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Podiatry video marketing: TikTok & Reels Tips

Updated: Jul 9

Telling Foot Stories: Share foot and ankle transformation stories.

As a podiatrist, you can use TikTok and Reel videos to share your patients' foot and ankle transformations so that people can see your expertise and know what to expect from you.

All you need to do is combine snippets of foot and ankle transformation treatments that you’ve performed into a 30-second reel and 60-second TikTok video to share with your online followers.

You can use both channels to increase your online reach and get more people to know about your practice.

You can share success stories of your practice and the services you offer on TikTok and Reels to increase your visibility.

Boosting Engagement: Use popular foot-related hashtags and songs

Engagement measures all interactions of your online audience with your social media content. Popular types of engagement in TikTok and Reel content include likes, comments, and shares of your content.

Boosting engagement is something a brand, not excluding a podiatry practice, should strive for as it shows that you’re getting more people to be aware of your practice and connect with it through engaging content.

Using popular hashtags and songs keeps your brand on top of your audience’s mind. They can immediately reach out to you if they need the service of a podiatrist.

Creating and sharing content relevant to your target audience is an effective method to boost engagement. Tapping into popular foot-related hashtags and trending songs will also go a long way in driving more engagement on social media.

Quick Foot Tips: Short advice videos for Reels and TikTok Tailoring content for Reels’ 30s vs. TikTok’s 60s

In addition to sharing highlights of successful treatments, you can create short 30s for Reels or 60s for TikTok, sharing quick foot tips for your social media followers. You can attract your target audience by creating meaningful, cohesive, engaging, and sustainable video content.

The fact that you get shares and impressions when your followers find your short videos helpful also increases your reach and awareness of your practice.

Think of Instagram Reels and TikTok as a medium to educate your potential audience about vital foot health tips, and you become their first choice when it comes to foot care or treatment of any ankle conditions in general.

Inside the Clinic: Share moments from daily podiatry work and patient stories.

Capture the little moments from your daily podiatry work and share them on social media to get your target audience engaged and involved in the behind-the-scenes work process of the clinic.

Furthermore, you can also share the stories your patients have with dealing with foot conditions, how it affects their lifestyle and how they learn to seek help from your podiatry practice.

All these increase your audience’s knowledge about your practice and what it’s like seeking the services of your podiatry clinic, which will help boost their trust in the brand to the extent that you get free referrals from both previous and new patients.

Simple Foot Health Tips: Share easy-to-follow advice on common foot issues

If you’re committed to growing your practice using social media, you need to know the right strategy.

One of the best strategies you can use is educating your target audience. Position yourself as a thought leader in podiatry practice, and take to your social media channels to share four simple health tips and easy-to-follow advice on foot issues that are common among the population.

Offering this information for free and adding value to the lives of your audience by doing something as simple as sharing easy foot health tips helps increase your credibility and the trust of potential patients in your podiatry practice.

Attention-Grabbing Thumbnails: Use images that highlight foot care

Most social media platforms are focused on visuals; you can grab the attention of social media users scrolling through social media nonchalantly with a dull and unattractive image. The best way to keep the audience’s interest alive is by designing attention-grabbing thumbnails.

It’s important to invest in tools that can help you with crafting visually stimulating images that you can use to highlight proper foot care tips and health care practices.

You should also keep your thumbnails consistent with the same font style and use memorable colors and a stronger design.

Don’t use a common font or frequently used stock images when you need images in your designs; use something unique and impressive.

Collaborate and Share: Work with other foot specialists or shoe brands

Collaborating with other podiatrist practices and footwear brands can be a great way to leverage one another’s following and increase exposure for both parties. The essential component is finding a pairing that makes sense and is relevant to the podiatry industry.

For example, you can partner up with a foot specialist or shoe brand that can benefit your patients because you target the exact demographics of people.

Take your time to partner with practices and brands with credibility and good reputations, and avoid any brand that can ruin the reputation you’ve built for your practice.

Best Time to Post: Reach the most viewers interested in foot care

Knowing the best time to post can be the difference between hundreds or thousands of engagements. Knowing what time to post: although social media feeds aren’t strictly chronological, these platforms want to share fresh content.

If you post your content around the time your audience is most likely scrolling, you’ll have a better chance of catching their likes, shares, and comments. In addition, early engagement can give your post with the social media algorithm.

