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SEO Strategies for Attracting Botox and CoolSculpting Clients to Your Medspa

Updated: Nov 9, 2023

Do you find it difficult to get new clients?

It is true you get less noticed through your Medspa website after all the efforts. Average conversion rate is between 2.35-3.51% from any Medspa website. This means you get 1000 new clients per annum. Surprisingly, many of your new clients are first timers. There is growing trend # anti-ageing. Thus women care their skin to look younger than actual age. Eventually starts taking beauty treatments from the age 25 onwards. Treatments like Botox injections and coolsculpting grows popular in beauty industry. Now, it is one thing you need to do to get more new clients. That is arranging your website in a way it ranks top in the result page. So clients looking for Medspa will click to view and stay more surfing your treatments. This article guides you to use SEO strategies that may rank you at the top of results.

Keywords research

Keywords always stick around targeted clients. Demographic clients of age group 30-40 women take Botox treatment. They wish to get wrinkle free young looking skin.

Most of women take first Botox injection around their eyes averagely on 30th age; whereas sculpting is for women above the age 18. It is done to remove stubborn excess fat in body and face. This needs parents’ consultation as many of them try this treatment for beauty pageants.

Knowing your audience is the game changer in devising SEO strategy. As you filtered the audience, it is time to build keywords aiming them. Use your keywords in headlines and taglines of your website.

People leave a webpage within 3 seconds. Relevant words to their search make them stay further. Meta description is a nutshell form of contents used inside your website. Use keywords in these areas more.

Your Medspa gets noticed only when you use keyword in first 100 words. This is where 96% of websites fail. You be wise in choosing and using keywords to pull attention.

Local SEO

Botox and coolsculpting treatments need clients to turn up physically. Probably, your clients may come from 25-30 km radius of your location. You have potential competitors nearby your location. Remember, you are convincing clients who may visit other Medspa regularly.

Filter your audience by their age, economical status, educational level, and lifestyle. Make research on interests of people around you. SEO provides results on the location of the searcher.

Who knows when you have well arranged SEO, you get more traffic. To make it extra interesting, offer exclusive price reduction for first timers. There are searchers search for offers in beauty treatments.

Google My Business, Google ads and reviews are some Local SEO strategies that work best.


Nowadays, it is important to have professional website for branding. It is no wonder 70% of professionals use Websites to promote their business. View rate of website and website conversion is not effective as expected.

Choose best suiting theme for your Medspa Website. Add effective plugins supporting your website. Embed scheduler and booking page in website. Landing page of website plays vital role in improving user experience. Viewable mode of your website should suit any user device like desktop and mobile.

Web pages

Explain the non surgical process of Botox and Cool sculpting treatments. Let your web pages educate searchers to have clear idea. If possible give different pages to different treatments.

Specify information like who and who not should take Botox injections, effectiveness of treatments, expected consequences, cost and HIPPA compliant ideas inside web pages. Readability of your web pages gets improved.

SEO results are based on statistics. It also shows top results which is viewed the most by searchers. When you provide detailed study along with statistics, yours will be the top result for sure.

Site map

Searchers look for particular information get irritated to view all the unnecessary details. As a searcher you know this better. Having a site map for website is a good SEO strategy. This gives direction to searchers.

People come to visit your website for Botox, fillers or sculpting may easily click to view exact web pages. View rate of your website increases in this aspect. There is a scope to view other web pages also. Ultimately, more views and view time place you at the top.

Call to action

You might have seen this in your search. In any result page, top results will come with the linked address and call to action option. This shows the importance of call to action feature.

When you have call to action for your Medspa, you will get noticed easily. It is one easy way to get top rank in result page also. Searchers view 10 results in mobile screen, 5 in desktop screen. Your Medspa may appear first when it gets viewed often through call to action.

Adding location

This is one advanced strategy used by many Medspa. It comes generally under local SEO. While making a search itself, searchers use phrases like

“Best Medspa near me”,

“Where I get effective Botox treatment?”

“Is there any Medspa does sculpting near me?” 

Searchers always expect search results attached with location. It is effective when you add your location in maps. Adding location into your website serves as best SEO strategy to get ranked first.

Optimized visuals

Images you use in your websites also important in SEO consideration. Images of huge size will take time to load. So, searchers find it delayed in viewing your web page. Sometimes images you use may have different image format inside your website.

