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15 Easy Ways To Generate Reviews For Your Restaurant And Increase Your Revenue

The competition among restaurants is high because there are always a lot of different restaurants in different communities or cities.

Due to this reason, there is a need for you as a restaurant owner to have as many reviews as possible in order to appear tops in search engines and to also create an online reputation so that you can increase your customer base and make more revenue.

In case you are searching for ways that you can generate more reviews for your restaurant business, we will be helping you out by enumerating 15 easy ways that you can apply to generate reviews.

Create Business pages on Local Business review sites

In order to generate more reviews, the first thing you should do is create a business page for your restaurant on different local business review sites such as Yelp, Google my Business, Bing Business etc.,

Reviews from these sites have immerse advantages in boosting your business online presence in search engines.

Upload Drool-inducing Photos

Menu is the primary duty of restaurants and to get more people attracted to you menu you need to have attractive, drool-inducing photos. People should be able to imagine how delicious your menu are just by looking at the photos.

Your restaurant website or business pages should comprise of different delicious looking images of your menus.

Use Social Media for Publicity

Social media such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, are great means to showcase your restaurant menu to the general public.

Instagram allows you to upload as many different photos as possible. Upload attractive deliciously looking images of your menus to get more customers.

Ask for Reviews

Ask your customers for reviews after they have had experience with your menus. Ask them to give feedback about your delicacies and services.

Appreciate them for their patronage and solicit for their reviews in a friendly but professional manner.

Invite Food Bloggers

Food bloggers are professionals that visit different restaurants to check out their menu and give reviews on them. Food bloggers have great influence on restaurants because they have many followers that are sorely interested in knowing the best restaurants in town.

Invite them to your restaurant and after they must have eaten your menus politely ask them to share their experience online.

Offer Coupons and Discounts

When you offer coupons and discount on your menu, more customers will want to patronize you because they pay a lower price for their food. This is one of the easiest and effective ways to draw more customers and generate more reviews.

Social Ads

Advertise your restaurant and menus on social media to get it noticed by more people around your neighborhood. Geo-targeted ads are more effective as it allows only people within a particular location or city to see the ads.

Online advertising services such as Facebook, Twitter, Google AdWords offers this services, so utilize them to reach out to many people around your city.

Start a Blog

Restaurant is a major business that is been patronize by everyone so starting a blog on your restaurant is a good idea in order to generate more public views and more customers.

Create updates about the new delicacies you have to offer and post delicious looking photos of your menu.

Send Review URL links

Send your review URL links to customers through their email addresses and personal phone numbers appreciating them for their patronage and ask them to leave a review.

Make it attractive to read and let the URL link be as short as possible so that the customers will be more willing to click the link.

Attend community services and social gatherings

When you attend community services and social gatherings, you get to meet more people in your neighborhood. This is an easy way for you to advertise your restaurant to them and invite them to come have a taste of your delicacies.

This is very effective because the people get to know you on a more personal note and thus they will be more willing to visit your restaurant.

Make writing review very easy

Customers will not leave a review if they find it difficult. This is why you need to make writing a review as easy as possible.

Shorten the steps and get customers to the review page when they click the URL link. On your business page, writing a review should be easy and straightforward without having to go through series of steps.

Respond to Reviews

It is important to respond to the reviews of your customers as this will encourage other people to write reviews.

If you receive a negative review from a customer, appreciate them for their sincerity and assure them of improvement in the areas where they think your business needs improvements. If you receive a positive review, thank the reviewer.

Send Newsletters

Send newsletters to customers maybe monthly or weekly depending on the rate to which you come up with new menu and updates. If you have new information you will like your customers to know about, create newsletters and send to them through personal emails.

You can also send to other people around your city updating them on the newest delicacies you have in stock.

Show off your restaurant vicinity both inside and outside

When a restaurant is looking clean and attractive, more customers tend to want to visit such restaurant. This is why you need to always make sure that your restaurant is always clean and looking pleasant to the eyes.

Upload photos of your restaurant inside and outside so that more people will want an experience.

Hire friendly staffs

One of the major reason why a customer will not like to visit a restaurant for the second time is been served by a rude unfriendly staff. Hire staffs that always look happy with a bright smile. A happy customer will always want to come back for the next meal.

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