet rental and other expenses, it sounds extra burden to appoint a staff to handle appointments. Having an appointment booking system is less expensive and affordable than recruiting a staff.

Error free schedules

Man made schedules is never getting rid of errors. However, you put efforts and how hard you try, there are errors. This you can never blame the staff on any concern.

After all, they can try to make error free schedules which never turn out perfectly. This also makes you regret when schedules go wrong. So, appointment booking system is one best way to have error free schedules.

Make payments

Making payments is also available in appointment booking system. This is added advantage. Customers pay for appointments surely turn up to visit you to take services and treatments. This sounds smart way to hold your customers by your side.


Appointment notifications are always sent with your spa, salon or massage center name with contact details. You indirectly promote your business through every booking.

Meet new customers

By embedding appointment booking system into your spa, salon or massage center website brings you more new customers. Conversion rate of your customers keep increasing with a good rate of 2.53-3percent.  

Also, your booking system shows reports and analysis of increased customer rate. It also categorizes regular customers and newly visited customers.


Appointment booking system allows you to have customized booking pages, slots and other scheduler features. In general, booking system is built to suit all enterprise. Still, customization is possible as per the needs of every customer.


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