JPEG or PNG is mostly used and agreed format of images used in websites. Particularly, when you use before and after images, make sure you are using it by following proper guidelines. You need to get the approval of your patient before using their transformation images for your marketing. Reduce the images size and make it viewable in any user device. Mobile optimization of such images is also needed. It is due to the increasing mobile screening of website. More than 90% of searchers search through their mobiles.

Content creation

As an owner of your Medspa business you may not know content making. Effective contents in web pages get top SEO ranking. It is better to rely on any expert content writer.

You can either recruit a freelance content writer to work on your website contents in a regular basis; or you can seek the help of any content writing companies for that matter. They do better keyword research and effective content creation.

Page speed

Speed of the web page matters the most. You succeed with your SEO strategy when you make searchers stay for 15 and above seconds in your website. This needs constant improvement in user experience.

Ideal speed of a website is less than 3 seconds. Make sure your webpage is not loading beyond ideal page speed. If it exceeds, compress your images and arrange it accordingly. Reduce server response time by avoiding Java and CSS files.

Also avoid having page redirection. Often check for broken links to improve page speed.

Built in links

Links used inside your website also taken for consideration in results ranking. Too many links inside your webpage irritates the searchers. It is not a good SEO strategy as well. Use 2-5 links for 1500 words content.

You can use back links, referral links, quick links and click through links for inventory pages. Links serve as offline strategy also. Searchers can download the link contents and view it anytime for later reference also.

When you give links to view demos of Botox and coolsculpting images and videos or any articles on that treatments; you can make use of it. Make sure you don’t have broken links which leads redirection and more loading time to your web page.

Keep ideal length

800-1300 words is ideal length of any web article or content. You need not give it too short. It cannot make readers understand what they look for. You can be bit elaborate by sticking to the mentioned word limit.

If exceeds, it can be up to 1500 words; strictly not more than 1500 words. Per page, you can give between 300-500 words.

10x content

10x content is creating the best content which is 10 times better than the available top result. When you search for anything, there appears a top result. It is necessary to replace that best content to make yours appear there.

It should be exceptional content. So that it is not easily replaced by any upcoming contents aiming better than you. SEO looks for keywords while ranking results. Again, it is necessary to have not enough; but more than enough keywords to make it appears the highest. This sounds difficult and impossible. To your surprise, there is 13% contents hold the top rank for years and years; yet remains irreplaceable. Why don’t you create one such content for your Medspa?

Cornerstone strategy

Cornerstone strategy helps you to reach business goals and SEO strategy as well. Cornerstone content is the essence of your website. There you have all your best and important articles built on your website. You may have a Medspa which has expert handling for Botox and sculpting treatment. You may have trained professionals to perform such non surgical procedures. Web pages containing those famous contents gain recognition.

Compile those important articles which went more views and use it as an essence of your website.  Eventually, your website gets ranked the top by any search engines. No matter it is a web page or post, it is key strategy to use. Cornerstone content creation needs,

  • Best and effextive keywords

  • Choosing best articles and compiling it

  • Having long tail keywords

  • Analyze cornerstone content with SEO

  • Rewrite it to improve

Market analysis

Of course, you use website to get noticed better than before. You need traffic to your Medspa through that. In that case, analyze what the succeeding other Medspa does better than you? View their website and make yours look better than them.

You are not alone. As your conversion rate depends on your website range and its visibility; it is important to work on SEO. Consult any market analyst to help with you in building marketing strategy thereby improve your SEO strategy.

Video contents

Standing unique is also a key SEO strategy. When you try beyond a usual stretch, you get more impressive and innovative modes to present contents. Video creation platforms like Lumen5, Inshot pro helps you to easily convert texts into videos.

Lumen5 is a free video making platform. Sign up for free and enter the text of blog or content. Edit and share the video easily. InShot pro is also an app that converts texts into videos by paying.

You can do trimming, cutting and cropping videos. This allows combining all videos into a video. It also does add images and stickers. It ensures high resolution.


SEO retargeting is advertising strategy. There is already a visitor visiting the page. We know the interests of the visitors on the basis of past activity, visiting time and number of visits. On this basis, retargeting should be done to improve SEO strategies that are existing.

You can use cross-channel retargeting ads, email retargeting ads, dynamic retargeting ads, analyzing search terms, connecting data and knowing site navigation. You can give Fb ads and promotion in social media platforms to direct visitors to visit your page again.

Promote website through other modes

This SEO strategy works to increase view rate of your website. On having integration with other popular websites, you can have click through views to your websites. This also serves as an effective strategy to improve SEO ranking. Build your SEO promoting Botox and Coolsculpting treatments of your Medspa!

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