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Medspa Instagram Followers Growth: Get More Clients

Updated: Oct 17, 2023

Medspa Instagram Growth

There is nothing like Instagram engages and promotes your medspa brand. You know, 14% of adults get introduced to a new product/service every single day on Instagram.

This year, the view rate increased by 5.9% extra reaches. You can succeed in the Medspa business with 1.9% conversion. This means, that among every 1000 followers, 19 clients may visit you physically. Digital Marketing expert Neil Patel claims 1000+ followers are enough to succeed in your business. But, it is easy to get 10,000+ followers minimally within 60 days.  A good Instagram growth rate is 6-8% per month.

More number of followers means more traffic to your Medspa. So, it is not actually tough to increase followers!  How Instagram works and updates its algorithm is still a mystery. Remember, more audience means more reach. But more followers count has nothing to do with your business. The count grows and brings conversion when it engages with the audience.

A unique, engaging Instagram account is one widely followed. Want to grow medspa Instagram Followers community bigger? Let's make it simple and easy with all the below 10 steps!

Steps to grow Medspa Instagram Followers

Account optimization

Instagram account optimization means arranging and rearranging your profile. Ultimately, this lets you know the best way to get more followers. As told, no one masters Instagram Algorithm.

But generally, you can do things like:

  • Switching to a professional account

  • Know the prime time to post on Instagram (90% audience are women; know when they surf Instagram)

  • Find engaging content and get inspired by other Medspa accounts

  • Experiment with new content explaining delayed aging or reverse aging

  • Interact with your audience in comments by giving practical and permanent solutions

  • Put stories with unique captions like “zero filter face” or “Age is just a number” to call for rejuvenation treatments

  • Posts with high quality before and after transformation images (follow the guidelines and get permission to use images)

  • Create short videos for a change

  • Reply comments to communicate with the audience

  • Collaborate with other popular Medspa profiles to promote yours

  • Give links everywhere to attract the audience

  • Use hashtags like #reverse aging #ever young #picture perfect face #grow the glow

  • Plan contents in advance and post them at the best time

  • Find what your audience likes about you

These are effective ways to optimize your Instagram account. Optimization may not work the same always. It changes from time to time. Adopt, update and experiment to understand Instagram feeds and their results.

Consistency is the key Keep posting on Instagram daily

To increase the follower count on Instagram, you must engage the audience consistently. Generally, it is 2 feed Instagram posts per week that can bring more followers. With that, you need to post 2 stories every day to match and cope with other similar Medspa Instagram accounts.

Beyond the number of posts, uniqueness is what is more needed. Current statistics for 2022 state, that there are 917k quality accounts that have unique posts. These accounts post regular and consistent content more frequently per week.

In the end, these accounts have a huge number of followers. You need frequency, consistency, and uniqueness to get more followers.

Plan in advance

Your Medspa Instagram account should follow an apple pie order. Nothing in your account should be done for namesake. No single post or story takes place without planning.

Ultimately, you aim for more number of audience to promote your Medspa. Besides knowing optimization, know the filters. Know what kind of people is viewing your posts. As said early, the Medspa account gets viewed by women aged 24-35 years.

Then know their lifestyles and preferences. It can be found when you click through their account. So, you know what attracts them such age group of audience. Knowing the goal of your post is equally important. Know the goal and the desired impact it should create among followers. Likely, what you post must be changing from time to time. People find it boring to follow a page that provides some kind of feed every day.

Regular posts, stories, Reel, IGTC, and live are the other options on Instagram you can use. Plan these things and the contents priorly then schedule it in a fixed time. This creates curiosity in followers to wait for your post once you attract them with your style.

Best Time to Post on Instagram daily about your medspa

There is something called time which you must know. When you plan to post on Instagram, know what the best time to post is. Recent social media stats tell the best time of any day to post is 9 am-5 pm- You know people surf through social media during this prime timing.

Monday is considered the worst day to post. Do you know why is it? No one spares the very beginning of the week to surf an Instagram account. On the other hand, they find it boring as they did the same on their weekends.

The best day is considered Wednesday which is the middle of the week. At night, it is between 9 pm-10 pm people sit to have their time. That is when they go for checking medspa social media accounts.

Schedule your posts, stories, and related feeds at this best time. This can bring you more followers.

Value your spa clients

When you grow your followers consistently, then you know their value by this time. Know the preferences, economic, and educational status of your followers. Mostly, like kind of audience may follow you in future too.

Valuing your audience is nothing but posting content according to their wish and preferences. Medspa needs to post skincare, anti-aging, and cosmetic surgical options.   This you know from the post which gains many likes. Or know what went wrong with those less viewed posts, stories.

Go on reading the comment section to find what you lack there. Also, get some quality writers to do your content. Reply to the comments personally. They feel the respect you have towards followers. Eventually, this builds loyal followers to your Medspa account.

Earn Instagram Followers and don't buy them

Many Instagram accounts do this mistake. They buy mostly followed Instagram accounts. Eventually, they start posting their content on those accounts. This never helps you in any way to increase.

Followers will unfollow you in due course. You can spend the money wisely on your account by recruiting an expert to write content; post stories, and handle your Instagram account. The process seems gradual. But for sure, you get more followers within 6 months.

Promote your medspa Instagram account through other modes

Your Medspa Instagram account can be promoted through other modes. For example, give click-through accounts leading your Instagram landing page. Otherwise, LinkedIn Instagram account in Email signatures, websites, and all your official Medspa profile pages.

Recently, it is scannable LinkedIn accounts get trendy. Give such a peculiar way to make the audience follow your Instagram pages. A good conversion rate is considered 2.35-3.51% for Medspa.

This conversion is possible when they follow you on Instagram. You may wonder, 850 million every day Instagram users may view your Medspa promotion and follow you. Make use of this big space to gain followers.


All the successful Instagrammers engage their followers often. It is usually a simple poll that does this purpose. Knowing opinions and asking about their skin problems through comments may give them the vibe to follow you.

They believe the certain Medspa pave is a user-friendly and responsive account. Going live with skin expert, dermatologists and cosmetologists highly benefit in bringing followers.

People who join in such lives expect them to listen and give consultations for their skin issues. So, better converse more for more followers.

Hashtag your medspa location, spa services, etc

Long-tail Hashtag works wonders in getting you more followers. Always post Medspa posts, videos, and stories under Hashtag. It can be any skincare series. Plan all seven days to post various facts, suggestions, and tips on improving skin.

You can go on using hashtags like #weekend glow #Age is just a number #lazy skin routine #fillers to feel confident #transformation series # 100 days skincare challenge and etc. Tag all related posts, and stories under these hashtags and make them available to view anytime.

Keep experimenting

Be flexible and keep changing your approach toward followers. Always go with the choice of existing followers to get more such followers to your account. The experiment does not mean changing contents or scheduling ideas.

It is not how frequently you switch between various ideas, but going with the trend and preferences of followers. Besides all, make exclusive offers on sharing or promoting your Instagram account. By following these steps to easily grow medspa Instagram followers and you get more followers in a short time. Grab your followers now!


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