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Podiatry Social Media Marketing Strategies: Brand Collaborations

Updated: Nov 9, 2023

How to Convert Social Media Fans

1. Engaging with Foot Care Narratives

Real-life Foot Transformations

You can convert social media fans into loyal patients by showcasing real-life foot transformations of your existing patients. Use your social media platforms to attract more patients by showcasing the results of your successful treatments.

Share before-and-after stories of successful treatments and patient's real-life transformations on your social media pages. This will help showcase your expertise to your social media fans and also build credibility and trust.

You will be able to acquire new patients when they see for themselves what you have done for others.

Demystifying Common Procedures

In addition to showcasing real-life foot transformations, you can also share videos or illustrations of popular podiatry treatments to let potential patients know what the procedure is about and to help reduce any anxiety that may be associated.

Most times, the anxiety associated with common foot medical procedures is usually because patients don't have an idea of what the procedure looks like.

This is why using your social media platform to showcase videos and illustrations of some common foot procedures can help ease potential patients’ anxiety.

2. Harnessing the Power of Interactive Content

Foot Health Quizzes

Interactive content provides an engaging way to communicate with your audience, leading to increased engagement, lead generation, and higher conversion rate. An effective form of interactive content for podiatry practice is creating foot health quizzes.

Your audience can use the quizzes to assess their foot health and guide them toward relevant services. It's an effective strategy to enhance social share and boost brand awareness.

360° Inside the Clinic

Offering virtual clinic tours to familiarize patients with the treatment environment is also a good strategy to interact more with your audience and connect with them.

Providing your social media fans with virtual tours of your clinic can help improve your brand perception, engage prospects and increase your credibility among prospects.

3. Educating through Bite-Sized Tips

Daily Foot Care Routines

You don't need to hold a class or write a textbook before you can educate your social media audience. You can take to your social media pages to share informative content on foot care with your social media audience.

Positioning your practice on social media as a thought leader and expert in the podiatry field can help you convert social media fans into loyal patients. Doing this will go a long way in helping you build a community of loyal followers that you can convert to patients.


Besides sharing foot care routines, you can also tackle the common myths and misconceptions about foot health and procedures.

Myths travel far and wide, and it's a relevant aspect to tackle as a podiatrist practice looking to educate its potential patients and existing patients on social media. Post myth busters that get people engaging with your content and sharing it to increase your reach.

4. Emphasizing Accessibility and Convenience

Easy Online Booking Integration

Accessibility and convenience are key features to consider if you want to use social media to attract new patients. Integrating an easy online booking system on all your social media pages is a good way to do this.

Display prominently how to book an appointment at your practice through social platforms on your profile so prospects don't have difficulty booking an appointment after you've successfully placed your practice in front of them when they require your services.

Direct Messaging for Queries

Another thing that retains old and attracts new patients is timely response to their queries. After making it easy and convenient for new prospects to book an appointment with your practice, ensure you make it even easier for them to message you for queries and reply them directly.

Ensuring rapid response times and offering value through direct interactions is essential to building a solid, loyal community for your practice online and offline.

5. Exclusive Offers for Social Media Followers

Special Discounts

Another strategy to encourage your social media fans to convert into loyal patients is to offer them special discounts.

Offering promotions exclusively to your social media followers will encourage them to seek your services and help increase practice awareness.

Refer a Friend Programs

Creating referral programs can quickly help you convert social media fans into loyal patients. Encourage your followers to participate in your referral programs by referring their friends for incentives.

Your social media followers would likely refer your practice to their friends if you offer incentives like discounts, coupons, or financial appreciation.

6. Behind-the-Scenes at a Podiatry Clinic

Day in the Life of a Podiatrist

Building a brand for your podiatrist practice requires more than showcasing your practice's successful treatments.

To get more people to connect personally with your practice, you need to showcase the human side of your clinic to build more trust and increase your following loyalty.

Showcase the important stuff that is happening behind the scenes that makes your practice unique from other podiatrist clinics. Let your social media followers know how you run the day-to-day operation of your clinic and what you do to satisfy your patients.

Tech in Foot Care

Another way to showcase the behind-the-scenes of your practice is by highlighting the advanced technologies and tools used in your various podiatry treatments. Various technology and equipment are used in the foot care industry.

Sharing your tech and tools on social media exposes your prospects to your state-of-the-art technologies and how they can benefit from them if they book an appointment with you.

