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Intellius medical is better than PowerReviews to generation online reviews

Updated: Oct 17, 2023

This company was founded in 2005 by Andy Chen and Robert Chea. They have their headquarters in California, United States. PowerReviews provides software as a service platform to the retailers and reputed brands for generating their product ratings as well as displaying them.

They can also display the product reviews and also provide product ratings which play a vital role in every product's marketing. Moreover, this platform provides answers to customer queries which is also an important factor in customer attraction.

This is a platform which directly engages the retailers and customers. It has a huge network of about 2500 retailers, which depicts that the customer's queries are distributed to a large section of the retailers.

It takes customers feedback on the seller, services provided by the seller, products, location of the seller, and the purchasing experience. It also takes feedback from a customer before and after their purchase. Researchers prove that people like to buy from local places where they find positive reviews.

Nowadays people trust positive reviews as much as they trust personal recommendation. So, PowerReviews provides this platform to the retailers where they can create their positive reputation and better product ratings.

Features of

  • They provide reviews after purchasing products.

  • More reviews are generated by product sampling.

  • The maintenance of product rating and reviews is very easy with its help.

  • Providing reviews to a customer while purchasing.

  • Reaching 2500 retailers with customer reviews.

  • It just takes a mere 6 weeks’ time to implement it.

  • It gives a better analysis of engagement, traffic, and conversions.

  • It collects reviews from various places and publishes it in easy to find reports.

  • It provides better analysis of traffic and increases the sales.

  • These reviews are used to improve their products and services.

  • Matching of products becomes easy using this review.

  • It has a unique feature of a combined product catalog.

  • Its display code is optimized and lightweight for each and every interface. Thus it decreases the time for loading. As these days, customers generally do shopping in their smartphones.

  • Starting from the conversation till the end, it provides an excellent customized customer service support.

  • They ensure of providing most out of the customer ratings and product reviews.

  • Whenever a problem arises, you just don’t have to book a ticket and wait. Instead just contact their client success team.

PowerReviews pricing plans

It has three different pricing plans for its customers

Standard Pricing Plan

This pricing plan has been introduced for small shops who don’t have a huge monthly turnover. But PowerReviews does not consider any business small. So, it has pricing plans for various types of firms. In this standard pricing plan retailers can get up to 75 monthly reviews.

There is also a feature included in this package known as Google product ratings where you can list your product reviews in google shopping through a valid data feed. There is also a feature named as inline SEO which introduces organic traffic directly into the products page.

Business Pricing Plan

This plan is for medium scaled enterprises. Here retailers can get up to 250 monthly reviews. This plan includes higher limits. They have also introduced the feature of daily content exports. And most importantly it includes all the features of standard plans.

Enterprise Pricing Plans

This plan is for a large-scale enterprise. Retailers can get up to various numbers of monthly reviews. Retailers get professional services. Retailers also get customization via API. And needless to say that it includes all the features of both Standard plan and business plan.

Intellius Medical

It is a unique platform which makes your customer the fuel for your business engine. It is quite next to impossible to sell a product without its reviews. Intellius Medical generates huge volumes of reviews and ratings for your product making it easier to sell.

It has an online monitoring of reviews which allows review monitoring and promoting the positive experience for a particular company. It also has an online review management which gathers all the review under one roof.

It has a unique method of generation of review. First, it gathers all the reviews, then it filters the review according to their ratings and then promotes them on various popular platforms. They indirectly help executives and decision-making bodies take well-informed business decisions.

It gives you an overview of your competitors. It also gives you a detailed comparison with your business rival. It gives you an evaluation of their business plans and strategies.

It helps you to know your strengths and weaknesses by comparing your product reviews and ratings with theirs. It is always said that you must know your rival in order to achieve success.

Why Intellius Medical is better than powerreviews?

  • The services which are being offered by Intellius Medical is way more effective, cheaper and easy to use in comparison to the services offered by powerreviews.

  • It gives you a detailed comparison of your products reviews and ratings with your competitor's products review and ratings which powerreviews does not provide this to their customers.

  • It uses state-of-art technology to generate reviews, filtering them and then promoting them on a large scale. Here all the reviews are collected and monitored under one roof which makes their promotion and monitoring easy. This service is not provided by powerreviews.

  • Intellius Medical gives you a detailed analysis of your product reviews and ratings, enabling the executive and the decision making head to take an effective and fruitful decision.

  • The detailed analysis lets you know which are the sectors you need to improve and in which areas you are leaving behind your competitors.

Intellius Medical is by far the best company which gives you a detailed analysis of your products reviews and ratings. It helps you to adopt various ways by making you understand your rivals. Your strategies are made effective by countering your competitor’s strategies.

If you want to make your business a successful one, you must avail their services.

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