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What is and its features, and pricing?

Updated: Nov 9, 2023

Reviewtrackers: In this day and age of technology, it has become increasingly easy to get consumer feedback through the internet. The best way to do it is through customer ratings and reviews on social media platforms such as Facebook, Google, etc.

It is however very tough for a business person to keep tabs on all the reviews that a company gets since there are a lot of social media platforms where those feedbacks could be found.

This is where Reviewtrackers comes into the picture. It is an online service that collects all the customer feedbacks from different social media platforms and organizes it in an easy-to-read way.

It helps the person by providing all the customer feedbacks which in turn help the business grow better.

Founded in 2012, ReviewTrackers is a customer feedback software company that has won many awards along the way in becoming one of the very best in the business.

It is headquartered in Chicago and consists of a very talented pool of software developers who work tirelessly to help people grow their business.

The service helps keep track of all the customer’s suggestions that are usually not given much attention to. The service is led by features that enable the business to be a step ahead of the competition by keeping its customers happy.

It allows the person to create groups by region and ensures that a stakeholder is assigned to every customer review for follow-up. This way customers feel a part of the business and trust the company even more. Many stats have proven that negative comments and reviews often make new customers go away.

Through this service however negative comments and reviews could be attended and the problem could be swiftly solved. Many times these bad reviews and ratings just pile up on each other taking the brand value of the company down.

ReviewTrackers has a smartphone app to go with its online service. The app provides the ability to collect and respond to the reviews on the go which comes very hand in this day of fast paced everything.

The whole idea of this service is to make sure the feedbacks collected are easy to read and clutter free. This is why each review is grouped and tagged with a status so it’s easy to find out which issues have been corrected and which ones need reviewing. It makes handling the feedbacks easier.

This service also lets users gain insight into competitor performance which indicates what measure a company must take to challenge for the best in the business. The alerts that are sent in can be reviewed by the user on a daily, weekly or monthly basis as per their schedule.

This takes out all the need to check for emails and feedbacks on every platform repeatedly for new reviews to analyze.

Through this service, users can even engage with customers by requesting feedback and reviews. This builds a strong connecting between customers and the business which is always of the utmost importance for any company.

Review generation is a very tough task. In most cases customers don’t want to give reviews as filling out long forms consumes time and no one wants to do that.

This is why ReviewTrackers have built ways to get the feedback in as less time as possible. One way of doing it is by happy or sad face.

This lets the customer give out feedbacks in just a matter of seconds which is very convenient for the customer as well as helpful for the company. It also provides the option of “thumbs up” or “thumbs down” which is equally important for the company.

This service is a reputation management strategy that does the company a world of good by managing and analyzing all the feedback that it gets and makes sure the valuable feedbacks don’t go to waste.

Through this service, the user can also identify the best performing employees in the enterprise, which can be very helpful in boosting and motivating others to work even harder by awarding the best.

The service keeps every type of business in mind, be it small or big, which is why it offers three packages to choose from. Enterprise plan which starts at $59 per month, Agency plan which starts at $49 per month and Professional plan that starts from $49 per month. All these plans can be chosen as per one’s liking.

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