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10 Simple Google Ads Hacks That Will Drive 80% Leads

Updated: Apr 8

Google Ads Is an Investment

Google ads are an investment every brand that’s looking to increase its reach and attract more leads should take advantage of. Investing in Google ads will help improve all your other advertising efforts.

This is so because Google Ads gives you consistent traffic to improve your website’s visibility and also tests different offers until you find the one that attracts more leads.

Additionally, Google ads compel you to take an interest in numbers and data. When your ads are live, you’ll see how much it costs to generate a visitor to your website and how many of those visitors convert to leads and sales.

By knowing the numbers, reviewing the data and defining how much you can afford to pay for advertising, you’ll be able to make better-informed decisions about your advertising budget and investment.

The fact that Google Ads will help you improve your website’s visibility is another reason why investing in it will be a good choice.

When you’re investing money into ads, and understand that all your traffic has a cost, you will be more pragmatic in investing in an advertising channel that works effectively and can yield good returns on your investment.



#1: Optimize Quality Score

One of the most effective Google Ads Hacks to boost the percentage of your leads is to optimize the quality score. Google places quality scores in high regard because it tells Google how relevant your ad is. Google does this because it wants to remain the number 1 search engine.

If Google doesn’t perceive your ad as being relevant, it may not show it to your targeted audience. To optimize quality score, make sure you organize campaigns and ad groups with a functional structure. Include closely related keywords in your campaigns.

Not having a solid strategy will immediately compromise ad relevance and click-through rate because it’s harder to tailor ads to a large number of keywords without an efficient plan in place.


#2: Outsmart your Competitors’ Ads

Another tip to increase leads with Google ads is to evaluate your competitors’ ads and create a better strategy to outsmart them.

When you dive into your competitors’ campaign strategy, don’t only focus on spying, take your time to learn what it is they’re doing right and wrong so you can get people’s attention with your solutions.

Make use of the important information obtained from your competitors’ ads to improve your Google ads and drive more leads to your healthcare practice.


#3: Creatively Optimize for Mobile Platforms

Optimizing for mobile platforms will get your ads looking their best form to your target audience that uses smartphones. It’s important for your Google ad copy to display well on smartphones.

This is because mobile screens aren’t like desktops and you won’t have the space to place web elements and content as you normally would. So, keep your ad navigations mobile-friendly and make sure the essential links are visible. It’s also essential to optimize for performance.

Make sure that your website is optimized to load quickly on mobile devices to avoid sending potential customers away when your page takes too much time to load.

Have a responsive web design that allows your website content to be viewed on devices with various screen sizes.


#4: Turbocharge Your Conversion With Remarketing

Remarketing is a game-changer and will always be when it comes to boosting conversions and maximizing the impact of your marketing campaigns. By harnessing the power of retargeting ads, you can stay on the top of the minds of your prospects and turbocharge your conversions.

A good remarketing campaign is strongly dependent on personalization. By segmenting your audience based on their previous interactions with your brand, you will be able to deliver highly relevant and personalized ads that cater to each specific interests and needs.

You can also stay on top of the minds of your audience by displaying targeted ads to users who have already expressed interest in your products or services, to reinforce your brand message.

The continuous exposure will help you build familiarity and trust, making it more likely that they will choose your brand whenever they’re ready to pay for the service or product.


#5: Use In-Market Segments

In-market segments are a way to connect with consumers who are actively researching or comparing products and services online. This way you can accurately target categorized users that are most interested in your offerings.

In-market segments can be used to increase conversions and form a strong connection with consumers. Leveraging real-time data based on demonstrated in-market behavior allows you to present the right offer at the perfect moment to those most interested in your products and services.

One of the most powerful duos you can take advantage of to boost your Google ads leads is combining in-market with remarketing. The combo will help you drive quality leads and improve overall remarketing campaign effectiveness.


#6: Run Ads Through Google Display Networks for Cheaper LinkedIn Ads

Both Google and LinkedIn are massively valuable for advertising. However, each has unique selling points that attract brands chasing different campaign types. LinkedIn has over 500 million users while Google has a wide variety of architecture under its wing.

Ads run on Google’s network reach Google searchers, including YouTube viewers, Google search, Google Maps, Google Shopping, and AdWords display network. However, you can run ads through the Google display network to cut the cost of LinkedIn ads.

