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Spa Branding Guide: Boost Your Medical Spa and Salon

Updated: Sep 26, 2023

Brand awareness

As you know, branding involves reaching audience through all possible means. Each shapes your business to get more revenue and visibility through branding. Get to know the steps to do branding for spa and salon below.

Website theme

Website theme attracts the visitors to stay your spa or salon website. There is only 414 people visits any website in a month averagely. This is half of the expected view rate.

To increase this visibility, you should have an inviting theme for spa and salon. It is proven that a theme of the website increases view rate around 1000 viewers per month. Branding your spa and salon includes integrating a website telling complete details about you. It helps in promoting each and every services given and products sold by you.

In that case, you should hold a visitor of website more than 3 seconds. This happens only when you choose a good theme. Check the following things before choosing a theme for your spa or salon website.

  • User experience

  • Speed of web pages

  • Simple themes

  • Opt a flat design

  • Auto updating website theme

  • Supporting devices

  • Mobile friendly themes

  • Plugins, apps and other support development

  • Cross browser compatibility

Don’t stop with a single website theme, keep experimenting various themes. When you see more view rate for a particular theme, and then stick to it for once and all. It is because; no one can decide the choice and favorites of visitors. Here given some wordpress themes for spa and salon. Get inspiration from them and design your theme on your own.

  • Skin beauty

  • Beauty spa

  • Thermen

  • Beauty wellness

  • Beauty press

  • Spa lab

  • Dream spa


Colors that you use in your website are determined by the theme you choose. While choosing colors, keep the following things in your mind.

Know the psychological facts about colors

For example, the color green gives calmness and credibility. For any spa or salon, this color gives some natural attraction to visitors.

Color theory

It is nothing but the combinations that you try and experiment. After sometimes, you know what suits your website the most.

Keep it simple

Simple and cool colors attract more. Do not go for using too many colors. Then it looks clumsy.

Know color contrast

Know what two colors get along with each other.  Always bright and dull colors go well. This is called color contrast.

Integrate branding

You may have a specific color scheme for your website. Make sure your logo and other contents fit inside the color and look pleasant for eyes.


There is nothing called ideal font style and size to use in a website. Especially when you have spa or salon website, be mindful. Choose something looks esthetic and appealing. Start with simple and basic font styles.

The chosen font style should not look odd with your theme and colors. Know various typefaces and use the top suggestion. When you use tag lines and subheading, choose various font styles to differ the contents.

But make such the combination of fonts go well together and never spoil the overall look.

Facebook posts

Facebook post is one free online platform does branding for your spa and salon. You can also go for sponsored posts to boost visibility. When you work on Facebook posts, make sure it is visually impressive and stylish enough to get more views. There are many ways to use Facebook for branding. They are:

Making business page Spa and saloon- a free marketing tool

Facebook ads

Make others to post your spa and salon ads


To increase awareness of your spa and salon brand

Promotion posts

Ask for a tie up with popular Facebook business pages and show your posts there.

Sponsored Facebook Stories

like ads it increases user interaction and bring more new customers

Facebook Open Graph

Posts countless interactions per day. This is like connecting users with third party apps where your targeted customers visit the most. Here some tips to create your digital salon that is your Facebook post for spa and salon.

  • Show transformation photos with before & after images

  • Show offers, discounts and complimentary gifts

  • Give incentive for limited early bookings with countdowns

  • Introduce your skin care, hair care and beauty products

  • Post interesting Q & A posts on users’ questions

  • Show video testimonies of loyal customers

  • Post reviews

  • Stress about lifestyle and trends

Make the urge and need to visit your spa and salon through all these means.

Social media posts branding ideas

There are two popularly used social media platforms for branding. They are, Facebook and Instagram. In Facebook, you cannot filter targeted customers more precisely; Whereas, Instagram is more handy social media used by many youngsters.

Generally teens and adults look for spa and salon. Women of 40s and 50s look for transformation and beauty treatments for their work sake. Instagram is the one place where spa and salon branding happens mostly. Statistically, 78% of small business holders find new customers through Instagram.  33% customers find their spa and salon in Instagram.

This is enough prove to choose Instagram to promote your spa and salon branding. When branding through social media, check accuracy of these two things:

  • Type of content posted and content creation

  • Frequency of posts

Social media branding contents can be created through texts, images, and video. Social media branding has its own advantage of interaction with targeted audience.  

