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10 ways to generate more positive reviews for your hospital

Updated: Nov 9, 2023

Today, most of the hospitals are also trying to make a powerful online presence and a good reputation so that more and more people pick their services over others. If you have a website dedicated to your hospital, then you are probably well-versed with the importance of online reviews.

If you are not familiar with its importance, then first think why people should prefer your hospital over others? First, the treatment should be of top-quality and second, it should have a great reputation in the particular field.

Importance of Review Generation for your Hospital

As we all know, for the sake of the internet, many people can know about your service and it is not limited to local audiences only but it has a global reach. Therefore, it is imperative to have a prominent online presence.

If you have started the journey of your hospital recently, then first you need to create awareness of your hospital.

Nowadays, people rely on online reviews just like individual recommendations, so if you can manage to have lots of positive reviews by your patients, then many people will be motivated to select your medical facilities over others.

The truth is that you will face tough competition from your competitors because patients have many choices to choose from. Therefore, it’s crucial to have distinct qualities to stand out from the crowd.

While it comes to the question of choosing an appropriate hospital, then most of the people analyze two qualities beforehand and they are reliability and capability.

Remember, the best advertising, as well as marketing campaign, is also not able to replace the worth of a decent referral from an existing or previous patient.

A large number of positive feedbacks of your patients can play a pivotal role in generating positive impression and acquiring a great success along with financial sustainability.

As many people keep migrating from one place to another due to job changes or transfers, then they don’t have any other option but to start relying on a new hospital for regular check-ups or emergencies. While staying in an unknown place, online reviews are the only means to get recommendations for anything.

Positive reviews can generate confidence to patients to go forward and avail facilities from the particular service provider.

You will be astonished to know the fact that more than 90% of decisions regarding purchasing as well as business-relationship are influenced by online reviews. The strategies of review generation along with reputation management can work as wonders for organizations, providing health facilities.

Another fact is that less than 5% of patients are said to completing the task of posting online reviews about their experience. Therefore, patients should be encouraged to go for writing reviews if you want to make a prominent online presence and want to generate more and more leads.

Tips to Generate More Positive Reviews

The first thing that you should remember is that the facilities in your hospital are of high-quality and the behavior of staff should be polite and kind. If people have experienced harsh and rude behavior with inferior quality of treatment, then they will more likely to post their experience on popular review websites.

So, the gist is that you must provide the best possible value to your patients in all respects and then only you can expect positive and good reviews for your hospital.

Now, let’s discuss ten ways through which you can expect to increase the number of positive reviews for your hospital:

Create Welcoming Online Profiles

To generate lots of reviews, you need to create each and every review profile with utmost finesse. You need to update the profile from time-to-time so that people can know about the updated facilities of your hospital.

You need to attach professional credentials accompanied by the facilities to assist them to realize that your hospital is a one-stop solution for their medical requirements.

Holding a complete and appealing profile shows credibility and generate reliability towards the services of your hospital. It helps in the improvement of audience engagement. You need to pay great attention to each and every detail, including photos as well as exact hours of operation.

Don’t forget to include the names of accepted insurance providers. These pieces of information are very crucial to attract more patients to your hospital website and thereby your hospital. They also help to generate additional reviews on those particular websites that had introduced your hospital to viewers.

Give Review Reminders to your Patients through Offline Marketing

A large number of patients will be enthusiastic to know about the information concerning to your online reputation, therefore, it becomes very important to have a large base of online reviews about your hospital.

Through the utilization of your present rating scores, as well as reviews, you can expect to enhance the online reputation of your hospital. It’s like strengthening a particular brand.

You should provide inspiration to your patients to post reviews about the services of your hospital. You should provide them with review reminders through the tools of offline marketing. Always try to bring reviews to well-known review websites.

Quote respective patient reviews or attach your score, certificates or awards that you have gained for the excellence of your services by the particular review websites.

Provide Top-Class Medical Facilities to Patients

Poor services often result in negative reviews and too many negative reviews can worsen the reputation of your hospital.

Most of the patients post positive reviews about the particular physician or the specific medical facility while they have received the top-class personal care. An interesting fact is that assessments posted on topmost online review websites like Yelp, Vitals, or Healthgrades rarely have specifications on diagnostic capability, medical expertise or on associated tools and technologies.

Rather, most of the reviews (both positive and negative) are based on the emotional aspects regarding the particular medical care like bedside manner, responsiveness etc. That means the topmost priority needs to be your patients. You should always show enthusiasm while communicating with them.

Give Response

It’s essential to check online reviews whenever you get time or on weekends. If you come across good and positive reviews, then convey your gratitude to those patients. In case of negative reviews, apologize first and then communicate with those patients about their experiences.

If anyone doesn’t want to continue talking in the public forum, then you can resume the communication via emails or phone calls. After sorting out the issue, request them to delete the old review and to write about their new experience.

As medical profession is mostly involved with humanity and emotion, most of the patients give emphasis on these criteria.

Importance of Follow-Up E-mails and Calls

If you make follow-up calls or send follow-up emails to know about the present status of the health of your patients or about the services (whatever they have received), then they will be automatically inspired to write positive reviews about your services.

If you keep on communicating with your existing and previous patients, then they will get positive impressions about your services and thus you can expect to get an increased number of positive reviews.

Improve Your Services and Facilities

After going through reviews on your hospital, if you think some services of your hospital should be modified, then start work on it accordingly.

After completion of the work, write a detailed post about the updated services and post it online so that your patients can realize that you value their opinions, reviews, and comments. It motivates them to write positive reviews about your services.

Request for Reviews to Real Patients only

The idea of fake review generation should be eliminated from the mind in every respect because intelligent audiences can catch the made-up reviews easily after thoroughly analyzing it because made-up reviews can’t provide details on treatments.

There will be insufficient pieces of evidence that can provide support in case of fake reviews. Therefore, it is crucial to stay away from the ideas of made-up review generation.

Always focus on your patients and the service quality of your hospital. These are sufficient to inspire patients to write reviews on your hospital.

Send Online Reviews

Patients, who have already availed medical facilities from your hospital, are mostly interested to share their experience. You can make their work easy by sending them an invitation to an online survey.

After the completion of the survey, request them to give you permission to post their reviews on your hospital website.

Management of Negative Reviews

The negative review management is equally important as generating new positive reviews. If any patient has any complaint regarding the services of your hospital and posts negative reviews, then you need to handle those criticisms very carefully. It’s not a good idea to run away from negative reviews.

This attitude will inspire other people to think that you are very much committed to your work.

Provide Ample amount of Feedback Opportunities

You can provide special cards to patients and request them to write reviews on their experience and later post it to your hospital website (after having their permission).

Management of reputation of your hospital can tremendously increase the number of patient reviews. Don’t waste time and find out the appropriate tools that are able to centralize the review management task. Thus, you can easily find out the requirements of your patients.

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