Google Ads is a platform that’s capable of performing complex retargeting campaigns, with a well-tuned algorithm that helps you maximize your ad budgets. You can use Google ads to optimize your entire lead generation process and once you’ve created an effective strategy to implement, your LinkedIn ads become way more affordable to manage.


#7: Hack Your Google Ads Campaigns Into Bing Ads

The ability to import Google Ads campaigns into Microsoft Ads is one way to drive quality lead generation. You can do this by fully importing your Google Ads account onto Bing’s platform.

However, the best and least expensive approach is the Selective Google ads import which allows importing important elements like ad copy and keywords without any changes.

#8: Figure Out Negative Keywords That Are Costing You Money

The aim of using negative keywords is to block unwanted search results. Using Google ads cost money when someone clicks on your ad even if the person isn’t your target audience and doesn’t want your service.

The cost of these clicks can add up quickly especially when the price for popular keywords can be over $40 per click. Creating a negative keyword list results in a more targeted and cost-effective ad campaign.

You could prevent the wrong people from clicking on your ad by adding negative keywords that have to do with the people you categorized as the “wrong audience” for your campaigns. The quickest way to find negative keywords that are costing you money is to scan through the list of search terms that brought new visitors to your website.

If you see any terms that don’t match the services offered on your website, you can add them to your list of negative keywords. Your advertising budget will only be maximally utilized if you ensure that only the right people are clicking on your ads.

You don’t want your ad to be clicked by those that aren’t the right prospects and are most likely not going to become paying customers.


#9: Invest in Organic SEO

Investing in search engine optimization is another way to boost lead generation with Google ads. Organic SEO will have a lot of benefits for your brand. One benefit is that it will improve your search rankings on search engines.

Effective SEO can lead to higher rankings on search engine result pages which increases your visibility and attracts more clicks from potential customers. Investing in organic SEO and optimizing your Google ads is a perfect combination to outsmart your competitors.

It also helps that integrating tools like Google Analytics with SEO provides you with valuable insights into your customer’s behavior so you can better create campaign content that resonates with your target audience.

Local SEO also helps businesses appear in local search results, connecting them to customers who are located nearby.


#10: Use Google Ads to Get Customer Feedback on New Ideas

There is no better way to satisfy your customers than by asking for their feedback so as to implement their opinions to create better-improved campaigns.

When running Google Ad campaigns, you can test your campaigns to see how well they do and get feedback from new and existing customers before you decide to make a financial commitment or not.

Doing this can help you understand the thoughts and feelings of your audience so you can better tailor your campaigns and ideas to attract more leads.



How to Implement Google Ads Conversion Tracking?

There are different ways to implement conversion tracking on Google ads. One way is to use the Google Ads tag and install the tracking code and another way is to use Google Analytics.

Sign in to your Google Analytics account, click on the “Admin” in the left-hand sidebar and choose View so you can set a new goal, click on the “+New Goal” and enter a name for your conversion goal then select “Destination” as goal type.

You’re required to enter the URL of the thank-you page people see upon complete conversion age click on “Save” to start traveling conversions.


Why am I not getting leads on Google Ads?

There are a lot of reasons that could result in you not getting leads on Google ads. One could be that your budget is too low.

If you’re not spending enough money on your Google Ads campaigns, you’re not going to get adequate leads. It could also be that your poor Quality Score, optimizing your ad quality score will offer you a lot of benefits on Google ads. It could be that there’s something that you’re not doing right.

Use analytical tools to analyze your Google ads campaign to know which areas need adjustments.


How do I reduce junk leads from Google Ads?

To reduce junk leads for Google ads you need to first optimize your ad campaigns to streamline quality leads, get rid of junk leads and monitor whether placements are wasting your ad budget.


How do I generate B2B leads with Google Ads?

You need to research for intent-oriented keywords and design conversion-focused landing pages that align with your ad’s message. Also don’t forget to always optimize your ads based on your brand’s objectives.


Can you target competitors on Google Ads?

A competitor campaign is a campaign that intentionally shows your ads to your competitor’s audience. Google doesn’t support this but retargeting campaigns to convert customers who have interacted with and are interested in your brand is a better alternative.


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