7. Encouraging User-Generated Content

Patient Testimonial Tuesdays

User-generated content is a strategy brands use to drive awareness and increase conversion. It's a strategy you can easily adopt for your podiatrist clinic. You can utilize user-generated content featuring genuine patient feedback or successful patient stories.

A day can be dedicated to posting these content on social media. Patient testimonials help potential patients to know how satisfied your patients and also encourage them to seek your services.

Reading other patients' successful treatment testimonials also helps increase the trust of new patients in your podiatrist practice.

Foot Care Challenges

You can intimate foot care and foot health challenges on social media to keep your audience engaged and increase your reach online.

Motivating followers to share their foot care routines on their social media platforms and tag your clinic will improve your recognition, strengthening a stronger relationship with your online audience.

8. Collaborating with Footwear Brands

Footwear Reviews

It's not news that some footwear suits certain foot conditions and improves foot health. You can share insights on the best footwear for various conditions with your social media followers.

Partner with some footwear brands to boost the reach of your podiatry practice. Share footwear reviews on your social media pages to benefit your audience and encourage more conversions.

Exclusive Brand Discounts

Partner with footwear brands so that you can get exclusive brand discounts for your social media fans. Partnering with footwear brands helps you place your practice in front of your audience.

Negotiate with various footwear brands to offer your patients special deals and exclusive discounts. Those offers will not only serve as incentives for your loyal patients but also help you attract new patients.

9. Running Engaging Polls and Surveys

Treatment Preferences

Creating engaging polls and surveys to gain insights on the foot care concerns and foot care treatment services provides you with necessary information on how to better serve your new and existing patients.

It is important to ask your potential patients for their treatment preferences. Discover what potential patients are most interested in or concerned about using polls and surveys, and incorporating the information you got from the polls and surveys will further help with patient acquisition and retention.

Feedback Fridays

You can only know what you're doing well and what you're not doing well by getting feedback from your patients. Dedicate a day of the week for this action.

Open your DMs and other means of rapid communication for your patients to provide you with feedback on your services and any other thing they wish the practice to keep up or take note of.

Ensure you respond promptly and constructively so the patients who took their time to offer feedback feel appreciated and included. Incorporate the feedback you got from your patients into improving your practice.

10. Addressing Podiatry News & Trends

Latest in Foot Health

Advancements in podiatry and food health are unending. There are numerous advancements in podiatry. These emerging advancements are projected to influence the results and efficacy of treatments and services in podiatry.

You need to stay updated on the latest advancements in foot health. This will help you improve your practice and stay ahead of your competitors.

Fashion vs. Health: Impact of current fashion trends on foot health

A current fashion trend that has a significant impact on foot health is high heels. Wearing high heels can look fashionable but they can cause harm to the foot. High heels can be detrimental to the health of your feet.

Hence, you need to limit how frequently you wear high heels. You can keep the heels away for rare occasions to protect your feet, back, and posture. Wearing heels too often shortens the muscles in your back and calves, which can cause persistent pain and muscle spasms.

Nerve damage also results when toes are squeezed into small shoes. Your foot health is more important than fashion. You need to prioritize the health of your feet by wearing comfortable and recommended footwear.

Top 5 tools for your podiatry social media marketing strategies

Some tools can help make your podiatry social media marketing more effective and successful. The top 5 tools that you can use include:


Hootsuite allows you to stay connected across all your social accounts. It helps streamline podiatry-related content across social channels and ensures consistent patient engagement.

It's a social media management platform that allows you to create posts, schedule and publish posts, monitor engagement and evaluate your social media analytics all in one place.


One of the essential tools you need for your podiatry social media marketing strategy is Canva.

The software allows visually appealing podiatry graphics, from foot care tips to procedure overviews. In addition to infographics you can post, you can also use the software to create videos and design professional-looking images for your practice without stress.

Canva is very easy to use.


This is the platform for designing engaging foot health quizzes to educate and capture potential podiatry patients. Typeform allows you to design beautiful and interactive forms without coding using templates.

You can also use it to generate feedback from your followers and research their preferences.


The platform allows you to automate interactive conversations with your followers on social media. With ManyChat, you can easily set up specialized chatbots for podiatrists to assist in patient inquiries and bookings.

It can be used for various purposes, such as staying in touch with your patients, marketing or customer service.


Showcase your podiatry clinic with immersive 360° tours, offering potential patients a virtual walk-through using Matterport. The platform features 3D cameras and a virtual tour software platform to help you digitize your clinic building, automatically create 3D tours,

4K print quality photos, and many more so your social media audience can virtually see what your clinic looks like.


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