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Medspa Social Media Marketing: A Calendar and Top Tools to Elevate Your Strategy

Updated: Oct 17, 2023

Instagram Marketing Benefits for Medspa

Instagram is one fun medium where you can easily promote your Medspa Social Media Marketing. Insta posts and ads are not so annoying. Moreover, you can see your followers’ growth and analyze conversion rate too.

Instagram is good for marketing in the following ways:

  • Connects you with potential customers

  • Acts as a filter to find your target audience

  • A not compulsive but pleasing way to make your ads reach

  • Entertaining and highly engaging medium

  • Most visited social media platform

  • Gives space to interact with your audience

  • Additional channel to reach your business goal

  • Makes the audience follow you willingly

  • No chance to miss any offer and discounts

  • Gives a good conversion rate and engagement rate

  • Helps to achieve business goals

  • Filters your target audience

  • Allows you to know the competence

  • Editorial calendar

  • Builds your brand page

  • Promotion and advertisement for Medspa

  • Responsive and interactive polls

  • Show reviews in posts

  • Show your inventory

  • Create skincare or beauty series to attract an audience

  • Makes your offers and discounts reach potential customers

  • Have more followers and give more updates

  • Marketing analysis to know the success of your campaigns

No wonder, there are 800 million advertisement posts used on Instagram every month. Here given the complete guide to use Instagram for Medspa marketing.

Influential Marketing

To know a working marketing strategy, it is important to know where people appear the most in social media. Medspa targets women. It is 54% of social media users are women. 76% of women have more than one social media account.

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and youTube are used widely for marketing. Among them, Facebook and Instagram have huge users and popular media. Facebook has 1.9 Billion users, among them 500 million people surf on daily basis.

It meets 78% of buyers and customers and average 7 million Facebook ads are viewed every day. Likely, Instagram is equally used by more users. It has one billion active every day users. The United States and India have more Instagram users as 157 million and 201 million respectively.

Thus, the reach is unimaginable when you promote your Medspa through these powerful media. Managing all your social media networks single-handedly is next to impossible. There help the social media tools to work better.

Social media calendar

Social media Calendar helps when you have many social media accounts for your business. It is a basic system that manages your social media channels. It is the first-ever social media scheduling and publishing tool.

It helps individuals and the marketing team to schedule their social media content, ads, and posts in an organized way. You need to use social media calendar for your Medspa branding for all the following benefits.

  • The calendar keeps tracking your social media channels

  • Maintains content quality

  • Puts posts and stories consistently as per the planned timing

  • Schedules and monitors all your social media accounts equally

  • Stops you from posting absurd and poor content in your social media pages

  • Evaluates the performance of your posts, campaigns, offers, and deals

  • Manages the flow of contents published in social media

  • Tracks many accounts together

  • Keeps your audience engaging with trending posts, stories, and tweets

  • Decides what to post and when to post

  • Works well as a research tool

  • Helps with a keyword strategy, branding, and topic-related queries

  • Organizes and monitoring posting schedules

  • Analyzes and evaluates social media contents you publish

How to create social media calendar for Medspa?

Social media calendar has ready-to-use templates to schedule your plans. Your Medspa brand and all its inventory items can be equally promoted in all social media channels.

It is already used by millions of social media influencers and marketers for branding and visibility. This you can create with any social media you use. This can be done even in Excel and Google spreadsheets where you get no automation and support but to do on your own.

  • List social media networks you use that need contents

  • Choose the category of your business from the list

  • Choose the social media channels you use

  • Decide the channels you need to schedule, manage, monitor and track

  • Choose topics from the content library

  • Set the workflow according to your convenience

  • Choose photogenic posts and template ideas from the list

  • Kick start publishing posts, stories, ads, and content in social media channels


Social media calendar costs $89 for five social profiles.

Tools for social media

Social media tools are meant for content creation, scheduling, publishing, analyzing, and other marketing purposes. It does schedule and arranges your workflow in accordance to the social media pages you use.

Photogenic posts on Instagram are mostly created by social media tools.  It is easy to create a business account on social media pages but difficult and irritating to manage everything together.

To ease your social media posting and advertising, there are organizing tools. Marketers have endless responsibilities in advertising your Medspa. Challenges can be reduced easily and effectively by relieving work stress. You might have recruited a market expert to do these tasks. But social media tools can perform better as they create user responsive posts and ads. Automated management, monitoring and advertising are the goals of these tools. Some of the widely used social media tools are,


BuzzSumo claims that it helps in the content on search strategies. It is a cloud-based tool. It is used for social media engagement services like making content to reach potential customers and buyers.