After posting your spa and salon contents, do the following to reach your audience.

  • Reply the comments

  • Approach friendly

  • Use emojis and GIFs

  • Engage audience through responses

  • Listen to the needs

Thus you can grow your spa and salon business through social media platforms. Show you more social and friendly in all these platforms.

Logo design guide for spa and salon

Logo decides your brand style. It kick starts many famous brands. To compete with the crowd of other spa and salons in your area, logo helps to show you differing from others.  

It is brand logo that comes before the name of the brand. When you launch spa or salon, you must think of designing a stylish, viral beauty related logo. There are many logo design ideas like lashes, lips designed logos used by top beauty brands.

You need not follow the same stream. Especially for a salon, you might have witnessed a brand name overlapping a girl’s hair. Without telling your business, make your audience guess it. This is what the secret behind designing logos.

Over a period of time, your brand logo gets well recognized and registered in the minds of customers.

How to design an impressive spa and salon logo?

Relevance to the beauty field

First thing about designing logo is relativity. Logos show what your spa is good at serving. Look your neighbor spa and salons; they all have more or less similar logos. Make sure you are not one among them.  Always design you logos on the following basis,

  • What your goods and services are about?

  • Places that you want to show your logo

  • Needs and interests of customers.

Already, you are spending much on spa or salon set up and goods purchase. Spending on logo design in something seems unnecessary. But know, like health people starts giving extra importance to their appearance. So, it is nothing wrong to spend. You are going to get every penny that you spend. People spend luxuriously when it comes to beauty. Without bothering the expenses, get a professional looking, official logo for spa and salon. Don’t go for fancy logos. Then you look one among other spa or salon. Remember marketing is far more important than skills.

Follow beauty logo rules

As a self starter and independent entrepreneur, you cannot hire a designer to design unique logo. There you may go for online propositions. Then there happen design competitions. Many submit their designs on the basis of your vision and goals.

You will be asked to choose the best suiting logo. This sounds pretty good. But the quality of logo is a big question here. Most of the online designers never put sincere efforts to give unique logos. Use quality controlled collection of logos suits the best.

  • Use scalable images for logos

  • Prefer aesthetic images than general images

  • Choose ardent designs

  • Adjust brand image with perfect quality

Use unique designs

As many brands use advanced designs, you try something natural. Nowadays, innocent logo designs like crayon strokes with light green color images. It gives calmness and credibility to the on lookers.

Your logos must be worth looking your unique design and branding style. Realistic images using natural elements like plants, water and earth colors to highlight spa and beauty world. There is a scam to use chemical and colorful products.

But beauty services must be done with odorless and colorless products. Thus there is a hidden ideology to design natural designs for spa and salon logos.

Offline poster designs and ideas

You can also do branding with offline posters. It also appeals the same as other online modes do. This actually allows you to customize your posters based on your creativity. Templates are widely available for spa and salon posters.

Posters creation is so easy and free. It hardly takes a minute or two to design your posters. You don’t need any professional skill to design any on your own. Posters you create for spa and salon has power to attract audience. You can create posters on important occasions like promoting services and goods, beauty products, discounts, offers and sales. Read below to design posters.

  • Find inspiring templates and posters for free

  • Get editable templates where you include your spa or salon details

  • Convert texts into image designs

  • Optimize offer, discount, gifts, giveaways and incentive posters

  • Give offers on every referrals and reviews

  • Design posters on insights

  • Share posters in all offline means.

There are other ideas like creating spa and salon magazine and directory. You can also release a daily, weekly or monthly posters and pamphlets to attract audience. These are some other ways to create brand awareness.

Tie up

Team work helps branding. You can have a business tie up with popular websites, social media pages, instagram handles, Whatsapp business group, pins and retweets.

Third party apps and video platforms like U tube gives free platform for branding. Create a video for a minute and show it in any third party apps that uses ads. See the other ideas given here branding spa and salon.

  • Conduct a contest

  • Create contents

  • Create pamphlets/directories/series

  • Give away

  • Short video clips

  • Retarget through contents

  • Go live and interact with audience

  • Make marketing memes

  • Go with the trend in branding

  • Ask to tag

  • Offer exclusive deals on every share

  • Create polls to make audience involve

  • Always respond your customers

Try your branding strategy to promote your spa and salon!

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