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Updated: Nov 9, 2023

Are you feeling powerless to do anything about getting positive reviews?

Then we are having solution, review gathering. Review gathering is the technique of gathering the traffic to the website. It helps to maximize the positive reviews and reduce the negative views on the website.

Reviews provide the customer more visibility and influence the customer. Talking about the review gathering the name strike to my mind, is a reliable platform for companies, SEO, and agencies, that helps to increase positive reviews and traffic to your website. It is an easy and effective process to gather the reviews. The Review is very vital for business development.

It provides the cloud review of multiple reviews from different sources such as email, SMS, social media and many more. Data security is also concerned by, this is a key point in business policies.

It promotes product and business in order to have huge business profit. The product solves the reputation issue by adding the positive reviews. This will provide a huge boost to business.

This helps to increase the on board clients. is reliable and trustworthy software, one can easily adapt as it is easy to use and maintain.


Increase client reviews

Reviews are vital to boost up the business. is featuring software provide the positive reviews and reduce the negative reviews. This software is reliable, as it recovers the unhappy customer before the client is online.

The software is simple and easy to use. It provides the cloud reviews through emails, SMS, and many more social apps. It can manage multiple user or location simultaneously. Trigger the customer by providing exciting offers and discounts.

Reporting and monitoring

Initially, they monitor and report the previous reviews of the website to see the status and lacking points. generates the white label performance and trend report in order to alter the client.

This is very simple and efficient tool, which coordinate and manage team response with simple tools. Reporting and monitoring indirectly develop the positive reviews and give a enhance to the company.


Marketing is a process of promoting the business. enhance the marketing also. It automatically shares the positive reviews of social media.

It filters the review shows the positive reviews at the top. use SEO friendly tool to increase the traffic on the website.

Advanced technology works on a very advanced technologyprovide the multiple user accounts for staff or clients. It provides the official dashboard under your own brand.

Add sub-user to your networks, that helps you to grow more. It provides the white label features in order to enhance the business.


It provides an automatic update to the client about the positive and negative reviews. It provides self-service to upgrade business. Give the quick feedback service in order to enhance reviews.

Pricing plan provides the three plans in order to meet client requirement. These three plans come with the 14-day free trial pack. The three plans are mentioned below.

1. Marketer plan

The starting price of this plan is $75-$90 per month. This is quite cheap and affordable.

Why Marketer plan?

  • It provides complete review management and as well as marketing solutions.

  • Trigger the customer with exciting offers and coupons

  • automatically share positive reviews of social media

  • Automatically recover the unhappy customer.

  • It provides the feature of automatic monitoring and reporting.

2. Agency plan

The plan is totally based on seat and price is $200 per month. This provides better features and plans than marketer plan,

Why Agency plan?

  • It includes all professional features

  • In this package SEO, friendly techniques are used to increase review.

  • It includes up to 10 seats, each seat include the username and profile.

  • Filter out the positive and negative reviews.

  • Use the advance tool and reporting to enhance the business scale.

3. Partner plan

The Starting price of the plan is 1500$per month. It is also a seat based plan. In this number of seat increases and technology also increases.

Why partner plan?

  • It provides all angency features.

  • The plan provides 100 seats, with the username and profiles.

  • Provides advance competitive technology and reporting.

  • Automatically provide a custom solution to business issues.

  • Add sub-user for brand promotion.

Intellius Medical

Intellius Medical integrates the relationship between the consumer and business. It is an effective tool used to increase the brand trust and reviews. User-friendly tools that list upgrade the reviews.

Reputation manager

This automatically shares the positive reviews of social media. They broadcast the happy customer reviews through the internet. It makes easy and fasts for the consumer to give five stars.

Online presence

Intellius Medical is user-friendly software that provides the listing, ranking, and updates automatically your dashboard. It automatically recovers the unhappy client.

Client connection

This helps to provide a better connection between consumer and business. Intellius Medical once connected to social media accounts automatically respond your client. This helps to boost up business.

Features provided

  • It helps to build up the trusted brand.

  • Increase the customer engagement with the client.

  • It helps to manage the entire positive and negative reviews.

  • It is user-friendly and also improves the user experience.


In a busy schedule, everyone wants to develop the business by hook or crook. Here the product helps you to develop business. This is an effective and easy way to increase the review. The method automatically reduces the negative review and increases the positive reviews.

This automaticallyupdates the alerts about the negative reviews. By process filtering it places the positive review at the top. Which helps to give a boost to business? If one is thinking to increase the review rate must go this software.

The software will help you in all aspects including hikes in reviews, marketing, SEO friendly tools and review management. The trails are also available one should experience the service before buying the package. These are a vital part of business strategy.

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