BuzzSumo greatly helps with monitoring and management of social media accounts also.

Widely, it is known for creating content with effective keywords, trending Instagram stories, and interactive modes to answer customer queries. Ultimately it does everything to do branding. As a Medspa business owner, you can rely on using this tool to create brand awareness. They have plenty of content ideas when you check their home page. See the list in the drop-down menu relating to your topic. With BuzzSumo: you can also find influencers to share your content, ads, and posts for better reach, evaluate SEO keywords in your topic, and a more impressive way to post the content as it would get trending.


BuzzSumo does offer a free trial and a limited free plan for marketers. A basic subscription starts from $99 per month.


Buffer is a social media publishing tool with easy setup and dashboard access. It is a decent social media marketing tool that gets 7+ ratings.

Features of Buffer

Buffer has three split processing features:

  1. Publish

  2. Reply and

  3. Analyze

Buffer publishes planned content in social media posts. It uses user-friendly layout and navigation tools. With extra convenient features, it supports new content in social media networks. It shows the preview of posts that you share in your networks.

You can add hastags in Instagram posts to increase reach and visibility. It offers 14 days free trial. You can also sign in for a free account. It costs $85/month for a user.


Mention is a social media monitoring software for marketing. It is widely used by marketers and internet professionals. It has got 4+ ratings in reviews. It understands the view of the audience in choosing social media ads, posts, and content.

It is also social listening software that gets the idea of the audience and posts accordingly. It gives analysis on evaluating the product, brand, and business’s reach among the target audience. Subscription starts from $29 for individuals per month. The Pro version costs $99 per month.

Features of Mention

  • Social analytics

  • Social media engagement and publishing

  • Online Media support

  • Covers local, national, and international media

  • Keyword research and targeting

  • Customized data and alerts for business progress

  • Sends reports on data gathered

  • Social measurement and influencing

  • Social listening


Brandwatch is an advanced social media tool with a customer Intelligence suite. It has AI integration to listen to the audience's needs. Branding does happen on the audience’s decisions and responses to posts and content. It does provide a demo for easy access and setup.

It gives insight for businesses to proceed with branding through social media channels and networks. It offers free trials to see the functioning of this tool in the suitability of the brand. Cost may vary on users' demand.

Features of Brandwatch

  • Customizable reports

  • Measuring reach and visibility

  • Social Analytics

  • Performance competence

  • Campaign tracking

  • Follower analysis

  • Personalized dashboards


Socialinsider is a social media reporting and analysis tool. It checks the competence of your business comparing your competitors.

It supports all social media networks like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Tik Tok. It costs $99 for social media management and $199 per month to support 20 social profiles.

Features of Socialinsider

  • Campaign analytics

  • Social media monitoring

  • Measuring competence

  • Engagement tracking

  • Data collection and reporting


WordStream is online advertisement management software. It does manage your Google Adwords, Facebook ads, and campaigns. It also allows you to have a customized dashboard set up.

It offers social media campaign-based recommendations and data. It monitors and tracks the performance of posts on Facebook and other social media channels. Pricing is made on the customer's demand.

Features of WordStream

  • Social monitoring

  • Social analytics

  • Campaign dashboards

  • Creative optimization

  • Social functionality

  • Targeting and retargeting

  • Workflow management

  • Access control

  • Reports

  • notifications

Google Trends

Google Trends is for social listening. It arranges and organizes keywords for your content, posts, and ads. It comes more like a content calendar system. It does keyword research for your targeting audience.

It is SEO-specified social media management software used widely by professional marketers. It has got 4+ratings from reviews. It discovers keyword-related targeting ideas for your Medspa.

Pricing is made on a number of profiles used by business owners and marketing professionals.

Features of Google Trends

  • SEO monitoring

  • Link building

  • Keyword research

  • Content tracking

  • Competence analysis

  • reports


Canva is not only for designing your web pages. It does a lot beyond designs. It manages creates, customizes, shares post designs, structure and style for a photogenic look. It is one easy-to-use software solution for small to the large size of businesses.

It is free of cost but highly beneficial software. It is highly meant for beginners who style their social media ads. Canva gives ready-to-use graphic designs for your social media ads and posts creation.

Features of Canva

  1. Design before after images for Medspa

  2. Add texts in pictures

  3. Create photo grids and collages for social media posts

  4. Design brand images, icons, and fonts

  5. Ready to use templates

Choose your tool and get more visibility through branding!


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