Most social media channels love to show popular posts, so if you can nab a few interactions right in the first hour, there’s a much better chance your post will show up on feeds throughout the day. Certain studies show that late morning and early afternoon are the best times to post.

Of course, you need to create good content to catch the attention of viewers interested in foot care. Quality and relevance beat even the best posting schedule on all social media platforms.

Fun Foot Challenges: Engage users with foot care activities

Harness the power of health-related foot challenges to engage your followers on social media. Social media challenges are a common trend that brands take advantage of to increase their social media awareness.

Healthcare practices, including podiatry clinics, also have plenty of opportunities to use them. Whether it’s your practice that will create a foot care challenge or adopt a trending challenge in the industry, promoting a fun foot challenge does double duty of extending your brand’s reach while making it easier for you to keep your followers engaged.

Understanding Video Stats: See how your foot care videos perform

Given the increase in demand for videos, it’s hardly a surprise that healthcare practices, including podiatry clinics, are starting to take opportunities that video content can provide them.

After posting your short videos and Reels, you need to understand how the videos are doing and how your audience engages with them. Most social media platforms allow you to access the stats of your video; there are also online tools you can use to study the analytics of your video content.

Viewing the performance of your video allows you to know the type of video content your audience enjoys the most according to impressions and engagement. Also, you get to know what to change in your video content strategy to boost reach and engagement.

Using Viewer Feedback: Make videos based on comments and questions

You don’t need to research too hard to discover what video content to post for your audience. You can take advantage of viewer feedback and make videos based on your follower’s comments and questions.

It could be questions to know more about your practice, including your services, or even questions on certain foot health myths that you can create a short video on answering the questions and debunking myths.

At the end of your video, you can ask your viewers to comment on what kind of video they’d like to see next on your page.

Promote Your Best Videos: Get more people to see your top content

Spend money promoting your best videos to get a wider audience to see your best content. Promoting your best video on platforms like Instagram and TikTok won't cost you so much.

If you pay attention to the audience and campaign settings, you could run a useful promotional campaign and drive the right people to your content, yielding a delightful ROI.

Promoting your top videos reaches a new set of people, which can help boost your brand awareness. This approach saves you the stress of intense research prior to a campaign which increases your chance of getting high ROI.

The reason is because you’re using content a lot of viewers enjoy the most even without any promotional campaign which means it will even do better when promoted.

Clear Call to Action: Tell viewers how to book appointments

The call to action is a key element of any content, even video content. Its purpose is to act as a signpost that lets the user know what to do next.

Without a clear CTA, the viewer may not know the next steps to reach out to you for your services and is likely to watch the video and leave without accomplishing their task.

Make sure the call to action is clear, simple, and short. For instance, you could say, “Click the link in the bio to book an appointment”.

Consistent Branding: Keep a similar look and feel across videos

One of the easiest ways to keep your video brand consistent is to use consistent video elements throughout your videos. These elements include opening and closing segments, consistent style, and consistent tone, giving your podiatry clinic a personality.

When a brand has a consistent and unique personality people would want to interact with more and trust the brand more.

Stay Updated: Keep up with new trends, always focusing on foot care

Video content is now everywhere on social media. To stay ahead of your competitors, you must stay up to date and keep up with the trends in your industry to keep creating relevant and valuable videos for your audience.

Follow industry leaders and sign up for industry newsletters to learn the news in the podiatry industry.

Top 5 tools for Podiatry video marketing


InShot is an essential podiatry video marketing tool. InShot is a powerful all-in-one video editor and video maker with professional features.

It allows you to add music, text, video transition effects, and numerous other effects for your brand video. It’s easy to use and offers quality results.

TikTok& Instagram Insights

This tool you can use to analyze your video performance and viewer demographics. It helps you gain more insights and enough data to make better podiatry marketing choices.

With this tool, you can get the breakdown of your TikTok and Instagram marketing campaigns.


Canva is an excellent online graphic design tool. It can be used for everything from making basic photo edits to designing social media images to flyers and infographics for your foot care practices.

With Canva, you can design attention-grabbing thumbnails and graphics for foot care content.


It’s essential to know the right time for reasons, as explained earlier, but you don’t need to always stay on watch so you can post immediately. It’s time you can use Later to schedule your social media post.

Schedule and plan content releases for optimal engagement times with Later after creating the content in batches.


It’s an important tool for video creators, including brands that market using video content. You can research trending foot care Hashtags and track video rankings in Tubebuddy. It also shares tips to boost your video stats performance.


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